Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stosur edges Petrova in three set marathon.

In warm conditions during the evening match on Louis Armstrong Stadium, the hard-hitting duo exchanged breaks to start the match before Stosur held to love in the third game, setting the tone for what would turn out to be the best women's match of the tournament to date and the longest recorded women's match at the US Open in the open era.

Serving for the first set at 5-3, the Queenslander gave away three set points and was eventually broken by Petrova, who had won 4 of their 5 previous encounters.
The resultant tiebreak was won by the Australian despite a moment of frustration when a successful hawk-eye challenge on a late call gave the Russian the point.

The 27 year-old, who landed 48 winners to her opponent's 37, served for the match at 5-4 in and despite turning two break points into two match points, again found herself broken by the powerful Russian 24th seed.

Petrova broke in the third game of the final set to take the lead for the first time but put a forehand into the net, allowing the Australian to level it at 4-4.

Stosur gave away her third match point with a long forehand before an electrifying rally on her fourth match point went Petrova's way.
Putting immense pressure on the Russian, Stosur created a fifth match point which she claimed as Petrova's return sailed into the net.

The upset of the day goes to Flavia Pennetta for dispatching of Russian third seed Maria Sharapova 6-3 3-6 6-4.


Carlos said...

Caps the book on McHale is out, she can't handle the big pops and The Princess was hitting the ball as hard as she could. The Princess did to McHale what the ball bashers do to The Princess.

This wave of new Americans wait for their opponents to make mistakes ala Bunny. Sponge Bart and Peer had tons of unforced errors in their matches against the Americans. Keys was in the match due the unforced errors by Safarova.

Caps do you buy into the new wave of Americans?

Anonymous said...

Carlos, I think McHale was nervous and not aggressive enough but the book can't be out on her yet because she has too many shots at her disposal.

I think the 'new wave' will all be in the top 100 but to speculate as to their potential successes would be premature.

That said, McHale shouldn't be lumped in with these other women. I predict she will be in the top 30 and stay there until she gets injured or retired. Now, how high is her ceiling? Not sure. Guess it all depends on her ability to turn yesterday's match her 'way' in the future. Because obviously what she was doing didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Classic example of why tennis isn't that popular in the states.

CBS started their coverage at 11am Eastern. What match are they showing? Tomas Berdych vs. Janko Tipsarevic.

Meanwhile, also at 11am Bunny ranked #1 is playing the American Vania King.

Guess they'll be putting this one on 'ice' to replay later since their coverage goes all day. However, it seems to me showing an American live would be better to start off your coverage.

Anyway, ESPN3 doesn't have any coverage until Monday so I'm watching on

Bunny up 3-2 King on serve.

Carlos said...

Bunny won, even though it was obvious it makes me angry.

Serena destroyed Angry Bird 6-1. I just saw the scores, again I haven't seen none of this matches maybe I'll have a chance tomorrow.

Marine said...

I'm watching Serena vs Vika right now. Vika woke up in the second. Hopefully there will be no Serena tomorrow :-P

Carlos said...

I forgot to thank you Caps for answering my question. I also want to wish you a happy Memorial Day. For you Aussies is a U.S. holiday.

Lately Angry Bird is not a match for Serena. Did Clefairy throw a fit? And how many shots did the Captain take in celebration?

Fist Pumping Imbecile won, Imbecilites rejoice. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Today I'm taking:
The Princess, Licki Bean.

The "P" match(this time with different people) Peng vs. Pennetta I abstain since both are in my good graces.

Anonymous said...

Happy Memorial day, Carlos!

Tennis Channel Pulled From Cablevision and Verizon Systems

Cablevision and Verizon FiOS customers abruptly lost their access to Tennis Channel on Sunday midway through the United States Open.

The dispute revolves around a new contract between Tennis Channel and the National Cable Television Cooperative, a consortium of cable operators that Cablevision and Verizon belong to. The deal, which went into effect after midnight, requires its members to place Tennis Channel on a broad digital basic level — or not at all.

IMO, this is a very bad move for Tennis Channel. On Uverse they want $10 extra for some 'sports package' and Tennis Channel is the only one I'd even watch.

