Wednesday, March 14, 2012

American Dream

Angelique Kerber has continued her love affair with American hard courts, battling into the quarters of Indian Wells. Having made the semis of the US Open last year, losing to eventual champ Sam Stosur in three sets, Kerber continues to back up her results and puts any questions over flukes slowly to sleep.

Indian Wells has been interesting for Kerber, to say the least. In her two matches (3rd round opponent withdrew due to illness) she has saved seven match points and battled from the edge of defeat to rising American stars twice. After her first round bye, Kerber fought back from 2-6 1-5 down against Sloane Stephens saving three match points to eventually win 2-6 7-5 6-4. Today, against Christina McHale, who defeated Wimbledon champ Petra Kvitova in round three, Angelique again found herself looking like needing to book a ticket to Miami. after splitting the first two sets 6-3 in the third McHale raced to a 4-1 lead, with Kerber serving, and held a break point to extend the lead to 5-1. Kerber showed grit and determination to level the score but again faced three match points, this time serving down 5-6. Throw in another match point saved and the match edged to the tie breaker where a little more experience prevailed over youth in the end.

In the first match on court one for the day, world number one Victoria Azarenka improved her unbeaten run to 20 matches defeating Julia Goerges 6-3 6-1 to advance to the quarterfinal of Indian Wells. Her opponent will be Agnieszka Radwanska who advanced to the quarters virtue of her opponents retirement. Jamie Hampton seemed to be getting the better of the fifth seeded Pole, when unfortunately cramps got the better of her trailing 0-1 in the third set she collapsed in pain. In need of medical attention, Hampton was treated on court, at the cost of two games, but it was too much in then retiring just points later.

Hampton's retirement marked the 19th time a match could not be completed in Indian Wells this year, with most players falling victim to a viral infection sweeping through the locker room.


caps321 said...

Saw Imbecile trounced Bunny! hahahahaha

The defeat was disappointing for Wozniacki, who had a lot of points to defend. Now she could drop from No. 4 to as far as No. 7 after Indian Wells. It’s something that’s tough for a player who was No. 1 at the start of the year.

“You know how you have been able to play and how you can play. You know, when you don’t feel like you’re playing in the top of your game, you still try. You push yourself, but it’s just not going the way you want to,” Wozniacki said. “Sometimes that can be a little bit disappointing.”
Although she doesn't have the big weapons like the other players in the top 10, Radwanska is one of the craftiest players on the tour, and often has been compared to former No. 1 Martina Hingis.

“She's a little magician, if you can call it that,” Azarenka said. “She's someone who always comes up with something different. You can never really predict what she's gonna do. All you can do is try to play your game yourself and not really worry what she's gonna do.”

After a difficult three-set victory over Mona Barthel in the second round, Azarenka has had smooth sailing. She won the first set 6-3 over two-time finalist Svetlana Kuznetsova before she retired after two games in the second.

Azarenka said she had battled the same virus that had been going around in the tournament prior to her matches.

“I guess I'm the lucky one that I had (it) only before the tournament,” Azarenka said. “I just heard that there is a lot of players that had problems. It's very unfortunate, you know. You don't wish anybody that.”

Azarenka dismissed the idea that her illness had anything to do with her first-round struggles.

Throughout the tournament, Azarenka has been wearing T-shirts, with some kind of slogan on it. On Tuesday, she had an orange shirt that said “I Got This.” Each press conference, Azarenka has worn a different shirt with a different slogan.

“I love these T-shirts. I think they're kinda funny,” Azarenka said. “Everybody stops you and say, ‘Oh, what you got there?' It brings a little bit of attention. It's a silly way. I try to change it up. But, I mean, I wish I could travel with more stuff, you know, to change it every, every day. But I'm sick and tired to pay for overweight.”
Urszula Radwanska of Poland wanted to get the match over as quickly as possible. Simone Pratt didn't want the first time experience for the Bahamas to over any time soon.

With the match starting about an hour and-a-half behind schedule, Radwanska wasted little time in putting away Pratt with a 6-0, 6-1 win in the first round of the main draw of the second Bahamas Open Women's Tennis Tournament at National Tennis Centre Monday night.

