Sunday, January 29, 2012

Azarenka wins Australian Open and ascends to number one

Some 11 months ago Victoria Azarenka suffered early losses at Dubai and Doha and began questioning her future in tennis. All she wanted was to get as far away as possible from the sport and contemplated calling it quits  at times during this hard time. Victoria Azarenka now holds the Australian Open title, her maiden slam title, and sits atop of the WTA rankings.

Playing her first ever slam final nerves were expected, and were seen at the start of the match as she trailed 0-2 0-30 serving. With new found mental strength and composure Azarenka proceeded to win 12 of the last 13 games in a 6-3 6-0 defeat of 2008 champion Maria Sharapova.

Azarenka prevailed at Melbourne Park in the junior competition in 2005 and is now just the third woman in history to have won both the Girls and Women's singles events at the Australian Open.

Having won Sydney the week prior to the Australian Open the Belarusian now holds a 12-0 winning streak for the new season and is now Belarus' first slam champion and first world number 1. Azarenka also joins the company of Steffi Graf (1994) and Serena Williams (2005 & 2009) as the only women to win 6-0 sets in Australian Open finals.

Azarenka was not the only one to climb the rankings thanks to Australian Open results. Agnieszka Radwanska achieves a career high ranking of six while Marion Bartoli climbs to number seven, also her career high rank. Sabine Lisicki also achieves a career high ranking of 14.

I would also like to take this moment, because I am a mean person :P, to make Carlos A.K.A ABM  eat his words of "Vika will never win anything big other than Miami. She'll be like Hantuchova and Indian Wells" Of course I am paraphrasing but you get the idea.

Speaking of that in a rather interesting stat, every woman to ever win Miami has now won a Slam at some point in their career.

In her acceptance speech Victoria dedicated the win her Grandmother, the person her inspires her the most in life.

Photos from the big night;


Angry Big Mac said...

Trying to post for the fourth time!

To that special critic of mine: Good memory!...and bite me! :P

The only reason why Angry Bird won is because she read MY game plan "How To Beat Divapova In AO 12". Otherwise "my wife" would still be slamless.

Ms. Clefairy notice how Angry B. won outside Miami once she got into my good graces and I started to cheer for her.

If Angry Bird ever gets into my bad side again, well, see Fist Pumping Imbecile. Psssssssssst is a course Ms. Clefairy.

Angry Big Mac said...

Dudes match is about to begin. I hope the women who are at the stadium or in a bar watching this match brought an extra pair of underwear.

I even forgot the cocaine user made an appearance in the women's final.

The last photo Angry Bird is mocking the Bunny, "I have a slam and you don't na na na na na". :P

caps321 said...

Once again, congrats to Angry Bird for accomplishing what Bunny hasn't been able to do! Btw, being aggressive isn't very easy for Bunny since she can't really control her forehand with pace.

Poor Angry Bird needs a new fashion consultant. I checked out all the photos of her in that hideous green skirt and she needs major help. Perhaps with her winnings she can hire a full time fashion expert for her on & off court wardrobe selection!

Angry Big Mac said...

....And a hair stylist too. :P

BTW Caps, a cheesy nickname for Makarova is "Macarena".

I forgot to ask Clefairy who was she rooting for Nadal or Novak?

caps321 said...

haha, yeah I was wondering about Bird's hair a little bit as well!

This mens match has been going on forever. Nadal up 5-4 in the fifth set.

Lucinda Perry said...

I like her hair and I have that skirt :P But I wouldn't wear that skirt with that top.

I was going for Rafa but Novak won! As I write this from the crowd. (Hope it posts from my phone!) It was such an incredible match!

caps321 said...

I think Bird's 'top' is what makes the green skirt stick out so much. IMO, they just don't go together at all.

Angry Big Mac said...

I'm picturing you in that skirt, no, not you Caps. :P

Now I'm picturing you in that top, yes, now I mean you Caps. :P

...So you like the big hair 80s style, aka a lion sticking his head out in a windy day. Is that your style there Clefairy?

caps321 said...

“I don’t want to stop here, I have even bigger motivation to collect those big trophies [and] that self-belief is even bigger now I’ve done it,” she smiled, glancing at the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup on the table in front of her. A self-prescribed perfectionist, Ms. Azarenka said that with her team, she’d pick apart even perfect matches searching for elements to improve.

“I feel like there’s no limit…[I’d] definitely like to improve [my] fitness and get stronger,” she said, adding that three focus points for tennis players are strength, explosivity and speed.

Now I'm picturing you in that top, yes, now I mean you Caps. :P

If Angry Bird doesn't mind, I'd be willing to get in that top with her.

