Thursday, March 3, 2011

Serena suffers blood clot in her lungs, undergoes emergency surgery, aims summer return.

Serena Williams has set her sights on a return to action by early summer after undergoing emergency surgery as a result of a blood clot in her lung earlier this week.

The 29-year-old admitted the last few days had been "extremely hard, scary, and disappointing" after it was confirmed she had received treatment on Monday for a haematoma, suffered as a result of a pulmonary embolism which was diagnosed last week.

"While I can't make any promises now on my return, I hope to be back by early summer. That said, my main goal is to make sure I get there safely," the former world number one said in a statement.

"Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, concerns, and support. This has been extremely hard, scary, and disappointing. I am doing better, I'm at home now and working with my doctors to keep everything under control. I know I will be okay but am praying and hoping this will all be behind me soon."

A separate statement released on Wednesday confirmed the 13-time grand slam title winner would spend the immediate future under close medical scrutiny.

"Serena did indeed suffer from a pulmonary embolism last week, and the haematoma was another unexpected scare that was subsequently removed. Thankfully everything was caught in time," the statement read.

"With continued doctor visits to monitor her situation, she is recuperating at home under strict medical supervision."

The Women's Tennis Association expressed relief that the worst appears to be over for Williams, saying in a statement: "We are very heartened to hear that despite the serious medical situation that she had to deal with, Serena is now recovering and on the road to full health and a possible return to professional tennis in early summer.

"Serena is a champion on and off the court, and we, along with her millions of fans around the world, wish her a speedy recovery."

Williams has been out of competitive action since winning Wimbledon in July. She subsequently cut her foot on some broken glass, an injury which has required two operations, but despite her lengthy absence, she is still ranked 11th in the world.


caps321 said...

Read what a doctor said about Serena - She'd need to be on blood thinners for 6-12 months and if she played, fell and hit her head, it could be catastrophic.

Maybe its time for her to hang 'em up. She's had a great career and this seems like a long road back with nothing else to prove really.

Carlos said...

I agree with you Caps321, this is serious. I remember in the 90s a college football player, a quaterback from university of Nebraska (he was the one who them to the back to back championships) at the end of college career doctors found blood clots on his leg. I believe he never played professional football. You are right when you say she should retire, this is this the second serious health issue that Serena had in less than a year. She should pay attention to the signs the universe is giving her, that her time in tennis has passed.

caps321 said...

Agreed, Carlos. She has so much money, probably the next 10 generations of her family won't have to work a day in their lives AND be millionaires!

Plus, lets not forget Venus has made a ton of money as well.

Plus, Serena could still make money by commanding a speaking fee, doing something in tennis, buy into a chain (own like 10 or more for instance) fast food restaurants or other money making businesses.

Finally, I feel she might wanna get into acting. So, of course her movies might be flops but she'd still get paid that way as well.

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