"I was feeling very good tonight, even though it was pretty late," Radwanska said. "This was my first time being in the Bahamas so for me it was a new experience, but so far I like it."

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the stories Caps.

Did Azarenka just admitted that she was patient zero and responsible for bringing the virus to I.W.? Why hire a hit man ala Tonya Harding when you can do it yourself.

Watch out for the weather. Rain is the forecast for Friday evening through out the weekend. Last year on the day of the final it was a Monsoon in L.A. and dry in the desert. If anyone doesn't believe me check the photos from last year's L.A. marathon and photos from the I.W. final which were held in the same day. BTW the L.A. marathon is too this Sunday.

The Princess was up 5-1 in the second set after she won the first set 6-1, she ended up losing the set 7-5. She rebounded by winning the third set 6-1. I'll file this one under, what else, all Russian choking match.

I'm taking Mrs. Angry to double slap Aggie Clefairy style, straight sets victory.

Na over Kerbey in straight sets.

Missed the first round of March Madness cause I didn't care. I'm not planning too miss the rest of the tourney.

caps321 said...

It today's edition of As the Bunny Spins:

Not Before 1:30 PM (Pacific)

[1] Victoria Azarenka (BLR)v [5] Agnieszka Radwanska (POL)

caps321 said...

I turned the match off with Aggie losing 6-0, 3-0. Now its 6-0, 5-0.

This was so not what I expected! Guess Bird was a little angry at what Aggie said and wanted to lay some serious smack down on her fine booty.

Angry Big Mac said...

I'm not surprised about the score in fact I expected Aggie to be double bageled. Like I said, I expected Mrs. Angry to double slap Aggie Clefairy style. Two factors why Aggie got double b*** slapped 1)Aggie should had learned from Mona: don't get Mrs. Angry "pissed off". 2)Aggie didn't play well in the previous round, if Hampton hadn't injured herself Aggie would had gone down. I lost the feed of the match I wonder how was the hand shake at the end of the match?

At least Bunny is not blaming the moonlight getting into her eyes like The Fist Pumping Imbecile would. Pretty soon the Bunny will be out of the top ten, then what? She doesn't want a coaching change nor change her style of play. She is up to her neck in criticism and stuck in her (pile of manure) lame game.

Imbeciltes are rejoicing probably calling the Imbecile's QF a triumphant return. I disagree, she had an waaaaay easy draw and the only "quality" victory is an over hyped, rated, and ranked Bunny. Mona would have defeated this two clowns easily. For the Imbecile it was like looking into a mirror of past memories, when her downward spiral began and a famous golfer was bedding her. Since there is a flu epedimedic in the I.W. grounds, can someone please sneeze in the Imbecile's direction?

caps321 said...

They shook hands but Aggie let go quick and walked towards the umpire. However, it wasn't like Aggie left her hanging at the net or anything.

I agree about Hampton -- That chick had me worried. (She has a great overhead.)

Seems like everyone and their brother is making fun of the Bunny now. She needs to suck it up and get a coach. But, then she'd basically admit to being wrong about that guy that got fired. And we all know Bunny is a narcissist and doesn't like to get embarrassed...EVER.

All my 'horses' are gone from the race. So, I'm rooting for ANYONE against Bird. Of course there is no chance Imbecile will be in that final.

Now, if I'm wrong and she shows up I'll root for Bird.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps as you have pointed out before, Bunny is making an ass out of herself.

I still have Kerbey, however I see her going down to "my wife" Mrs. Angry.

I have Sponge Bart in straight sets over the Imbecile.

Divapova over Princess 6-0, 6-1. Yep, another all Russian crap match.

In doubles: Only two of the semifinalist that I predicted made it. The two Czech teams made it, Mirza/Vesnina and the other other American team. I see the top two teams in the finals. I hope Mirza/Vesnina take the title.

I'll change the harem into a stock market style, is easier to explain and before Mrs. Angry kills anyone, bringing the flu virus to the I.W. grounds crossed the line. :P. My portfolio includes:

Preferred stocks: I have none but three players can move into this category quickly.

