Saturday, December 3, 2011

Its going to be one hell of a year!

2012 is just around the corner believe or not. I thought I would take this opportunity to basically embarrass myself and make a few predictions for the forthcoming year. Its only 7pm but I have about 37 tequila shots glasses of orange juice and I'm feeling in the mood to make some bold, some would say insane predictions. Well, here goes nothing.

Petra Kvitova will not win a slam.
Winning your first slam is hard, but it almost seems harder to win your second one sometimes, remember it took Serena two years. She will have a solid year, make a slam final and win a medal finishing solidly inside the 3.

Kim Clijsters will retire before the Olympics
Injury after injury and lacking motivation I honestly believe that Kim Clijsters will prematurely end her career once more, sadly. Probably at the start of the clay season of after Roland Garros

Serena Williams will win two Slams
Australian Open and Wimbledon. She will not win a medal in the Olympics for singles however

Andrea Petkovic will make a slam final
You heard it here first! After a very solid 2011 making three quarter finals at the majors I expect the German to go two steps further.

Maria Sharapova will fail to make the semis of any slam.

Li Na will fall before the third round of her title defence in Paris.
Still struggling with that 'post slam slump' I expect it to stay around for a while longer for Li Na, possibly a reverse of this year with a bad first half of the season and great results at Wimbledon and the US Open.

Pavlyuchenkova will make a slam semi!
After two quarter finals at the majors this year (one she should have won) the Russian will in 2012 make the next step, expect it to be on clay.

Wozniacki will make another slam final, Zvonareva will too.
I don't know why or when or how but I want to believe for indifferent reasons.

Kimiko Date Krumm will have a deep run at Wimbledon and bronze medal at the Olympics!

So, when you're rolling in your winning I expect a fair cut! Do you have predictions you'd like to make?


Anonymous said...

My head is spinning from your predictions, Emily!

Anonymous said...

Seems Princess has given her long time boyfriend the boot and is now hanging tough with some NHL player!

I don't follow hockey whatsoever..

Angry Big Mac said...

My insane predictions because I have been drinking from the same punch bowl as the Captain. :P

Kookie Monster retires at the end of next year.

No slams for Serena too old and injury prone. *I duck at the Captain's vase trown at me*

The Big Bunny will regress even more than this year.

Vera Z. is done.

I'll start dating the Princess and Licki Bean will confront her haha. XP

Divapova will fail to make it to a slam QF.

Aggie will have more titles than the Bunny and Angry Bird.

McHale will move into the top 20.

Caps321 will start his own blog and will start dating Urszula. :P

Lucingus will tie the knot.

Sponge Bart will finally wash her hair.

Peng will regrow her hair.

Dancing Buffoon will be on dancing with the stars.

Sorana will develop a deep voice.

Li Na will sing, "Na na na na eh eh eh good bye"

WTA will finally reveal Stosur DNA results.

Licki Bean will win Wimbledon.

Finally, Kleybanova will make a successful return.

Carlos said...

Captain I already emailed you the list of the winners of the "Angries". XP

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me Captain said...

Carlos/ABM I have received the email and am working on the post as we type! I also replied to your other email BTW :)

Caps I saw that earlier and hoped it was just random gossip :( sadly not! A bit of a down grade for her considering this man lacks teeth :P

Carlos/ABM you win the award for wackiest predictions :P Peng growing her hair back? Lucingis getting married :O If not this year it will have to be 2014...Lucinda hates odd years and believes they are bad luck.

In regarded to your 2nd prediction 1. Duck 2. Prepare to eat your words!

Finally your last prediction, we all wish Alisa the best and speed recovery! I hope to see her back on the court very soon!

Angry Big Mac said...

Captain Peng can use Rogaine for women haha. :P

I'll have to wear a helmet a all times Captain. :P

With regards to the Princess, I believe is call "the rebound guy".

Thank you for your reply on the other email Captain, I sent the "Angries" email first because I didn't want to make you wait. :) I'll reply to the other email as soon as I can. :)

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