Friday, December 10, 2010

Serena Williams will probably not be back until spring.

Serena Williams, who has not played competitively on tour since dominating the field and winning her 13th major at Wimbledon this year, hopes to make her comeback in the spring, according to the New York Post.

"I hope to be out of the cast and back on the court by spring," Williams told the New York Post at YSL and Vogue's fashion party in Miami on Saturday night. "I am trying to make the best out of a bad situation."

Williams, 29, reportedly had her foot in a cast decorated with Swarovski crystals on Saturday.

Williams initially suffered the injury when she was cut on glass at a restaurant in Munich, Germany, on July 7. She received stitches in both feet and then needed further surgery to repair a lacerated tendon on the top of her right foot in Los Angeles on July 15.

At the time of the accident, the American was ranked No. 1, but the injury forced her to pull out of the U.S. Open. A hopeful Williams committed to playing in a handful of tournaments this fall, but her foot did not heal properly as she began training.

She underwent further procedures on her foot in October and later pulled out of the Australian Open. Not only will Serena be unable to defend her title at Melbourne Park, but she may now reportedly miss a significant amount of time following the season's first major.

Serena ended the season ranked No. 4, behind Caroline Wozniacki, Vera Zvonareva and Kim Clijsters.

Serena showed off her bedazzled cast at YSL and Vogue’s “Evenings in Vogue” party in Miami on Saturday night, according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

“I decorated it myself with crystals. I am trying to make the best out of a bad situation. I hope to be out of the cast and back on the court by spring,” she said.

Serena also spoke of lover after she recently rekindled her romance with rapper Common.

Williams has previously revealed that she’s looking to settle down with the man of her dreams.

“I’m looking for a guy who is close to his parents — his mom mostly because you can learn a lot about a guy by the way he treats his mom,” she said last month.

“And someone who loves themselves because if they take care of themselves, they are able to take care of you.

“I don’t like smokers, and of course people who disrespect their parents and families. Family is very important to me.

“When people meet me, I’m different in person I’m very nice and easy going.”


Carlos said...

Hmmm I remember when she had an injury that forced to withdraw from Miami early this year. She was found wearing high heels at the players' party and surfing at the beach with boyfriend Common. She tends to exaggerate her injuries in order to take more time off. With this injury I don't know because it was a freak accident and the details have been sketchy. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

What the hell is a Swarovski? and why would you want it in a cast? :P

I don't think that Serena ever broke up with Common. They say that they are broken up mislead to the media; at least that my theory.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Some of her injuries have been suspicious, but I have found with Serena, the less we know, the more serious it is! Like the knee back in 2003, when we never knew the full story until 2007! So I think this injury is quite serious, how ever there have been many questionable comments on the injury, like those made by Kim Clijsters after her expedition match with Serena, when she said it looked bad and on both feet, then she backed off and said no more!

Swarovski is the worlds most prestigious crystal cutter/designer Sharapova had Swarovski crystals on her 2006 US Open dress? I think it was. And Serena would want it to make a statement!

I don't know what to think about their relationship! Common said on Ellen, he wanted to settle down and marry. They broke up! In Serena's twitter photos they are together a lot, after "breaking up" then Serena says shes ready to Settle down, then I watched her UStram last night and she said she doesn't believe in romance, or anything like that! Its all quite strange really.

Carlos said...

Captain, I think it was a red dress that Divapova wore which I liked (the dress not the crystals which I thought were a bit much). The crystals on a cast are over the top.

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