Shared stocks: are the players from the exclusive stable that I like.

Stock that I like.

Finally the garbage/imbecile stocks: that would be for the Fist Pumper, Dancing Buffoon, Kuznetsova, and The Big Stuffed Bunny.

How is Clefairy doing these days? Bette?

Couple of questions for Mr. Caps321, do you sir, prefer brunettes over blonds? If we have a Divapova/Angry Bird final would you root for Divapova?

Lucinda Perry said...

Clefairy is fully fit

Angry Big Mac said...

I'm very glad to hear the lovely Clefairy is in full force once again. :)

caps321 said...

Victoria Azarenka restoring order
do you sir, prefer brunettes over blonds?

I like all women regardless of hair color! Although, I think Vesnina looks much better with lighter than darker hair.

Speaking of hair, if the Ostrich really wants to make some waves she should dye her hair red like Florence Welch.

If we have a Divapova/Angry Bird final would you root for Divapova?

While I think a Diva/Bird final would make 'noise' because of the 'grunting factor'.. It'd be a crap match and Bird would dominate her once again. Maria just doesn't have a plan 'B' and is really not a very well rounded player.

Honestly, the only woman left in the draw I think can beat Bird is Kerber.

Lucinda Perry said...

Imbecile into SF and still not convinced. Marion has flu and apart from the pretty easy draw. I still remember what happened in Rome 2010. I think she was supposed re enter top 10 and start playing consistently better after that? Yet what happened after that? She fell out of the top 70. Don't get your hopes up Ana fans!

caps321 said...

Agree -- Something was definitely wrong with Bartoli.

Are you watching this Princess/Diva match? Princess is kicking her tail already won the first set 6-3.

Maybe this new boyfriend has gotten her aggressive?

Angry Big Mac said...

Clefairy throws the book of truth at the Imbecile. I like it!

No Caps, I'm watching March Madness just took time off to see what is going on at I.W.

Princess got aggressive after the break up with the previous dude.

Princess lost the second set 5-7.

caps321 said...

SDSU assistant helps Kerber fire up mettle

She used Willens’ counseling in Germany to forge comebacks en route to semifinals

Not sure what to really say about Kirilenko.. Stopped watching when she was down 3-0 in the third set.

Bird vs Kerber - Not Before 9pm Eastern
Diva vs Imbecile - Not Before 11pm Eastern

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the link Caps.

USTA, Adidas, or any of the WTA head cases should had hired Mr. Willens, it could had made the difference.

I didn't see Divapova/Princess match but from what I read it the Princess ran out of gas. You can blame it on the previous match where Princess was up 5-1 in the second set and ended up losing the set 5-7. The Princess has the "Grrrrrrr Factor" but she keeps choking. Can Mr. Willens work on the Princess?

I'm taking Divapova and Angry Bird.

caps321 said...

Hey, Wozniacki, give Ivanovic a call

Bunny is a dolt and that's why people are writing stuff like this about her.

Looks like Bird/Kerber will start in about 52 minutes assuming this 3rd set in the men's match doesn't last that long.

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the link Caps.

That would be like dolt calling dunce.

Good article when it focus on Bunny, but too much Imbecile butt kissing.

Is drizzling in my neck of the woods, rain is expected all day today.

Angry Bird Divapova final

Imbecile retired citing hip injury. I blame her fist pumping for her injury. Well, she does this stupid twirl while fist pumping.

Divapova not happy with Princess after their QF match. It involves the Princess in an incident where smacked her racket three times on the ground while Diva was serving.

...And my brackets are all busted, March Madness. :P

caps321 said...

Diva has a gimpy leg as well. Not as if a 100% leg would help her beat Bird though.

The match is on ABC at 2pm Eastern tomorrow.

Angry Big Mac said...

Picture Of The Week: Someone got a good view!

Angry Bird won Indian Wells. Since she showed up at the I.W. Player's party looking like Dee Snider and to commemorate her look along with her victory I dedicate to her this video.

