Thursday, August 11, 2011

Abdominal injury stops Clijsters in Canada.

Kim Clijsters and Serena Williams looked set for third round battle at the Rogers Cup this year. Williams so far has held up her end of the bargain with an impressive 6-0 6-3 46 minute match win over Alona Bondarenko (which included a 16 minute first set) while Clijsters was unlucky to be hit with yet another injury. This time and abdominal injury forced her to retire leading Zheng Jie 6-3 1-2.

The new worrying injury concern comes three weeks out from the US Open where Clijsters is still expected to attempt to defend her title...again. In her first tournament since missing two months (and Wimbledon) due to a foot injury Clijsters is slightly under a cloud for the US Open. An impressive start to the year saw Kim make three consecutive finals and win the Australian Open, however her season as been dismal since the Paris final in February making just one tournament quarter final since.

Recent inducte to the top 10, Andrea Petkovic scored a 6-2 6-2 victory over Canadian wild card Eugenie Bouchard. Other Canadians Alrksandra Wozniak andStephanie Dubois scored 6-1 6-0 and 7-6 6-1 victories respectively and will now face 10th seeded Samantha Stosur and 4th seeded Victoria Azarenka respectively.

Australians Jelena Dokic and Jarmila Gadjasova lost 0-2 ret and 1-6 2-6 respectively 


caps321 said...

Bunny loses the first set to Vinci 4-6.

caps321 said...

Vinci wins 6-4, 7-5!!

Aggie d Martic 6-3, 6-3.

Also Vinci came back from down 1-5 in the second set.. But, I didn't watch until the score was 6-5.

caps321 said...

Today's schedule:

Carlos said...

This tournament is plague with withdrawals and upsets. Top three seeds are out, six of the top seven are out. The only remaining top seed is #4 Angry Bird.

The Dancing Buffoon spanked The Ostrich 6-1, 6-2. I thought the Ostrich didn't look good yesterday, this is not the way I she should be playing. I'll give her a pass because of the break she took, and this being her first her court event, also this tournament is bias to upsets.

In the good news section, Aggie keeps rolling upsetting Vera Z. in straight sets again. The Fist Pumping Imbecile lost.

Doubles news:

Pennetta/Dulko won.

The Princess/A.A. won against Team Imbecile. Team Imbecile retired after being down 1-4. Anyone know the excuse for Team Imbecile to pull out.

Breaking news: Jie beating Serena 3-2 in the third set.

On the bad news of the day: I have a fever.

Carlos said...

Breaking News: Serena won the match 6-3 in the third. Somewhere out there the Captain just let out a sigh of relief.

She may go down in the next round Captain. :P

Carlos said...

My QF predictions:

Angry Bird over Voskoboeva (so Clefairy won't go bunkers, again).

Stosur over Vinci (Captain you are going to be delighted).

Safarova upsetting Serena (just to annoy the Captain some more:P)

Aggie defeating Petkovic. (To put a smile on Caps face once more).

caps321 said...

Carlos, I think Aggie is tired of being out of the top 10.

Aggie vs. Petko @ 3pm Eastern.

If Aggie can beat Petko today.. Guess we'd have to say that new coach is working out great? She's been playing exceptionally well as of late.

caps321 said...

Aggie wins the first set 6-4!

Carlos said...

Aggie wins the first set. 6-4

Caps like I said before Aggie needed this coaching change about two years ago and is really paying off.

caps321 said...

Agree with that, Carlos!

Aggie wins 6-4, 6-3 and is now 4-0 against Petko.

Would love to know if Aggie's dad was holding her back from playing like this or if the new coach told her to.

caps321 said...

Was reading recently where Aggie said she was probably going to have a sponsor next year. I don't suppose 'dad' was holding her back from that as well? I mean, her ranking was better in the past and she had no sponsor. What's the coincidence that 'dad' leaves and she starts playing better and has a potential sponsor?

I'm unsure as to what a 'sponsor' entails but would imagine it'd be getting paid, free tennis gear and posing for adverts.. Which could only raise her brand awareness.

So, assuming this theory is correct, did 'dad' think it would take away from her training time? Or did he not want to be bothered with chaperoning Aggie to these off court all day shoots?

Carlos said...

I'm taking Aggie and Angry Bird to be in the final.

Caps I thought that Aggie's sponsor was Fila before the contract ran out. I think parents can take their kids to a certain point but if the player wants to improve they must make a coaching change. Comparing Aggie to the Big Bunny right now, Aggie is making big strides while the Bunny is regressing. One made a coaching change while the other is still daddy's disciple.

I would be surprise if Aggie's father didn't let her get a sponsor. After all, most of the money is made via sponsorship, look at Divapova, the Williams sisters, Hingis, or Kournikova, for example.

caps321 said...

