Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to make the WTA rankings work.

The WTA rankings clearly DO NOT work!

What value should the winner have as compared to the defeated player? If winning makes all the difference in the world in a Grand Slam final then it should be reflected in the points’ allocation for each player’s rankings.

The highest number of ranking points a player can earn is by winning a Grand Slam singles title. The winner receives 2000 ranking points. The 2nd highest number of ranking points a player can earn is by being the runner-up in a Grand Slam tournament. The runner-up receives 1400 ranking points.

To make the rankings work, an absolute MINIMUM of a 2.5 to 1 ratio of points should be allocated to the winner of a Grand Slam event. Given 1400 is earned by the runner-up then 3500 should be given to the winner.

If this value correction was adopted by the WTA, Serena Williams would currently be the clear world No.1. The differential of 2100 points between the champion and the defeated player would represent a more realistic difference. It would dramatically reduce the possibility of being ranked No.1 without winning a Grand Slam title.

How many points do you think the runner-up would get? What value would you place on the difference between being the winner and the runner-up? Do you think that the runner-up holds 70% as much prestige and fame as the winner does? As unfortunate as it is, the phrase “nobody remembers the loser” often rings true.

The runner-up receives 70% of the amount of points that the winner does, therefore 1400 ranking points. 70% to the runner-up means a player earns 2800 points for twice making it to the final. So, this points allocation means the WTA is saying that 2 runner-up results in a Slam final is a greater result by a player than it is to actually win a Grand Slam title! That’s CLEARLY NOT the case.

Do you think a player who has made it to 2 finals and lost both times will hold a higher place in the history of the game than a player who does actually win a Grand Slam title? I really don’t think so. For instance, Michael Chang’s position in the game’s history would be greater in most people’s view than would dual runner-up Alex Corretja’s.

The performances at the most prestigious and biggest events in the world should make all the difference. Unless the WTA Tour makes a huge effort into promoting and educating the tennis world about the how important the other 10 major women’s tournaments each year, then this seems like the 2nd best solution.

If the ranking system did work like this the rankings would look very differently that what they do currently;
The current ranknigs:
1 Caroline Wozniack 8,035
2 Vera Zvonareva 6,785
3 Kim Clijsters 6,635
4 Serena Williams 5,355
5 Venus Williams 4,985
6 Samantha Stosur 4,982
7 Francesca Schiavone 4,935
8 Jelena Janković 4,445
9 Elena Dementieva 4,335
10 Victoria Azarenka 4,235

If the rankings worked my way!;
1 Serena Williams 8,355
2 Kim Clijsters 8,135
3 Caroline Wozniacki 8,035
4 Vera Zvonerava 6,785
5 Francesca Schiavone 6 435
6 Venus Williams 4,985
7 Samantha Stosur 4,982
8 Jelena Janković 4,445
9 Elena Dementieva 4,335
10 Victoria Azarenka 4,235

Probably a much fairer system!


Carlos said...

First of all Merry Christmas Captain! I hope you spend it with your love ones. I'm assuming that you celebrate Christmas, for all I know you maybe Buddhist.

I like your ranking point system, now where do I cast my vote to make you the new WTA Tour CEO?

Another good thought provoking post Captain! By this time next year your blog will be the best or at least one the best tennis blogs.

I would add "Tournament Play Parity" since I'm off my rocking chair. :P This would mean that all players play the same number of tournaments lets pick the number: 16. Any player who play less won't be able to qualify for the YEC. The ranking system will based on the 16 tournaments played using your ranking point system! No one will be allow to play more then 16 tournaments. I'll give you an example football (soccer) imagine if Manchester United wins the league title because they play three more games than anyone else, against cup cakes (weak teams) no less. I'm sure Chelsea and the the rest of the teams are going to love that. To avoid WTA faux number one rank players everyone plays the same number of tournaments. I haven't throughly thought about this. Who will play where and would the players themselves protest about it and yell, "Kill Carlos":P Would tournament organizers and sponsors go along with it? The thing is that players make their schedules and they pretty much do what they want. I think is time to change that and have the tour make an official schedule for the players.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Thank you Carlos, and a Merry Christmas to you too! Have spent Christmas day with my family, was nice :) What did you do? And yes I do celebrate Christmas :)

Thank you Carlos :) Hmm I don't know, I would have to look into that for you! Hahaha

I hope it will be! But has a long way to go yet! Thank you again though!

That is an excellent idea! Makes it fairer, makes players have solid commitment, and makes player's like "The Big Stuffed Bunny" playing a "point hungry" game playing week in week out, and would also minimize the amounts of injuries in the season! And I believe the top players should have to play about 2-4 international level tournaments to give the smaller stages a big draw card, to pick up some attendance numbers. Good comparison with the soccer, makes so much sense as well! Ahahaha as WTA CEO ill make sure the players wont be able to make death threats! :) And I mean that again a good point made by you! These a professional tennis players, its their job, no one else gets to decide what days they want to go to work, why should they get this luxury? The WTA needs to step in, take action and toughen down on scheduling!

Carlos said...

Like you Captain I spent Christmas with my family; even though I had to work :( I did manage to have a good time and eat traditional food from my native country. :)

Good points Captain, and a moment of silence for the person who brought the style of playing a lot of tournaments and racking up points: JJ better known as Jelena Jankovic. :P

I bookmarked your website of my mobile phone (first one that I own in my life) I wrote my comment when I pressed the "Post Comment" button the comment disappeared. :/ It might have gone into the abyss of the internet. I'll try it again on a later post.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Always nice! If you don't mind me asking what is your country of origin? Aww that's a shame! luckily for me My university doesn't start for a long time :D

And you would assume that players would learn from her injuries, and inability to stay at the top, but sadly they don't! Caroline, Azarenka, Radwanska, still JJ :P and the worse Rezi still play as many matches as possible!

Hmm don't know what went wrong there! I often comment from my phone and don't have any issues.

Carlos said...

Captain I want to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! May all wishes come true, that you may be bless with with good fortune, health, and prosperity. :)

My native country is El Salvador the smallest country in Mesoamerica.

Enjoy your vacation Captain!

Do you have countdown for the Aussie Open 2011?

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Thank you again Carlos :) And a Very Happy New Year too you also! I assume you will be partying? Thank you Carlos, the same too you.

Oh that's a very beautiful place I believe!

Thanks Carlos, I will :)

A count down in what way? I will be posting on a daily bases leading into the Australian Open covering All lead up tournaments!

Carlos said...

I'll be spending New Years with family. I take it you will be partying till you drop.

I'll be looking forward to reading the articles.

I was thinking a clock counting down to the first match/matches of the AO 2011. :P Posting articles is a better idea. :)

I wonder why my post from my mobile phone don't appear? :S second time it happened. :S

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I most defiantly will be!

Ahaha I will keep a count down in posts, just stating how long to go!

Hmm, I don't know! Its most probably a problem with my site!

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