Angry Big Mac said...

BTW here is the video of Angry Bird at the player's party I.W. !@

Stop this video at :36 and the Dee Snider video at 2:35 and compare.

Do you still Angry Bird's style, Clefairy?

caps321 said...

As of March 19, 2012

Radwanska, Agnieszka 4 (5)
Stosur, Samantha 5 (6)
Wozniacki, Caroline 6 (4)
Kerber, Angelique 14 (19)
Goerges, Julia 17 (15)
Hantuchova, Daniela 19 (21)
Vinci, Roberta 20 (22)
Pavlyuchenkova, Anastasia 21 (20)
Kirilenko, Maria 22 (23)
Peng, Shuai 23 (18)
Kuznetsova, Svetlana 24 (27)
Safarova, Lucie 25 (28)
Zheng, Jie 31 (34)
McHale, Christina 32 (35)
Wickmayer, Yanina 33 (24)
Barthel, Mona 36 (37)
Pervak, Ksenia 39 (41)
Zakopalova, Klara 40 (51)
Gajdosova, Jarmila 45 (52)
Peer, Shahar 55 (40)
Wozniak, Aleksandra 65 (86)
Krajicek, Michaella 71 (80)
Hampton, Jamie 85 (99)
Mattek-Sands, Bethanie 86 (75)
Falconi, Irina 95 (100)
Radwanska, Urszula 98 (85)
Jovanovski, Bojana 106 (119)
Garcia, Caroline 142 (144)
Rezai, Aravane 145 (125)
Oudin, Melanie 258 (223)

Wozniacki is at a Crossroads

'Pressure is overrated' says Azarenka

Players aiming for their maiden championship title this year:Part Five – Tennis Special

Slumping Caroline Wozniacki hoping to find her footing at the Sony Ericsson Open

caps321 said...

Miami Draw:

First round:

Heather Watson v Sorana Cirstea
Alisa Kleybanova v Johanna Larsson
Simone Halep v Carla Suarez Navarro
Venus Williams v Kimiko Date-Krumm
Bojana Jovanovski v Lourdes Dominguez Lino
Tsvetana Pironkova v Petra Martic
Jarmila Gadosova v Kim Clijsters
Galina Voskoboeva v Christina McHale
Elena Vesnina v Iveta Benesova
Mona Barthel v Greta Arn
Ekaterina Makarova v Jelena Dokic

Possible second round:

Sorana Cirstea v Lucie Safarova
Alisa Kleybanova v Maria Kirilenko
Nadia Petrova v Simona Halep
Polona Hercog v Marion Bartoli
Petra Kvitova v Venus Williams
Julia Goerges v Kim Clijsters
Petra Cetkovska v Christina McHale
Jelena Jankovic v Mona Barthel
Shahar Peer v Maria Sharapova

Possible third round:

Victoria Azarenka v Lucic Safarova
Angelique Kerber v Dominika Cibulkova
Kaia Kanepi v Agnieszka Radwanska
Roberta Vinci v Serena Williams
Kim Clijsters v Yania Wickmayer
Christina McHale v Caroline Wozniacki

Possible quarters:

Victoria Azarenka v Angelique Kerber
Marion Bartoli v Alisa Kleybanova
Petra Kvitova v ?
Samantha Stosur v Serena Williams
Kim Clijsters v Caroline Wozniacki
Na Li v Sabine Lisicki
Mona Barthel v Maria Sharapova
Agnieszka Radwanska v Vera Zvonareva

caps321 said...


Possible quarters should be possible fourth round.

Angry Big Mac said...

I meant to ask Clefairy if she still liked Angry Bird's style?

*I.W. 12.

Checking on the stock market...I mean rankings.

I'll give a generous half a cent on the Oudin stock (you will see why). Three cents on Caroline Garcia since she lost in the first qualifying round in Miami.

Top stock: Angry Bird

Booming stocks: Mona, Bambi, and Kerbey

Stocks in the negative: Oudin (my half cent offer is too generous).

Falling stocks: Peer, Peng, Wicky, Nasti Pav, and Morita.