Angry Big Mac said...

Mr. Angry objects Caps! Haha.

I just saw the finals match. Divapova gave the match away she looked tired. After Angry Bird pulled her bags tricks Divapova got rattled and tried for some strange reason mimic Angry Bird with no positive results (hi Clefairy).

Since I still have the flu, to please the lovely Clefairy I had for dinner an alphabet soup of my own words. :P It is not the first time nor the last. :P

Caps you were right Angry Bird mentioned her boyfriend in her speech (and not her husband) before mentioning her grandma. It must be selective hearing form my part. :/ This is why I was hanging with...

BTW Caps I found this to refresh your eyes:

caps321 said...

Thanks for the links, Carlos.

As of January 30, 2012

Azarenka, Victoria 1 (3)
Sharapova, Maria 3 (4)
Wozniacki, Caroline 4 (1)
Radwanska, Agnieszka 6 (8)
Bartoli, Marion 7 (9)
Zvonareva, Vera 8 (7)
Li, Na 9 (6)
Lisicki, Sabine 14 (15)
Cibulkova, Dominika 16 (18)
Ivanovic, Ana 18 (22)
Hantuchova, Daniela 20 (21)
Goerges, Julia 21 (23)
Kanepi, Kaia 25 (27)
Kirilenko, Maria 26 (29)
Kerber, Angelique 27 (30)
Clijsters, Kim 30 (14)
Errani, Sara 34 (48)
Peer, Shahar 37 (34)
McHale, Christina 38 (42)
Makarova, Ekaterina 42 (56)
Scheepers, Chanelle 44 (37)
Voskoboeva, Galina 46 (57)
Hradecka, Lucie 47 (51)
Zakopalova, Klara 51 (43)
Cirstea, Sorana 54 (59)
Oprandi, Romina 63 (80)
Arn, Greta 76 (92)
Krajicek, Michaella 79 (91)
Wozniak, Aleksandra 84 (102)
Radwanska, Urszula 85 (99)
Stephens, Sloane 86 (95)
Dubois, Stephanie 87 (97)
Foretz Gacon, Stephanie 91 (107)
Bratchikova, Nina 92 (136)
Rus, Arantxa 93 (77)
Govortsova, Olga 97 (114)
Rodionova, Anastasia 98 (103)
Kudryavtseva, Alla 100 (108)
Jovanovski, Bojana 105 (90)
Cornet, Alize 115 (85)
Oudin, Melanie 170 (166)

Angry Big Mac said...

Finally read the article on Azarenka, thank you for the link Caps.

Calling Angry Bird "A season professional" is a stretch IMO. She can collapse under new pressure. Interesting the article also implies the serve is not important in the women's game noting that both A.B. and the Diva topped in double faults, and A.B. was outside the top ten in Aces (AO 12). I find it ridiculous that the Article called Samuel Stosur to have the best serve on tour, I strongly disagree.

Thanks for the ranking Caps. If you don't write the name of Mr. Oudin I would have not remembered her. She is so far out that mosquitoes have a better chance to pop in my radar.

How in the world can Hantuchova and the Imbecile be in front of Kookie Monster in the the ranking system?

McHale keeps moving which is always does the chipmunk voiced Romanian.

caps321 said...

How in the world can Hantuchova and the Imbecile be in front of Kookie Monster in the the ranking system?

I think because Kim had to defend her points from the AO title last year. And plus, guess she lost all the other points when she didn't play.

I'm going to start checking Friday morning for the Fed Cup matches schedule. But, it might not start until Saturday, not sure where all the matches are being played.

I know Ostrich is playing and McHale as well.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps who do you think has the best serve right now?

Thinking at loud, who has a better game of tennis Clefairy or the Captain? :P

caps321 said...

IMO, Serena does when its working. But, it might not be working 'full time' ever again.

I think Julia & Stosur have a good kick serve on clay and of course Ostrich isn't bad on all courts.

That said, no one seems to have a dominating serve year round on the WTA tour.. unless I'm forgetting someone.

Thinking at loud, who has a better game of tennis Clefairy or the Captain? :P

I would have to see video of their match!

Angry Big Mac said...

I would think the ladies of the blog would not post a video of their match due to the tons of unforced errors and every other serve landing on the net. :P

Right about now if I go to Australia I run the chance to get lynch by giants hahaha. :P

caps321 said...


