Saturday, October 29, 2011

Istanbul. The semi's are here!

You have got to hand it to me, I did just pick that Azarenka and Kvitova would go top of their groups. I did predict that Kvitova would 3-0. So I actually did kind of well in my attempted YEC analysis.

The semi's are played today with the first begining not before 3pm Istanbul time, so around 2 and a half hours time. Who made it? And who will do what you ask? This is why I am here.

[3] Petra Kvitova (RR 3-0) vs [7] Samantha Stosur (RR 2-1)
Kvitova leads in the head to head between the two 2-0, however only one result can be really justified and used. That being from Australia this year. When Kvitova upset the home favourite 7-6 6-3 in the third round and went on to advance to the quarter finals. Since that time Kvitova has improved and Stosur has been on a roller coaster. Both suffered post slam slumps and both have seemingly snapped out of it. Kvitova is a bad match up for the Australia. The Czech lefty has that swinging serve that would essentailly destroy Stosur's backhand and a six foot tall that famous kick serve of Stosur will be neutral against the power of Kvitova.
Prediction - Kvitova. Straight sets. 

[4] Victoria Azarenka (RR 2-1) vs [6] Vera Zvonareva (RR 1-2)
Although history has shown that that Vera has her number on Victoria, leading 6-3 H2H Its essentail to take into consideration that Azarenka is a much greater player now than what she was now. Lets take a trip down memory lane, Miami 2011, semi final. Vera was fresh off an Aussie Open SF and a title in Doha, in great form. Azarenka won 6-0 6-3. And if there is one thing this edition of the Season Ending Championships has shown us, it is that history doesn't matter. Exhibits A and B - Stosur defeats Sharapova. Bartoli "defeats" Tankarenka. Azarenka proved in Miami she has what it takes to destroy Zvonareva and I think a similar story will be written in Istanbul, with Victoria in her career best form.
Prediction - Azarenka. Three sets. Two easy wins one close loss. 


Carlos said...

A) I'm strangely attracted to Angry Bird's tongue, it looks it can work wonders. :P

B)I always question if Angry Bird can win outside Miami. Square Pants said no.

C)I'm taking the Ostrich train along side Caps and of course you Captain. Ostrich to take the title.

D)Just to annoy Clefairy and you Captain, I'll take Vera. :P

caps321 said...

Considering the circumstances, I can't think of anything better than Ostrich spanking Angry Bird in the final! I mean, one of my favorites will win and one of my hated will bow out in embarrassment... Does it get any better than that?

Well, unless of course said Bird gets beat by Vera...... Although I won't be watching because I have no horse in the race.

Carlos said...

I was too tired to keep up with both matches, but Mr. Caps you should have watched the Samuel/Bird match, you could have seen Angry Bird's strangely arousing tongue haha. :P

Captain your predictions are dead on! Halloween pun. Can I borrow your crystal ball? Or are you still using the magic eight ball?

One question to you Captain, what are you going to dress as in Halloween? Same question to Clefairy.

BTW I'm thinking of passing around a petition asking that you Captain participate in Ms. Melbourne Beauty Pageant. Eventually you will win, go on to win Ms. Australia, and go to the Ms. Universe pageant. I just want hear you say on international T.V., "I want world peace on all the tennis blogs" haha. :P

Ms. Clefairy, there have been complains from a five star resort about feet with bad odor. Hint: check tweet. :P

caps321 said...

Little less than 2 hours until the almighty Ostrich rains down on Angry Bird's parade!

caps321 said...

Well, make that 3 hours looks like it got pushed back until 11am Eastern.

caps321 said...

Ostrich was up 5-0 in the first set and her game went south.

Bird just tied it up 5-5.

Ostrich up 6-5. (Her game returned!)

And now Ostrich breaks for the 7-5 win of set one!

Bird HAS to be completely depressed after winning 5 straight games and still losing it, no?

caps321 said...

Guess Bird wasn't very depressed seeing that she just won the second set 6-4, eh?

caps321 said...

The Ostrich has taken her squawking to a whole new level and is up 3-0 in the final set!

caps321 said...

Ostrich brings home the bacon with a 6-3 win in the third set.


Carlos said...

That's the second Ring Of Hell for Ostrich.

Ostrich must be squealing in celebration. :P

Angry Bird still can't win a major title outside Miami.

A little work on the Ostrich's nerves and you will get an undestructible force.

caps321 said...

One of the announcers seemed to think Ostrich's squawking is what kept her head in the game..

Here is an excerpt from on Kvitova:

With this win, Kvitova ends the year at a career-high No. 2 ranking. In 2011 she’s undefeated indoors (19-0), earned more prize money than anyone (over $5 million) and is tied with top-ranked Caroline Wozniacki for most singles titles. What makes Kvitova the year’s best is which titles she won: Three are among the nine biggest—this year-end championship, a premier mandatory (Madrid) and that all-important Grand Slam (Wimbledon). (She beat Azarenka on her way to all three titles.) And she may not be done—next weekend the Czech lefty leads her country in the Fed Cup final against tennis powerhouse Russia.

Carlos said...

Thanks for the article Caps.

Angry Bird needs to learn how to beat Ostrich it can become an interesting rivalry: "The Battle For The Eggs".

caps321 said...

New rankings are out today and Ostrich is a mere 115 points behind Bunny! I mean, does anyone think Bunny will have a better 2012 than Ostrich?

Plus, maybe Turkish Airlines will stop playing that lame commercial with the #1 Bunny laying down court side in her chair like she's on an airplane.

Also, it'll be very interesting to see just how low Bunny goes in the rankings. As said before, the book is out on her and she's losing not only to the top players but women ranked lower and lower.

Carlos said...

Agreed on all points Mr. Caps.

On a side note: Happy Halloween!! Captain, Caps, and the always lovely Clefairy.

caps321 said...


After winning the WTA Championships in her debut, Petra Kvitova, now ranked No. 2, is closing in on the No. 1 ranking. The Czech is only 115 points behind top-ranked Caroline Wozniacki, who has 3,931 points to defend through her title run in Charleston in early April. Kvitova only has 1,257 points to defend during that same stretch. No. 3 Victoria Azarenka also has a shot at the top spot, as she's only 965 points behind Wozniacki and has only has 526 points to defend until Indian Wells in early March. Maria Sharapova, now No. 4, is also in the hunt. She is 975 points behind Wozniacki and has only 350 points to defend until Indian Wells.

Surely you see the writing on the wall, Bunny?

Question is, what are you going to yap about when being #1 isn't part of your portfolio any longer?

Carlos said...

Like JJ she will yap that she is a former number one and that she is still on the hunt to regain the number one ranking. In order to maintain or to get back at the top ranking she will do what she did to get there: play tons of tournaments, the majority will be small tournaments, and avoid playing top players. The formula is still there and she will take advantage of it, again.

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