Crashing stocks: Bunny, Dulko, and Robson.

Thanks for the links Caps321:

Article 1: Every player has to make adjustments to their game because their rivals are going scout them and figure them out. The Bunnster hasn't done that and she is paying the price. The defensive style can you far but not over the hump Caroline should had asked JJ about that. Her "sunny disposition" is just a front, she has a temper under that faux smile of hers; but the media always bite when they see a blue eye blond. The media should focus in recording this post match interviews and making them available to the public.

Article 2: Her agent clings to Angry Bird like velcro. She is there at her matches, in the player's box along with her team. Is there a difference between Vania King and Melien Tu? Cause I don't like them both. I don't have a problem with the finger wagging and specially the tongue wagging of A.B. I seen worse (Imbecile and Dancing Buffoon) but yesterday when she started to dance after defeating Divapova she reminded me of D. Buffoonus, I'll shall too give her a pass. While I'm on the subject of Divapova, she joined Aggie in Azarenka's club of submissive cell mates. Will Ostrich make a stand or join the club? Azarenka has also said "Confidence is overrated" she is oozing confidence and being very well advised how to explain her quotes to the press.

Article 3: That is a sexy photo of Bambi. I will suggest to Bambi to play in a small tournament, win it, she has the game to do it and get this monkey off her back before it becomes a gorilla. Note to Bambi: my advice worked for Mona. When U.S. tennis fans and media realized that the William sisters were getting older the media started hyping up any American player that was coming up. It seemed that the pipe line had dried up because all the hyped up players didn't pan out Mr. Oudin for example, more so on the men's side Blake, Donald Young, and overrated Andy Roddick. The negative on Bambi is when she loses she gets blown out, I think she needs experience she is getting there. The positive is that she has game, she showed it against Ostrich I.W. 12 and it was about time that the media paid attention to her.

Article 4: When a player makes a adjustments to their game they usually play worse until they get used to their new style. Bunny didn't want to the adjustments she never did, that is why Bunny fired Sanchez. She thought she could maintain herself at the top with the same style of play but reality is hitting her in the face. The media is doing a masterful job to remind Bunny of her failures and contributing to those slaps. She is a top 20 player no more. BTW resurgent Imbecile? Since when?

Angry Big Mac said...

Laura Robson fans, can you explain why her compatriot Heather Watson got the wild card for Miami and not your beloved Robson, who in the last two weeks has been higher ranked than Watson? Second question, is her birth place the reason why Robson is well liked in this blog? :P She won the first of qualies, yeah.

caps321 said...

Victoria Azarenka makes noise en route to No. 1

Kleybanova returns to court at the Sony Ericsson Open after cancer scare

Looks like coverage for Miami doesn't start until Saturday.. Imagine my shock. Yet another US tournament ignoring the early rounds.

Angry Big Mac said...

Off Topic: Coincidence? A former model, a Los Angeles and Australia connection, and dubious activity.

Is there any Aussie available to answer a couple of questions or make any comment. XP

Yep, looking forward to Alisa's return. I predicted her return to be at Wimbledon but I'm glad I was wrong.

The key for Angry Bird's success is to keep her anger in check. She learned how to use her anger in a positive way, the match against Mona at AO 12 showed it. The crowd booed her because she couldn't cool off, there is still some more anger management therapy in her future. Maybe she will blow up in the face of that ugly Ukrainian boyfriend of hers.

Angry Big Mac said...

Mona won 6-1, 6-0 in 55 minutes.

Keys Madison got a wild card to play qualies. She played herself into the main draw.

caps321 said...

It'll be great if Mona can get past JJ..

The chipmunk got tossed out by Heather Watson!

Ula & Cornet also won in qualies.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps, the way Mona isl playing I believe she won't have any problems with JJ.

This is a perfect why the chipmunk gets under my skin, she loses to someone who is about three times the lower rank than she is, come on! I can picture her in the post interview with her highly pitch voice, "I guess today it wasn't my day".