Ricardo Sanchez is out as Caroline Wozniacki's coach after just two months on the job, has learned. Sanchez was coaching the 20-year-old Dane along with her father, Piotr, but it appeared during practice sessions at the Australian Open that Piotr was for all intents and purposes still running the ship. Wozniacki lost her No. 1 ranking during the Australian Open and has fallen to No. 4, behind No. 1 Victoria Azarenka, No. 2 Petra Kvitova, and No. 3 Maria Sharapova.

Sanchez also coached former No. 1 Jelena Jankovic in 2011.

Wozniacki will not hire another coach, at least for the time being, but may go back to occasionally working with adidas player development coaches Sven Groenefeld and Mats Merkel.

The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet will have details on the separation in its Wednesday edition, and will quote Piotr as saying that Caroline did not get enough inspiration from Sanchez's coaching and that Sanchez could not find a place to fit into the father and daughter's longtime coaching relationship.

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the article Caps!

No respectable coach is going to be second fiddle to the Bunny's father. I think the only way this co-coaching situation will work will be with the Adidas guys. Sven and Mats (The Adidas guys) work as second fiddle anyways and since they already have a full time job they won't care if the Bunny team listens to them or not. BTW those guys don't have a good track record, see Fist Pumping Imbecile. I think the Bunny's team are going to go back to basics, that is Stuffing the Bunny with ranking points so she can get back to the top spot. Translation: get ready to see more of the Bunny cause she will play how many tournaments she can.

caps321 said...

I think the Bunny's team are going to go back to basics, that is Stuffing the Bunny with ranking points so she can get back to the top spot.


Bunny needs 475 points to tie with Diva in 3rd place. However, she is 1655 points ahead of Samuel.

That said, I recall reading about how Bunny having to defend a lot of points and Ostrich not so much in the early part of 2012.

Currently, Bunny's 1500 points out of first place. So, hopefully she'll fail miserably at defending said points and go into a free fall.

Her coach has already been fired, so the next domino to fall would be her manufactured love affair with the golfer, eh?

Angry Big Mac said...

To me the Bunny's relationship is as real as the wedding of porn star Kim Kardashian.

caps321 said...

Azarenka likes being hunted No. 1

Australian Open champion Victoria Azarenka seems to be relishing her new role as the world's top player. The Australian Open champion will lead Belarus against the United States in a Fed Cup playoff this coming weekend in Worcester, Mass.

"It's definitely going to be more challenging," she told reporters. "A lot of people are going to have more motivation. But I feel like being No. 1. I want to work as I'm No. 2."

Belarussian captain Tatiana Poutchek said that the reception to Azarenka's Grand Slam victory at home was overwhelming. "It was huge," she said. "I would say it's like, I don't know, 80 percent or 90 percent of population was watching. It was spectacular."

Azarenka indicted that after Fed Cup, she might take some time off to visit with her family. She could opt out of the tournaments in Doha and Dubai. "Maybe before Indian Wells. But don't write it," she said.

The following is HILARIOUS!

Wozniacki, Sanchez debate reason for split

Caroline Wozniacki tells the Danish television station TV 2 that the reason for her quick split with coach Ricardo Sanchez was because he was not making a difference in her game.

"I feel so experienced in my game that I know what I need to practice and from there we felt all along that it was the right way," she said. "I also felt that he could not make a big difference for me personally as a player. Therefore we decided to terminate the relationship. If I had won [the Australian Open] or not, it would not made any difference. It was more a personal decision."

Sanchez, who only coached Wozniacki for two months, told La Marca that he gave up numerous other coaching opportunities to be with her, but did not like being subjected to a secondary role by her father Piotr.

"I think Caroline can win a Grand Slam and return to No. 1 with her father, with me or even a flower seller," he said. "She has an exquisite quality and a promising future. But she should improve. She must be more aggressive against the trident [Big 3] of players (Victoria Azarenka, Petra Kvitova and Maria Sharapova) who have proven to be stronger. I tried to do it, but they did not let me. Wozniacki should be a race horse and not a burden."

Carlos, maybe calling her 'Bunny' is too kind. Because she comes across as an imbecile!

caps321 said...

Saturday (04 February)

06:00 Sharapova - Soler-Espinosa (Russia - Spain)
06:00 LIsicki - Benesova (Germany - Czech Republic)
07:30 Kuznetsova - Suarez Navarro (Russia - Spain)
07:30 Georges - Kvitova (Germany - Czech Republic)
08:00 Flipkens - Jankovic (Belgium - Serbia)
09:00 Errani - K. Bondarenko (Italy - Ukraine)
09:30 Wickmayer - Jovanovski (Belgium - Serbia)
10:30 Schiavone - Tsurenko (Italy - Ukraine)

Not sure yet about McHale/USA matches. This list only goes up to 10:30am so far.

