Sunday, September 11, 2011

Serena and Samantha set for emotional final.

On the ten year anniversary of the horrific 9/11 terror attacks in New York and Virginia, 28th seed Serena Williams and 9th seed Samantha Stosur will set battle for the 2011 US Open title.

Stosur was the first of the pair to make the final winning her match against surprise semi finalist Angelique Kerber on the Grandstand. The German world number 92 put up more resistance that what most had expected pushing the Australian all the way in a 6-3 2-6 6-2 victory for the Aussie. This will be Stosur's first final at the pinnacle level since finishing runner up to Francesca Schiavone at last years French Open. Kerber showed her fight in the final set coming from 0-5 down to have points for 3-5 but Stosur's experience won out on the day.

Stosur's opponent in the final will be American Serena Williams, who defeat World No. 1 Caroline Wozniacki 6-2 6-4 to advance to her fifth US Open final and seventeenth overall slam final. By defeating Wozniacki, Serena won her 18th consecutive match - after winning US Open series title in Stanford and Toronto - and if she wins tomorrow she will collect the biggest pay day in tennis history. $1,800,000 prize money plus her one million dollar bonus for winning the US Open Series. Williams return to the US Open final is an insperatinol feet after she missed almost a year due to a series of injuries which saw her basically on her death bed, and it is only Williams' sixth tournament back.


Anonymous said...

Just watched Serena dominate Bunny on the DVR!

Think I heard on the telecast if Serena wins the US Open she'll be ranked #12.

Also heard the Bunny's mystery coach is being withheld until after the US Open.

So, will the name be released or not? Does it even matter?

Finally, I don't see any chance of Samuel Choker winning the big one w/o a retirement.

Marine said...

Now it doesn´t really matter who wins. Serena annoying my eyesight in YEC is not a nice prospect. Caroline could have done so much better, oh my. The serve...the errors...
The new coach will not be bored.
Well, at least she did not lost ridiculously early like some top losers.
Good luck to the Aussie Sam :-P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Watching the SF was a big experience for me...I watch my first ever live stream :P It was wonderful, better than watching a score board tickover :D

Caps, that's correct Serena will be number 12...what a huge turnaround from 175 after Wimbledon. The commentators in the SF mentioned something about Pitor having many long discussions with Navratilova at Wimbledo, regarding Caroline's mystery coach.

Marine, Caroline looked quite lost out there. She look as if she could have challenged in the first few games of the set, but Serena just turned up another gear it up and power on. Yes, good luck to Sam, she's going to need it. I am thinking/hoping for Serena to come out like she did in '07 AO final.

Anonymous said...

Forgot the final was on and first thing I see is a replay of Serena setting in her chair saying, "don't look my way."

What did I miss? I mean, other than Samuel taking the first set!

Concerning Serena/Bunny - I liked how Serena didn't really try to overpower her EXCEPT on serves. (Although that nasty kick type serve was only around 100 but absolutely filthy!)

Serena was just using lots of angels and coming to net often. The latter I know Bunny could do if she wasn't such a crappy net player!

Samuel Stosur is up 4-3 in the second set after winning the first already! I'm in shock.

Anonymous said...

From looking on twitter it seems Serena was mad Sam got a point because she yelled mid point.

OH WOW, Sam wins it and 'Samuel' has been officially retired! Can't believe I missed most of this match. Sure I'll be able to download it later and will watch it then.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Stosur has not only won the US Open, more importantly she won me as a fan :)

You missed Serena losing a point for hindrance and she has a good ol' chat saying "if we were walking in a hallway you'd walk the other obviously hate are an ugly person inside"

Sam played well and she deserved the win, I like how they are talking now :)

In my Serena fan defence, she was no where near best and played her worst match of the tournament, especially in the serve.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the hot headed Serena rises up again, eh? CBS has started playing the second set again and I saw the outburst.

The only thing I heard her say was, "Aren't you the one that screwed me over here last time? Yeah, you are and that's not cool because you have it out for me." (Part of that is paraphrased.)

I'm still utterly shocked Sam won the title. Before this she only has 2 singles titles to her name which is why I've already thought of her as a world class choker.. Because she has the talent and 2 titles after playing this long is weak.

Anyway, perhaps she'll be able to live up to her potential now?

Marine said...

What a performance by Sam. I have to say I was undermining her chances. She dispatched Serena so easily. As for Serena´s behaviour...just awful but it´s nothing surprising with her. I wish the authorities showed they have a spine this time.
The real no.1 lost but the real no.1 loudmouth did as well.
Kudos to Sam, hopefully she keeps on going and wins many more. Aussies should be proud :-D

Carlos said...

Captain you look like you sold out on Samuel Stosur. :P

I'm still waiting for the DNA results from WTA.

I didn't see the final, but if Stosur had Williams running around then it means she read my post on how to beat Serena.

The Bunny's semi final loss it only proves how vastly overrated she is and how she is a faux number one. This was the match of the player that plays too much vs. the player that plays the least.

Sorry for the late reply. My grandmother had a mild heart attack on Sunday and on Monday she fell and hit her head, stitches were required. she is OK but this are not good signs. Tough way to start the week.

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