Monday, October 11, 2010

'Heartbroken' Serena out for the season.

Serena Williams is 'devastated' after admitting she is unlikely to play again this season having failed to shake off a foot injury.

Williams has not played since July when she was forced to undergo surgery after cutting her foot in a restaurant, but announced last week she intended to play in the WTA Tour event in Linz this week.

But the 13-time grand slam champion, who will be replaced as world No. 1 by Caroline Wozniacki when the latest rankings are published on Monday, was forced to backtrack on her comeback plans after straining her foot in training.

"I have been training for many weeks to get back to playing tennis as quickly possible since my foot surgery in mid-July," Williams said in a statement on her official website.

"Yesterday I learned that I had tried too hard, and did too much too soon. After practising yesterday morning I felt discomfort in my foot and tests by my doctor revealed that I had unfortunately re-strained it, as a result of over-training."

Williams will almost certainly miss the WTA year-end championships in Doha later this month, and will be unavailable for the USA's Fed Cup final clash against Italy.

"I am likely out for the year now," she admitted. "I was really looking forward to beginning my comeback in Linz, followed by the year-end championships in Doha. I feel completely heartbroken, and devastated, but I plan on coming back stronger and better."

The news comes just a week after her sister Venus confirmed she would not play again this season.


Carlos said...

Serena, Venus, Divapova, and Henin out for the rest of the year means two things 1)The Big Bunny will be number one for the rest of 10 and early 11 2)For the Fed Cup finals Mary Jo Fernandez won't have to deal with "The Coffee Duality Indeterminacy".

Captain, did Divapova injured the same shoulder that she had surgery on?

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

However, in doha, against top 10 players, where wozzo stuggles, she can lose top spot to vera, unlikely but possible!

And, I sadly dont know what shoulder is injurd this time, hope its not the same one!

Carlos said...

I agree with you Captain, The Big Bunny will get the stuffing knock out of her but I think Vera Z. will choke as usual.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I think it will be an intresting battle for 2nd!

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