Angry Big Mac said...

You are right Caps, I may have to come up with a new nickname for Caroline.

Ms. Know It All just joined the Imbecile kingdom to be along side The Fist Pumping Imbecile and the Dancing Buffoon.

Seems Divapova just wants to play in the Fed Cup to be in the summer Olympics.

caps321 said...

Julia & Ostrich just had a major choke fest.. Ostrich wins it in the third set 10-8.

caps321 said...

WORCESTER, Mass. (AP)—Top-ranked Victoria Azarenka of Belarus has withdrawn from her Fed Cup match against the United States because of a lower back injury.

The Australian Open champion was scheduled to play Christina McHale in Saturday’s opening singles of the second-tier series. She was replaced by Anastasiya Yakimova but remains eligible to play Sunday in the best-of-five competition.

Azarenka says her lower back has been sore since the Australian Open. She says the long flight from Australia didn’t help her back and she has had little time for practice.

Azarenka took the No. 1 ranking after winning her first Grand Slam title last weekend.

"It has been a while and I have been trying to take [the injury] day by day. I had the pain since the Australian Open and was hoping to recover, but did not have enough time with all the flying I did," Azarenka said in a satement. "Unfortunately, it just didn’t happen. It’s disappointing, but health is the most important thing. I am trying to do my best and over the last few days, I have got treatment and not so much practice. It is frustrating to sit out, but what I did in Australia was very physical, so the body needs a little break. We have a great team and the girls are ready to go."

McHale, Serena win..

Lisciki won first set from Ostrich 7-6, tied up 3-3 in the second.

caps321 said...

Ostrich wins 6-7, 6-4, 6-1.

Angry Big Mac said...

So Mrs. Angry said previously she didn't want to play until Indian Wells. Just now she reveals she has this "injury", you know what I think Missy? I think you B.S.ed your way out the Fed Cup.

Licki Bean seems to be running of gas after the first set, same thing happened to her with Divapova at the AO.

Licki Bean has a lot of uncontrollable power, until she manages to correct this problem she won't be able to realize her full potential.

PS: Go Giants!

caps321 said...

I think Ostrich likes to lose the first set so she can make the great comeback!

Julia was supposed to be playing earlier but someone else was filling in. Perhaps because Germany already lost all their matches.

Can you believe the Fed Cup site wants me to install Microsoft Silverlight to see live scores? They must be getting paid to pimp that crap!

caps321 said...

Its a little strange looking at the draws for Paris/Thailand and not seeing Bunny in one of the tournaments! Guess she's either playing fed cup or taking a break?

Open GDF Suez

1st round:

Lisicki vs Safarova
JJ vs Wicki
McHale vs Kanepi
Julia vs Peer
Li vs Pironkova
Vinci vs Halep

Pattaya Open

1st round:

Princess vs Dellacqua
King vs Watson
Ula vs Pivovarova
Dani vs Wannasuk

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the info Caps.

Is it wrong for me to say that good looking women are playing in both tourneys?

Looking forward to JJ/Wicki match and McHale (Ms. Cutie) vs. Kanepi.

Hey Caps, what of to the rumors that Mr. Oudin is washing your car after her tennis practice? :P

caps321 said...

Hey Caps, what of to the rumors that Mr. Oudin is washing your car after her tennis practice? :P

At least we'd know where she is then! I just checked the qualis for both tournaments and Mr. Oudin didn't bother to 'try' and compete.

Lickibean gets her nibble on:

The Ostrich is in full bark mode:

Btw, I even heard Ostrich do a 'double' bark!

Looks like this will be the first meeting between McHale & Kanepi. I think McHale will have her hands full but it won't be an easy road to the title if she wins.. For JJ will be waiting in the second round probably and then comes Diva in the semi finals.

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the photos Caps it made my Monday morning.

Licki bean: No sweety, the racket is not made out of chocolate and it doesn't have a creamy filling...She makes a cute racket vampire, reasons why Licki Bean > Mrs. Angry.

First photo of Ostrich: I tend to think she is yelling, "Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps"...She can easily swallow a watermelon among other things.

Second photo of Ostrich: Cute outfit...still yelling "Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaps".

You are right about Ms. Cutie McHale Caps, that was one tough draw for her.

Mona B. qualified for the main draw in Paris.

For those Laura Robson fans, she will be playing against "The Dude" in the first round in Thailand.

caps321 said...

Looks like the luscious McHale caught a break momentarily:

PARIS (AP)—Sabine Lisicki of Germany and Kaia Kanepi of Estonia withdrew Monday from the Open GDF Suez.