Laura Robson is out too. Robbies, how do you rationalize Laura not making the main draw for the second consecutive time? Watson is already in the second round after getting a wildcard, what do all of these mean for Robson?

caps321 said...

Buddy Fruits Teams Up With Tennis Star Christina McHale

Kimmie wins against Gajdosova 4-6, 6-1, 6-0.

Angery Big Mac said...

That was a written commercial. :P

Moi Lolita lost in straight sets to Peer 6-4, 6-2.

Dulko gone in straight sets too, 6-4, 7-5, she lost to Arvidson.

caps321 said...


Christina was exposed the minute she didn't say 'yeah' at the end of every sentence!

Divapova says she will take care of Peer for me in the second round.

Angry Big Mac said...

Haha. I remember reading a post match transcript of the Imbecile, she said "You know" 47 times. It was not even a page long transcript, true story.

Bambi won in straight sets 6-3, 6-4. She was broken once in the first and twice in the second set. I been keeping an eye on Galina, too bad this two ran into each other in the first round. Galina would look better as a blond.

What did U.S. tennis fans missed: Bambi's first round match, Venus' comeback, the amazing comeback of Kleybanova to the tour and her first round match coming back from a set down. Thanks a lot!

caps321 said...

Vania King: A Model of Consistency
Timea Babos ötvenről the top and the dreams of Olympics
The Urszula Radwanska-Kateryna Bondarenko match produced some histrionics, as both players engaged in frequent self-castigation. After Radwanska lost in the third set, the man next to me said to his friend: “I told you she was going to lose. She swears too much.”

What? Sweet Ula has a dirty mouth? Say it ain't so!
Madison Keys follows through on a fashion-statement impression
Mona gave JJ an on court caning 6-0, 6-3!!!! Next up is either Pav or Makarova
What did U.S. tennis fans missed: Bambi's first round match, Venus' comeback, the amazing comeback of Kleybanova to the tour and her first round match coming back from a set down. Thanks a lot!

No wonder tennis isn't a bigger deal in the States. You have back to back tournaments which are missing coverage for basically the first week.

Angry Big Mac said...

Mona gave a beat down to JJ. Her second straight match that Mona bagels an opponent.

Thanks for the articles Caps.

I agree with the article when it says King has been playing better. In my previous post I compared her to Melien Tu because I think their style of play is similar, although King is a much better player than Tu. Yes, King is a good doubles player, but I think her partnership with Yaroslava has ended since both are playing with different partners in Miami. She needs to find a good doubles partner, Sloane are you listening?

Great photo of Babos. I still don't understand why she is not playing in top tournaments instead she is opting to play in the "minors", she has the game to be easily rank around 30s. The only thing that comes to my mind is that she wants to surprise the competition at the Olympics. BTW from The Babos to Timea Beans haha is getting better and better. :P

Of the Radwankas sisters Aggie I would say Aggie is the sweetest of the two. I find Ula to have a bitchy face so I'm not surprised that she curses like a sailor. This article rubbed me the wrong way it sounded like the guy didn't like Latinos on the tennis stands. If I get the article correctly players don't like fans to cheer when they are playing poorly but its OK for the opponent to cheer (Imbecile anyone?).

This crop of the new Americans will probably have success like the Germans of today, a bit later in their careers. M. Keys wins matches in three sets she doesn't go out there and dominate the opposition. I agree she is young but at this age Divapova won her first slam. I hear "Is not fair to compare Keys to Divapova", I beg to differ, Divapova is the scale that I measure young players under 18, I use Serena and Venus when a player is 18. By the time Madison hits 20 or 21 she will be in full mechanism. I think her parents are coaching her my advice: get a coach don't be a Bunny. The article said Keys and Mr. Oudin push each other, haha so it means Keys is pushing Mr. Oudin down and Mr. Oundin pushing Keys up. :P

I'm disgusted at Divapova, she should had given a major league spanking to Peer. Instead this match is in the third set 6-4, 3-6, 3-5.

caps321 said...

This article rubbed me the wrong way it sounded like the guy didn't like Latinos on the tennis stands. If I get the article correctly players don't like fans to cheer when they are playing poorly but its OK for the opponent to cheer (Imbecile anyone?).