When I had Directv it was only $5 extra a month for a package upgrade. And on Brighthouse it was only $1.99 for 3 sports channels but this was many, many years ago.

Nevertheless, I can see why Tennis Channel would like to be on basic packages but they don't have enough clout for a take it or leave it approach.

Anonymous said...

Princess match is starting now 7:35pm Eastern on

Anonymous said...

WOW! Princess just won the second set 17-15! On to set 3...

Carlos said...

Even though The Princess lost, her last match and this one played with determination and anger; I liked that. I caught the game in the tie break 10-10. A couple of sweet challenges by the Princess in the tie break kept the her alive. BTW it took eight match points for Samuel to close the match.

What the hell happened to Licki Bean she came out flat, lost in straight sets. What Vera Z. did to Licki I thought Licki would do to Vera.

Carlos said...

The Furby match is getting on my nerves, mediocre match at best. Furby won the first set, down 1-3 in the third.

Anonymous said...

Kuzzie takes the first set 7-6.

Very surprised she managed to take the first set after going to that crap backhand slice which she hit low into the net countless times. Also, she keeps trying to hit her forehand 200MPH instead of just playing a little safer and winning the point.

Anonymous said...

Kuzzie was up 3-0 & 4-1 in the second set and ends up losing it 7-5. And the worse thing is she just beat herself!

Trying to decide whether I stay up and watch this third set or just go to sleep. Think I'll go to sleep because I don't have much confidence in Kuzzie.. Think she is mighty tired.

And there is nothing I hate more than watching a 3 hour tennis match and having the most hated Bunny in the entire world winning.

So, guess I'll just check the scoreboard in the morning, eh!

Carlos said...

I only saw the third set. Embarrassing display of tennis on behalf of Kuznetsova, her disinterest was in full display. She kept returning the ball where the Bunny was add to that the unforced errors. She might as well quit cause she didn't look like she wanted to there.

Caps you didn't miss anything spectacular, and it took the Bunny five match points to close out the set.


Anonymous said...

Not exactly the news I wanted this morning!

Anonymous said...

Was planning on watching Young vs. Murray at 11am but the day and night sessions were canceled.

Perhaps next time Wozniacki decides to immitate Nadal, she should do so by winning a Grand Slam title, something she hasn’t been able to do during her WTA career…Sorry Caroline, but it had to be said.

Here is a look at Wozniacki imitating Nadal.

Carlos said...

Thanks Caps for the links.

The man was there in pain for more than two minutes and no one went over there to help him.

Not funny Bunny.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Bunny needs to stop trying...can't she just accept the fact she is boring and has no personality what so ever?

The AO this year was quite good but seriously...she's not Petkovic or Djokovic.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Bunny needs a 'filter' for her so-called funny ideas. Btw, apologizing is nothing but acknowledgement of an error in judgement.

Keen to avoid any controversy, Wozniacki took to Twitter on Tuesday to apologise to the Spaniard for any offence caused.

She said: "Had a bit of fun last night before my press conference. Hope it was not taken the wrong way. I have the utmost respect and admiration of Rafa."

It is not the first time Wozniacki has shared a joke with reporters. She hijacked Novak Djokovic's pre-Wimbledon press conference in June, posing as a French journalist and in January she claimed she was attacked by a kangaroo during the Australian Open.

Carlos said...

While I'm baking in L.A. at temps near 100 degrees Farenheit, rain is causing havoc at the open.

Anonymous said...

Sorta been waiting all day for play to begin! I saw like 15 minutes of action today and that's it. Currently watching Bridesmaids (I like Maya Rudolph) but it isn't that good and like a 2 hour movie. I've watched about an hour and a half so far.

Anonymous said...

Looks like 4 WTA matches will be going on simultaneously here shortly.

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like we're in another rain delay before play started.

Anonymous said...

Night session has been canceled...

Carlos said...

I'm thinking all four QF games will be played and televised simultaniously. ESPN televising the Serena match, I'm going to have to see the matches of my interest at the USO official site.

Carlos said...