Lisicki has a viral illness and Kanepi is recovering from a right shoulder injury.

Kanepi won the Brisbane International last month before losing in the second round of the Australian Open.

Lisicki was seeded fifth at the Parisian tournament. She lost her singles matches last weekend in Germany's 4-1 defeat to the Czech Republic in the Fed Cup.

As a result of the two withdrawals, Varvara Lepchenko of the U.S. and Alberta Brianti of Italy gain spots in the main draw as lucky losers.

Aggie is only 100 points behind Samuel Stosur for the #5 spot in the rankings.

Ostrich is only 130 points ahead of Diva.

Peer is only 74 points ahead of McHale.

caps321 said...

Unfortunately, there is a chance that Maria Sharapova (illness) and Jelena Jankovic (left leg hematoma) will also withdraw.

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! Do I smell a title for McHale on the horizon?

Ya know Julia was only 2 points away from beating Ostrich the other day. So, she's now in the choker bracket until she proves herself to me.

Angry Big Mac said...

Licki Bean retiring :( I'm now OK.

Paris is taking a hit losing a lot of big names.

Ms. Cutie McHale has a big chance to win the tourney if the big names retire; but I'm waiting on the moment when McHale can give hell to the big names.

Ranking points became an interesting soap opera.

"Ya know Julia was only 2 points away from beating Ostrich the other day. So, she's now in the choker bracket until she proves herself to me". Mr. Caps are you saying that you kicked Julia G. from your stable?

caps321 said...

Julia is teetering on the edge of my stable.

However, she has a chance to get back in the love shack by dispatching Peer at 10am Eastern and helping McHale over take the #37 spot!

Btw, why is your wife Bird hanging out with her boyfriend? I saw a photo and am not impressed to say the least.

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the link Caps it had been ages that I visited WTB, I'm not well liked there.

Well Caps my wife is hanging with that Ukrainian loser (hi Clefairy) because I'm still hanging with my "girlfriend" Licki Bean. To be honest I prefer to hang with someone who is less temperamental anyways. My "girlfriend" withdrew from Paris due to viral illness, I still have the flu believe it or not so I might have inadvertently made her sick. Except Licki Bean's flu went to her stomach.

To clear things up I have more than one wife, girlfriend, and lover. Yeah that's how I roll. Due to her temper "my wife" Mrs. Angry is only my booty call. Here is the breakdown, the serious, long term, committed, relationships are for the wifes; the long term relationships are for my girlfriends; and the lovers are flings; and all of them make my harem. My harem is sort of like your stable Caps, although there are rules: 1)No more than seven women in my harem. 2)It could be any combination of wifes, girlfriends, or lovers, but 3)no more than four wifes at any given time. 4)They all can be replace at any given time. 5)They all move up from lover, to girlfriend, to wife. The only exception to these rules is Mrs. Angry which I still don't know how she became "my wife". :P

To refresh your eyes once again Caps:

caps321 said...

WOOOOHOOOO!! Aggie is smoking in so many ways its really not fair to the other WTA players.

Princess lost the first set 4-6 against Dellacqua, won the second 7-6 and is leading the third set 4-2.

If Julia fails to beat Peer (who drives me crazy with her incessant bouncing and twirling of her racket) she will be in the dog house.

n50 Tsvetana Pironkova BUL d n9 s3 Na Li CHN 7-6(5), 3-2 retired—back injury
n27 s9 Angelique Kerber GER d n28 Lucie Safarova CZE 6-2, 7-6(3)
Petra Cetkovska CZE d n71 LL Alberta Brianti ITA 6-3, 6-3
n43 q Mona Barthel GER d n53 Barbora Zahlavova Strycova CZE 6-3, 6-2
n8 s1 Vera Zvonareva RUS d n217 q Varatchaya Wongteanchai THA 6-2, 7-5 Tue
n88 Anne Keothavong GBR d n16 s2 Dominika Cibulkova SVK 64 61 Tue
n20 s3 Daniela Hantuchova SVK d n437 wc Nungnadda Wannasuk THA 6-2, 6-0
n160 q Su-Wei Hsieh TPE d n35 s5 Jie Zheng CHN 6-3, 6-2
n94 Tamarine Tanasugarn THA d n46 s6 Galina Voskoboeva KAZ 6-3, 4-2 retired—illness
n54 s7 Sorana Cirstea ROU d n138 Erika Sema JPN 6-2, 6-2
n59 s8 Vania King USA d n106 Heather Watson GBR 6-4, 6-2
n111 Sania Mirza IND d n64 Ayumi Morita JPN 3-6, 6-1, 6-2
n78 Kimiko Date-Krumm JPN d n353 wc Nicha Lertpitaksinchai THA 6-1, 6-1
n110 q Kai-Chen Chang TPE d n81 Eleni Daniilidou GRE 7-5, 6-1
n85 Urszula Radwanska POL d n140 Anastasia Pivovarova RUS 6-4, 6-1
n98 Anastasia Rodionova AUS d n95 Iryna Bremond FRA 6-4, 6-0
n100 Alla Kudryavtseva RUS d n631 q Yi-Miao Zhou CHN 6-1, 7-5
n107 Akgul Amanmuradova UZB d n118 Laura Robson GBR 5-2 retired—back injury
n130 Misaki Doi JPN d n181 wc Noppawan Lertcheewakarn THA 6-1, 6-3