Sorry, didn't mean to offend. The article came up in a google news search for 'Radwanska' and once I started reading it and saw it wasn't specifically about a Radwanska sister.. I just used 'find' to locate the quote and only really read that part.

What is the deal with this Nasty Pav chick? Admittedly, I only know her ranking but don't think I've ever seen her play. Did she get to #15 in the world (now #21) by winning a tournament and now is getting spanked by everyone? Or is she just spiraling down the toilet for some yet unannounced reason? Btw, Pav was 3-0 against Makarova head to head. And, Pav has a 2-7 record this year with today's loss.

Aravane Rezai was ranked #19 to end 2010, finished 2011 at #113 and is currently hovering about #145. Never underestimate what off court drama can do to a players game!

Mona says:

22.3.: The first time, I won against a top 20-player. I am very happy to win against former no.1 Jelena Jankovic. My tactic worked out, my serve wasn't that good today.

I love how Mona gets spanked by JJ and comes back with a thrashing of her own with a 'tactic.' Sorta like how she gave Bird a tough match and IMO should've won without choking. Makes ya think Barthel is a lot smarter than these other women who continually try the same game plan that has failed in the past hoping for a different result.

Did Bambi's match get moved to a different court? She seems to be playing AFTER the Bunny match now. I thought she was scheduled for earlier.

Kimmie wins against Julia -- no surprise there.

caps321 said...

Scratch that Bambi part.. I think she did get moved to a different court but I meant her match was starting after Bunny's but on a different court.

Also forgot to mention: Mona vs Makarova ought to be very interesting. Too bad its not being broadcast.

Angry Big Mac said...

I really like all the links to the stories that you post here nothing against you, and no need to apologize.

Bambi's match was supposed to start at 5pm EST. Bambi up 1-0 in the first set.

Nasti Pav has been spiraling down the toilet for an unknown reason. The two victories that you mention Caps, one was via retirement. Last year Nasti mde it to 2 fourth rounds, 8 QF, 2 semis, 1 final, 1 title. Her down fall began last year at Linz where she fell in the second round. In the next tournament at Luxembourg she lost in the first round to R. Marino. She went to Las Vegas to train with the Adidas guys, for physical conditioning. As we can see it didn't work. Don't know what is going on with this chick, as a rule of thumb Russians are head cases: Vera, Kuznetsova, Lickitongue, Dementieva, to a lesser extent Princess, now Nasti Pav.

Caps when you mentioned A. Rezai I confused her with Moi Lolita aka A. Cornet. Both stories are carbon copies.

Imagine if the Mona's serve had worked against JJ. Five double faults for Mona. I predict she will take down Divapova, so yes I think she will go through Makaruchi in straight sets but putting up a better fight than JJ.

OK So I'm posting, watching March Madness on T.V. (two games), and checking the WTA scoreboard on the cell. When I started the post Bambi was up 1-0 she won the first set 6-0, bagel!

Angry Big Mac said...

What the hell happened to Bambi? She was up 4-0 in the second set and ended up losing the set 5-7, I think she was up 5-3. Then proceeded that choke with 1-6 performance in third set.

Great, Big Bunny won too. Not a good evening, a little mad here.

Angry Big Mac said...


King vs Imbecile. I take King.

Ostrich vs Venus. Ostrich, hopefully she will find her game.

Alisa vs Princess. Princess but I'll be rooting for Alisa.

Aggie vs Keys. Mom did you find my keys. :P Aggie in straight sets.

Jie vs Kerbey. Kerbey because she is playing good tennis.

Pervak to upset Furby

Angry Bird, Safarova, Sponge Bart, and Flavia to advance.

I didn't have time for doubles talk but:

Errani team over Spears team
Pesnke team over Dulko team
Raymond/jerk over Stosur/Julia G.

Sloane Stephens won over Errani in three sets. Next she gets Divapova, tough draw for Sloane, and what happened to Errani's game?

caps321 said...