From searching google it seems Aggie's had a sponsorship with a watch & software company.

I saw this quote on a forum:

Originally Posted by Agnieszka Radwanska
"After retreat of Prokom there's problem with young, polish players who still doesn't earn for themselves. Youth will have more difficult life, than I had when Mr Ryszard Krauze sponsored polish tennis. I have a lot of propositions but I am responsible. I won't sign random contracts."

Not sure but it sounds like this is referring to 'random contracts' as in attaching your name to products unrelated to tennis.

caps321 said...

The tension is thick in this match! Samuel Stosur wins the first set 6-2, Aggie wins the second 7-5 and she's up 2-1 in the third.

caps321 said...

Aggie lost the match. boooooooooooooooooooo

Carlos said...

Historically I never done well in semi final predictions, in any sport.

Angry Bird should had spent more time on her game plan than on her make up. Ladies of the bog, how much mascara is needed? Because A.B. used the whole bottle.

Caps I always saw Aggie with Fila get up, I thought that was her sponsor.

Too bad Aggie lost to Samuel, if Samuel wins tomorrow I fear that some people may start a riot in Melbourne. :P So Captain and Clefairy please behave. :P

Right now Serena is the one dominating the U.S. hard court season.

caps321 said...


First Round

McHale vs. Pironkova
Petko vs. Gajdosova
Lisicki vs. Peer
Kuznetsova vs. Wickmayer

Second Round

Wozniacki vs. McHale or Pironkova
Azarenka vs. Lisicki or Peer
A. Radwanska vs. Goerges
Kirilenko vs. Schiavone
S. Williams vs. Stosur
Jankovic vs. Vesnina
Makarova vs. Zvonareva

Third Round

Kvitova vs. Pekto or Gajdosova
S. Williams vs. Na Li


Kvitova vs. Wozniacki
S. Willams vs. Sharapova

Carlos said...

I'm taking Serena in the Toronto final.

Aggie is playing too many tournaments, she needs a week off.

Licking my chops for Licki Bean vs. Angry Bird, pun intended. BTW A.B. leave the make up at home.

The Ostrich better bring it, you too WickiWickiWicki.

Anybody know the on goings of Lickitongue?

Lastly whatever happened to the American Laura Granville?

caps321 said...

Carlos, Tongue's facebook has been quiet... Thought I saw something about her inner/middle ear problem with dizziness on one of the draw sheets. However, I don't see her listed in the injured section on Rogers or Cincinnati.

I would like Samuel to win because I don't like Serena. But, I'm sure Samuel will get all nervous and play like crap.

Mary Jo Fernandez did some nice 'glossing over' of Aggie's coaching situation. She tried to say on the broadcast yesterday that since Ula gets booted out of tournaments and has to qualify her dad can go with her now and Aggie will still have a coach..

“Sometimes it’s good to have a break, especially from someone you’ve been working with for 17 years already and sometimes it’s just too much,” Agnieszka Radwanska told “We are going to go with one coach here and then we will see. It’s hard to separate the [roles]. On court he’s still dad and coach and then sometimes he brings tennis off the court and it’s too much. That’s why we are trying to have a break.”

Mary Jo Fernandez is too good looking to be pushing propaganda!

Carlos said...

Thanks once again for the info. Caps321.

I thought Angry Bird had a chance against Serena but she played like crap, at least she looked good.

Samuel tends to choke like Dani H. I consider Dani the "Queen of Chokes" that would make Samuel the "King of Chokes" haha.

Whatever happened to going out there to get the scoop then report it? There is no science sitting in a studio and reading what is already out there.

caps321 said...

IMO, Samuel has the skills to win many majors but she's been nothing but a disappointment with her chronic gagging.

Carlos, I'm unsure why Mary Jo felt the need to obviously push a false angle. I believe that comment Aggie made to was in July. Certainly ESPN/WTA was aware of the 'story' and for some reason (whether it was a directive handed down) she chose to try and put positive spin on it.

Or I'm completely wrong and Mary Jo/ESPN/WTA are oblivious to what their players have said 3 weeks prior.

Carlos said...

I agree on your points on Samuel, another player that is going that rout is Petkovic.

Yes you are right Caps, that comment seemed old when I read it.

The WTA serves as a propaganda to players specially the official website. ESPN must sell the merchandise to get ratings so they will push an agenda to get viewers, so both ESPN and the WTA need each other. I'm sure any positive story will be told on T.V. telecast. Negative stories are play down. I can conclude ESPN told Mary Jo to read the story and knowing that it was an old story Mary Jo tried to give her own spin. If I'm wrong then is a case of pure lazy journalism.

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