Julia is leading the pathetic Peer 4-1 in the first set.

Angry Big Mac said...

Julia won, so my question to you Caps is she safe to stay in your stable or is she on a trial basis?

Ayumi keeps disappointing me.

Laura Robson keeps disappointing.

Great win for Kimiko.

Mona won. :D

Can't stand Heather Watson.

And where in the world is Clefairy?

caps321 said...

Julia is good for now but she needs to be more consistent and of course beat the players she's suppose to.

Enduring 'tennis dads' continue to make trouble for their offspring

08:00 Lepchenko - McHale (WTA Paris)
15:00 Goerges - Cetkovska (WTA Paris)

caps321 said...

McHale is warming up at 9:09am.. match was pushed back.

Not sure if McHale is playing on the main court or not. But, this feed is stationary and looks like they're playing in a high school gym!

caps321 said...

McHale & Julia win!

Angry Big Mac said...

Princess won after a 2:45 second round battle, frankly I thought she was going to lose since her first round match lasted 2:33. That is too much on court time for the Princess. I hope she has an easier time in the next round and the energy to keep advancing.

I can't be mad at the Princess for long when she looks like this:

Mr. Angry's Double Talk:

I read an article on the official WTA Tour website which said that Dulko is teaming up with fellow Argentine Paola Suarez to play doubles. Apparently Dulko convinced Suarez to come out of retirement so both could play in the Olympics. This means Pennetta will be looking for a new partner. I see it as good news since I always thought the weakest link of Flavia/Dulko team was no doubt Dulko. I think Caps' woman Julia G. would make a good team mate but I would suggest Flavia to team up with Licki Bean, now that would be a pair made in heaven.

McHale gets WickiWickiWicki in the second round. I think Wicki wins but this is a test to see how McHale has improved. An easy win for Wicki would mean no improvement by McHale, a tough battle and it means McHale is getting up there (even if she loses in straight sets). My gut feeling is that Wicki wins easily 6-2,6-1. One thing about McHale when she loses she gets hammered, but I really I want Ms. Cutie to prove me wrong.

caps321 said...

Thanks for the link, Carlos. I haven't been to Princess' website for a while.

Have you seen this video of McHale's sister?

Also, I agree about McHale/Wiki -- But, ya know Wiki gets blown out as well sometimes. So, it should be a good match up.

I plan on watching these matches tomorrow:

08:00 Barthel - Parmentier (WTA Paris)
14:30 Wickmayer - McHale (WTA Paris)

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the video Caps, I have not seen it before.

Caps you take Christina and I'll take her older sister Lauren. :P

A pure tennis move from an Ivy school to an ACC school.

You are right about WickiWickiWicki, what comes to my mind how easily Ostrich dismantle her in Wimbledon 11.

I take Mona in straight sets.

caps321 said...

I was reading that Diva will be taking over the #2 spot from Ostrich on Monday.... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The Mona match is about to start.

Angry Big Mac said...

Mona took care of business winning in straight sets 6-3, 6-0.

Waiting for the McHale match.

caps321 said...

Yeah! Been waiting all day for McHale and its just about to start.

caps321 said...

Mona will have to take Wiki out now! Not very impressed with McHale's game today..

Angry Big Mac said...

I miss the first of the McHale match just saw the second set and here is what I conclude.

1)coming from a small guy like myself it doesn't sound well to say that McHale needs to go to the gym and bulk up a bit specially her upper body. It will help her to handle the pops and a stronger serve. Having said that I think she has power in her serve and at times seems she can handle the big pops.

2)To me this is the most important point, McHale goes out there looking and playing like Bambi totally lacking the Grrrrrr Factor. Maybe she needs experience at this stage or a new coach who can cultivate in her mind toughness, get rid of her on court intimation, and set fear on her opponents.