Upset city:

Vera loses to #208 Gabrine Muguruza Blanco 6-4, 6-3 -- 18 years old.

Kerber loses to Jie Zheng 7-6, 6-1.

Kanepi loses to Silvia Soler-Espinosa 7-5, 6-3.

Singles - Second Round Mona Barthel def. (13) Jelena Jankovic 6-0 6-3
This was a crummy draw for Jelena Jankovic -- Mona Barthel was the #2 unseeded player after Christina McHale -- but that's a pretty miserable scoreline. And she was defending quarterfinalist points. Jankovic -- who lost her opener at Indian Wells also -- will fall from #15 to no better than #17, and continues to have a lot of horrid events. She looks more likely to fall lower than to climb in coming months. Unless clay revives her, anyway; it was her best surface early in her career.

Singles - Second Round Ekaterina Makarova def. (19) Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova 6-1 6-2
Things really are going from bad to worse for Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, who made the fourth round last year; at this rate, she may not be Top 25 much longer. Ekaterina Makarova, though, is closing in on the Top Forty.

Singles - Second Round (29) Petra Cetkovska def. Christina McHale 0-6 7-5 6-1
Something must have happened here, but we have no report of what. Christina McHale was two games from the match, up two breaks in the second set -- and then she wasn't there any more. That means no Top Thirty ranking; the best she can hope for is to keep the #32 ranking she came in with. For Petra Cetkovska, that effectively clinches her Top Thirty spot.

The Toss: Better year to come for Serena Williams or Kim Clijsters?

Princess/Kleybanova are starting shortly.

Not sure about McHale. The 'round up' I posted is the only thing found concerning her old fashioned choke-down. (Not to be confused with hoe-down because she's not that type of girl!)

Lastly, guess its in the realm of possibility Mona's match with Makarova will be televised since coverage starts tomorrow. However, if Indian Wells is any indication there will only be 1 or 2 courts and Mona probably won't be on them unless she's playing a well known player.

Angry Big Mac said...

Princess won in straight sets.

Caps I found this on the official WTA tour site, concerning Bambi's match. If is true girlie needs a plan B, coaching, and coaching change pronto! Either that or that Cetkovska is one cocky chick. 6th and 7th paragraph, and the following sentence.

Rule: Any player that makes a deep run at Indian Wells does poorly at Miami. This is not set in stone, but this is why you are seeing a lot upsets at Miami. Kerbey for example.

The number one seeds in doubles lost in the first round after winning I.W. last week. Kops-Jones/Spears lost again, solidifying that both punk out in big tournaments.

Imbecile won, did she fake her injury at I.W.?

I'll get back to the other article later.

Angry Big Mac said...

OK, I finally read Serena/Kim article. I predicted Serena was NOT going to win a major this year, I'm sticking with my prediction. I think Angry Bird has the number on Serena the same she has the number on Divapova. As far as Kim I don't see it either she is injury prone and at times she has been inconsistent; but my number one reason why Serena and Kim won't win any majors is because the younger players have gotten better. Inexperience were the youngter's albatross dooming them against Serena, Venus, Kim, and Divapova, now they can go toe to toe. When Kim returned to the tennis tour, women's tennis world was at the cross roads, the veterans vs youngters of course the veterans would top the youngsters. This was the period of Bunny rising to, and reigning the number one spot. The period that saw Kim and Serena win two majors eac (I think). The time when it seemed Bunny was the youngster head and shoulders above anyone in her age range. No more! Now you have a hand full of youngsters who can kick veteran's butt. They are eager, hungry, and ready, for some they want to make a name for themselves for others they want to add to their budding legacy.

I don't put any stock (value) to the Olympics tennis gold medal.

Miami is NOT a good indicator how well a player is doing.

Ostrich needs to work on her accuracy if her shots are in may God help the opposition, but the way she is playing now anyone in the top thirty 35 can beat her at any surface at any time.

Is this Courtney chick, Forty Duece's C-Note? Last year I gave this chick the Angry Award for Sell Out OTY. However the Captain M.I.A. omitted that award.

I'm taking Mona over Makaruchi.

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