Thursday, August 18, 2011

Now we're free falling.

McHale def (1) Wozniacki  6-4 7-5.

Serena withdrew...wise move, got the points, got the seed and get the rest!

Vika's out injurd too.


Carlos said...

Just to bug the Captain, Serena feared Samuel so the reason for her withdrawal.

All Wimbledon semifinalist so far have been a disappointment in U.S. hard courts.

What a shocker Angry Bird pulls out once again. She will have time to play with make up.

And now my special comment on The Big Stuffed Bunny's loss:

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Serena withdrew cause she's winning the USO...not Cincy!

The most impressive Wimby SFist would have been Vika...but all very disapointing.

Vika withdrew cause she's making the USO final...not the Cincy final :P

Like you said in the other thread I am the prophet of women's tennis :P Stay tuned for the latest upcoming bombshell's!

Marine said...

I don't know if all seeds decided they will not bother until the US Open but it looks like it.

I doubt any of the Wimbledon's SF or F ists will win this tournament.

Christina McHale to take the title :-P!

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I don't know how the top seeded players can be doing so badly!

Hahaha, I could see McHale winning! Other than her it would probably be Jankovic...just has she has been written off as any possible threat in the future :P

Out of all the players left I would love to see Daniela win :D

caps321 said...

McHale needs to work on her shot selection which can only be achieved by experience. Other than that, I think she has the potential to be ranked in the 20-40 range without a doubt. (She seems to have match 'toughness' already and that's a huge part of the game, IMO.)

That said, she's no Melanie 'flash in the pan' Oudin and won't be ranked #121 for the next 10 years baring injury.

Carlos said...

Captain Serena was wobbling in the first round, plus feared the Samuel rematch haha. :P All jokes aside I would never put my money on Dani H.

The key for defeating Serena is to make her run around court and not do what Angry Bird did in Toronto, return the ball where Serena was. Did she get that from the Bunny?

Sorry Captain I strongly disagree, Angry Bird was one and done at Stanford, one semis and typical of my favorite snap, crackle, and pop, player she withdrew in Cincinnati. If Divapova reaches deep in this tournament she will be the better of the four players that reached Wimbly semis.

Caps I was thinking the same thing! McHale could easily be around rankled in the 20s she could be a better version of the Princess.

caps321 said...

Right on, Carlos! Hitting behind Serena, changing direction and running her until she huffs and puffs is a full proof plan for victory! Well, and being able to close it out without panicking.

Back when I used to like Peer she was this/close to beating Serena.

2007AUSTRALIAN Williams defeats Peer 3-6 6-2 8-6 when she folded up like a wet napkin.

IMO, Venus needs to hang 'em up.. She's doing nothing but embarrassing herself and one has to wonder what else she has to prove. What's the point in training and getting hurt again? She has enough money for all her future children to be millionaires.

Elena Vesnina gets a pass on her recent crap play due to blisters on her hand. (She posted a photo of a wrapped hand a week or so ago on twitter.)

14:00 Eastern Mchale vs. Petrova

caps321 said...

Had to go setup this guys wireless printer & auto tune the channels on his television and missed the entire McHale match! Looks like she lost 6-3, 6-3...

And Ostrich just lost the first set 6-3 which I can't seem to find streaming anywhere.

Looks like the series is tied 3-3. I didn't realize they'd player each other that much already.

Carlos said...

Missed the match too got busy and ended up doing pretty much nothing.

Caps to put in perspective, when an up and coming player wins a big match like the one McHale won against the Bunny there is a let down most of the time in the following match.

Probably the Ostrich needs a hand full of grass to kick start her game again.

caps321 said...

If I can borrow Emily's evil laugh for a minute:

Wozniacki, father end coaching relationship

Carlos, I wonder if Ostrich is playing 100% again after her injury? I'd hate for her to play the US Open unhealthy and get booted out early.

Plus, what's with all the secrecy and double talk from the article concerning the Bunny's? I read the new coach was a former pro but her agent says nothing definitive has been established and no one wants to identify this sucker!

Carlos said...

Good point Caps321 on the Ostrich. I actually forgot she injured her hip. If the injury is really bad she should skip USO and wait till next year. My gut feeling is that she will play USO the way she is playing she can only reach the third round.

Bunny: Sounds like her father is still bitter from losing his job. I remember when she was ranked around 60, she had a coach, Danish guy who had been a pro, he was at the time in his late 30s. He went on to compete on a reality dancing show in Denmark and never came back to be her coach. Sorry I forgot his name but does it sound familiar? There was an interview with the Bunny and him on YouTube. Maybe is this guy again or another sucker.

caps321 said...

Couple questions/thoughts on the Bunny:

1) If she doesn't care about not winning a major.. Why does her dad say she doesn't know what to do? (Continue as a defensive player or insert offense into her game?)

2) I think we can all agree when Bunny tries to apply pace to her forehand it gets erratic.

3) Is Bunny's new boyfriend to blame for her lackluster play? She just has this 'look' like she'd rather be anywhere else.

4) Has Bunny cut 'dad' off from her millions? Or does he have his own 'stash' from playing soccer? Because flying from country to country can't be cheap assuming the tournaments aren't picking up the tab.

5) If Clijsters had been playing or Zvonareva was better Bunny wouldn't even be #1 right now.

6) Much as I dislike Serena, I would much rather her be ranked #1 because she can back up her ranking.

caps321 said...

Clijsters out of U.S. Open, Tokyo, Beijing

All I can say about that is W O W. Didn't see that coming concerning the US Open. But, I didn't expect her to play in Tokyo and most likely China due to radiation fears.

Plus, doesn't look like she'll be playing the year end championships either.

Carlos said...

I'll try to answer your questions going regressively.

6)Serena or Kookie Monster could back up the number one ranking, Vera not so much.

5)Bunny's goal was to be ranked number one at all cost. If Vera or Kim would have been ranked one, The Bunny would have played more tournaments until she would have reached the top spot.

4)I'm sure "Daddy Dearest" had his salary, at this point his ego is hurt. It is like telling him your coaching skills have limits, you can't take me to higher level, and you yell at me too much.

3)Absolutely yes! Example Moi Lolita, Fist Pumping Imbecile, Nicole Vlaidisova. They lose focus of tennis and their game go into the tank.


1)I think she cares about winning a major but she knows that she doesn't have the chops to do it. She is at career cross roads and "Daddy Dearest" is tick off that he is not included, so instead of being supportive he is trashing his little girl. He should be talking to her privately not making statements publicly.

The Bunny is seeing the success that her friend Aggie is having with a new coach and she would rather make a coaching change now then wait and waste valuable time. Ya think she is talking to Aggie and asking her for advise? I'm thinking yes. The Bunny would rather have a career like Mauresmo than Dementieva (although the Bunny has won more important titles than Dimentieva :P )

caps321 said...

Thanks, Carlos.

While the Bunny's roughly six years as a pro along with 17 titles and 2 doubles is impressive... (Plus the money made for endorsements.) I don't think she'll be racking 'em up in the future at that pace due to the book being out on her. If she could change her game like flipping a switch she would've already done it.

While I don't think her coach will need to completely break her game down and rebuild it.. I do think she'll need to learn the basics concerning the transition from offense to defense and of course be able to control her forehand. Also, learning how to 'slice' the ball and various spins wouldn't hurt.

Finally, that's all depending whether or not she's going to continue spiraling the toilet bowl or snap out of it. Because as we've seen in the past, the mighty do indeed 'fall' out of the blue!

Carlos said...

I agree with you once again Caps. I have to add, when a player is learning a new style of play they will spiral down until they learn the new style. Can the Bunny take it?

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