3)There were periods in the second set that Mchale got a lot of help from Wicki; and there were moments that McHale wa brilliant saving three match points.

caps321 said...

McHale's first set was pretty bad. I think she had plenty of chances to win the second though.

I noticed Christina's sister is way more muscular than her!

* = my predicted winner

08:30 Georges - Zakopalova *Julia
10:00 Sharapova - Kerber *Kerber
13:00 Vinci - Bartoli *Bartoli
14:30 Wickmayer - Barthel *Mona

Angry Big Mac said...

I'll take:

Julia G.
Sponge Bart

I'll take Mona over Wicki. McHale said on Facebook Wicki played great, I disagree. If Wicki loses she is out my harem and Mona is in.

Divapova will take the title.

Ostrich will go down to the third spot in the rankings because she won the Paris tournament last year and she is not defending the title this year.

Perhaps I underestimated McHale in the muscle department?

caps321 said...

Not sure what Julia's excuse will be for losing this match. It was so boring I fell asleep. But, I did see the first set.

caps321 said...

I have good news and bad news:

Good news:


Bad news:

Prague - World number two Petra Kvitova has pulled out of the February 13-19 Qatar Open because of a painful right Achilles tendon.

"I've had a tough start to the year and I must rest up and recover properly," the 21-year-old Czech player told Dnes.

A hectic January saw Kvitova win the Hopman Cup in Perth with compatriot Tomas Berdych, make the semi-finals in Sydney and the Australian Open before helping the Czech Republic into the semi-finals of the Fed Cup World Group.

caps321 said...

Mona choked up a 3-0 lead in the first set and a 5-0 lead in the second!

However, she's toying with Wiki in this tie breaker..

1st set - Wiki wins 6-4
2nd set - Mona wins 7-6 (7-3)

Angry Big Mac said...

Good call on Kerber, Caps! Let me guess, tons of unforced errors by Divapova.

The big tournaments are Indian Wells and Miami if Ostrich is 100% by then, I see no problem.

Princess should take the title in Thailand, I hope I don't jinx her like I did with Divapova.

Mona/Wicki match going into the third set. In the first set Mona jumped to a 3-0 lea only to lose the set 6-4. The second set went into the the tie break Mona prevailing 7-3. I'm not watching the match occasionally checking the scoreboard.

*Thinking aloud* Hmmmmmm looks like both of them want to be part of harem. :P

caps321 said...

Mona is officially in my stable! I really like how effortlessly she hits the ball out there. I expect big things from her this year.

Also the woman calling the match today thinks Mona is going to be better than Goerges, Petko, Lickibean, Kerber..

I'm taking Kerber over Wiki and Bartoli over Zakapolova.. Which will leave Kerber to win the whole thing.

Princess will have her hands full if Cirstea doesn't choke out.

Angry Big Mac said...

Damn! You beat me to the punch Caps, I was about to take both women into my harem... Feels like fantasy league.

My lesson of the week: never talk on the phone while writing a post words "will go missing". :/

Angry Big Mac said...

Princess won her match in three sets 6-2, 5-7, 6-4. It was the tale of three sets. First set the Princess dominated the set after she even the score at two. Second set Princess was down 2-4 went on a mini run and took control of the set at 5-4, serving to close out the set. But in typical Princess fashion she choked and Sorana took charge and the second set. The third set was good quality tennis. Tight score until the Princess finally broke Sorana to go up 5-4 . She was serving out the match, Princess wentup 40-15, she choked, and things went to deuce, it wasn't until her fourth match point that she finally took the match. Conclusion: Princess still chokes.

I'm thinking Clefairy bought the same stripped blouse that Mrs. Angry wore in the AO trophy photoshoot. She has gone missing since and now goes by the name Walda. :P

caps321 said...

Carlos, we can share the women!

Still really disappointed Goerges lost to Zakapolova.. As you said, she plays better on clay but her game goes South sometimes and she's a part time choker.

Looks like Dani is about to finish off Hsieh she is leading 6-4, 4-1 at deuce.

Then we'll see battle of the chokers 2012 edition featuring Princess vs Dani!

caps321 said...

Draws are out:

Caroline Garcia is playing qualis. Mona has to face Bird in the second round! Its either going to be a case of bad luck or she's going to take out the #1 seed!

Possible Goerges/Aggie match up in the third round.

Peer will be facing JJ in the second round if she gets past a wild card. Its about time Peer started getting some stiff competition and not a cake walk to rack up points. (Remember, a while back she was this/close to being ranked in the top 10 which is a joke unto itself!)