In doubles tomorrow QF Aggie/Dani against the Italians who upset the number two seed Pennetta/Dulko. I think Aggie/Dani will take the match, I bet it will put a smile on Mr. Caps.

Princess/Petrova against the number seed. I'm taking the number one seed will win the match but I'll be rooting for the Russians.

I'm guessing the partnership between Angry Bird/Princess is over. I bet the Princess couldn't take anymore mood swings from A.B.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos, AB and Princess are still go, as far as I know...they just don't play at tournaments where Vika wants to focus on singles. Here she probably saw R3 vs Serena...already slightly injured with the hand...I don't want to tire myself out too much by playing doubles as well.

The rain here is REALLY starting to annoy me...USTA planning a roof for 2016...well maybe you should have had one from day one or much sooner on Ashe but no, they chose to have a stupidly large 23,000 stadium instead. Who wants to sit in the top tier and watch ants play tennis? And who wants to play on centre court and have the tier completely empty? Its a lose-lose situation.

Carlos said...

Angry Bird is injured? Shocker!

Ants playing hahaha.

Speaking of ants Captain, if you have an ant problem here's what you do: you leave a bowl full of liquor and another one filled with sand. Why? So when the ants get drunk they'll stone each other to death.

I hope I can finally see some tennis matches Thursday U.S. Friday Aussie Land.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know what goes on between doubles players when they part ways. Obviously not winning will do it but I'm talking about behind the scenes dirt, the play by play, who initiates the 'breakup' and of course the transcript!

Melanie Oudin(USA)/Jack Sock(USA) vs. Elena Vesnina(RUS)[7]/Leander Paes(IND)[7]

It'd be great for Vesnina to win this semi final mixed doubles match! However, that Jack Sock can serve so I'm not too sure.

Carlos, I've been watching basically all of my coverage on for the second week. Very rarely will ESPN2's idea of a 'featured match' be my idea of a good time.

Carlos said...

Caps I agree with you 1005.

My QF picks:

Serena over Nasty Pav

To annoy the Captain yet again I'll take Samuel Stosur over Vera Z. In the "Choker vs. Head case" match.

Pennetta over Kerber because is obvious...Pennetta is in my good graces.

Bunny vs. Dancing Buffoon Do I have to pick one? Seriously? I say Dancing Buffoon in straight sets.

Carlos said...

The Captain will love to her this Samuel won, he schooled Vera.

Serena won the first set 7-5.

Carlos said...

Serena won in straight sets. 6-1 in the second.

Anonymous said...

Bunny/Petko is on

I think Vera should complain about Samuels' muscles and ask why she has to play a dude.

Anonymous said...

Kerber - Pennetta is on Eurosport but not for some reason.

Petko is playing like crap, Bunny wins the first set 6-1.

Not sure if she went ahead and threw the first set after being down. Guess we'll see in the second.

Good news is, if Bunny wins she won't beat Serena without a retirement!

Carlos said...

Typical D. Buffoon punking out in the QF or in the semis.

Caps I just caught the second set of the Pennetta match. on She lost the first set 4-6. Right now 2-2 in the second.

Haha Caps I was thinking the same thing about Samuel. Remember "The Dude"? He got tho third round.

Anonymous said...

They need to kick all the dudes off the WTA tour and make 'em play ATP!

Looks like Vesnina's partner in mixed doubles got injured so they withdrew! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Petko was up 6-5 and blew it now onto the tie break.

Bunny wins and I'm throughly disgusted in Petko's play.

Carlos said...

The Big Stuff Bunny won.

However she is having problems closing out sets. This time she was serving for the match up 5-3 was broken and the match went into a tie break. It took her three match points in the tie break to close out D. Buffoon.

Pennetta won the second set 6-4. Up 2-0 in the third.

Carlos said...

Doubles: Aggie/Dani H. won their match. Princess/Petrova upset the top seed. How about this: the top two seeds are gone. There is a possibility that Aggie's team will meet the Princess team in the final. Caps your women excelled in doubles.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mr. Oudin and Mr. Sock took the mixed doubles title...

Anonymous said...

Aggie & Princess both out of doubles.

Looks like the Serena/Bunny match won't start until after 8pm.

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