Monday, August 1, 2011

The week (and a bit) that was

  • Zovareva may have won Baku, but it was Pav who lead the charge for double faults
  • Sports Ilistrated got the inside scoup on the latest golf/tennis love affair...does Caroline know Rory?
  • Serena showed off the Crique du Soliel performer with in during WTT. Speaking of Serena, looks like she has decided to care outside of slams now.
  • Kim Clijsters withdrew from San Diego but says she'll play Rogers Cup
  • The WTA welcomed Washington, Petrova welcomed it to
  • Radwanska got an actual coach, ate cheesecake and rumour has it, she could be getting herself a sponsor next year :D 
  • Alicia Molik is pregnant.
  • This Serena-Maria article is great, excellent piece. 
  • Petko is set to rise to the top 10. After Sam Stosur falls out, back to where she belongs. 
  • The stars got locked up 
  • And as I hit publish post Marion and Serena are tied at 5-5 first set


Carlos said...

Congratulations Vera Z. hope that you don't punk out or go bunkers at the bigger stages.

Pavly go back to the drawing board and re-take "tennis serve 101".

It showed Serena's athleticism, she can try for the steeplechase or hurdles after tennis.

Until I see the Kookie Monster back on court gobbling up tennis balls I will believe.

Congratulations Petrova. I hate when they use heat as an excuse for loses, she played in the blazing heat. Hey morons it is summer here in the U.S. what do you expect?

Maybe Aggie ate one too many cheesecakes before her match against Licki Bean.

Who? and I don't care? Oh! that's right, she is Aussie! :P

Ms. Clefairy, once again, I'm American I don't read! You are making me read. :P This article Divapova/Serena was garbage to top it off, 1)Serena had problems clearly with Justine and now Kookie Monster and she shows it. 2)The fist pumps and "C'ome" screams are also used to get into the opponents head. 3)You had the naive Maria (when she won Wimbledon) and Divapova. 4)This other moron didn't see the boring Belgians/Williams sisters matches of 10 years ago: final score 1-6 6-0 7-5. It is possible to win the second set against Serena after she blows you out in the first. Lastly 5)Red Bull suck! I just scan this article, if you are going to make read at least let be worth while, pretty please haha. :P

I think I saw a high school friend in the back cell. :P

Let me spoil the ending, Serena won in straight sets. Psst Ms. Clefairy, I think it was the revenge factor.

Carlos said...

Mr. Oudin got blown off the court today 6-0 6-1.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Mr. Oudin is now #111!

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