McHale has SCHEEPERS in the first round and it looks like PENG in the second. And guess who'll be waiting for her in the third? JJ again and its about time she spanked her.

Other first round matches:

GAJDOSOVA vs. CIRSTEA (Winner faces Stosur in round 2.)
ZHENG vs. Princess (Winner faces KUZNETSOVA or MARTINEZ SANCHEZ in round 2.)

Round 2 - Bunny vs. Safarova

This draw looks like a bunch of 'jobbers' besides Dokic.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps glad to hear that I can share your women. I think Aggie is off limits. :P I will allow more than seven women into my harem then. :P

I don't think Princess makes it out of the first round in Doha.

Tough draw for Lisicki. I hope she comes to this tournament on all cylinders. I really like Licki Bean but she has retired in three of her last four tourments (starting last year in Bali). Hmmm those are shades of Mrs. Angry.

In the Choke Fest 2012 Edition: Dani should win it, she won this tourney last year and she has yet to lose a set. The Princess has played three matches that had lasted more than two hours and thirty minutes. Dani should win in straight sets, but it's Dani so expect a three setter. Whomever is serving to stay in the match loses the match.

caps321 said...

Been watching Dani vs. Princess but wasn't really paying attention until the 3rd set. This is excellent tennis right now!

Angry Big Mac said...

You missed the choking of the Princess and Dani in the first set.

I was rooting for the Princess, but ny prediction came true.

A couple of notes:

1)In the semis the Princess asked for a medical time out after the second set, that move iced Sorana. The Princess dis the same mive in the final after the second set. It worked at the beginning of the set when quickly broke Dani to start the third set.

2)It was cuter the hair bun the Princess wore in the semis than the finals, nevertheless it rivals the Captain's hair bun.

The stream on cell keeps being very choppy.

caps321 said...

Kerber melted down and lost the second set.. Now in the third.

Hopefully Kerber will wake up and shake the nerves.

More evidence Bunny is whacked:

She doesn't even acknowledge her lack of offensive game and says she was #1 two years in a row like 10 times!

caps321 said...

Kerber finally wins it for her first WTA title!

Carlos, I keep switching feeds until I find one that is smooth.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps did you find Kerbie to be arrogant? She gave me that impression but Iwas too tired this morning and maybe I figured her out wrong. Would love your perspective, if Kerbie is arrogant no way she makes it in my harem and she would fall in the Divapova and Mrs. Angry territory.

Caps seems all feeds are choppy on my cell. :/

Thank you for the article Caps.

Notice how this new Imbecile said that she lost to Kim (AO 12) because "Kim played well that day" not acknowledging Kim is a better than her. No wonder she was talking smack about Kim before their encounter in AO. I conclude this Know It All hates Kim but she doesn't have the ovaries to admit it; after all Kim has been one of the players who has stopped Know It All in slams the other being Vera Z. By repeating over and over that she is number one she is trying to beat sense into everyone that she is a great player, only to come up sounding like a baseless jackass.

caps321 said...

Not very happy! Looks like all the matches being shown today from Doha are on Center Court.

07:30 Peng - Al Nabhani (could care less)
09:30 Ivanovic - Suarez Navarro (could care less)
11:00 Kuznetsova - Martinez Sanchez (could care less)
12:30 Vesnina - Niculescu (might watch)

Now for the matches I REALLY WANNA SEE:

Court 2

Caroline GARCIA - Mona BARTHEL

Court 3

Chanelle SCHEEPERS - Christina MCHALE

You mean Kerber was arrogant on or off the court?

Ya know what's funny? I have photos of Aggie/Bunny/Ula at the beach where those now famous paparazzi (which were probably CALLED by Bunny) photos were taken and some mystery chick.. Never knew who she was until now. Its Kerber! Apparently she hangs out with that crew..

Kerber isn't in my stable but I do like to see deserving players win titles.


Kanepi, Kaia (EST) Right shoulder injury
Kvitova, Petra (CZE) Right Achilles injury
Makarova, Ekaterina (RUS) Left wrist injury
Mattek-Sands, Bethanie (USA) Low back injury
Petkovic, Andrea (GER) Low back stress fracture

Brémond, Iryna (FRA) Right shoulder injury
Czink, Melinda (HUN) Low back injury
Errani, Sara (ITA) Right knee injury
Pous-Tio, Laura (ESP) Left knee injury
Schoofs, Bibiane (NED) Right leg injury
Tatishvili, Anna (GEO) Illness
Tomljanovic, Ajla (CRO) Viral illness

Rankings Feb 13, 2012

Sharapova, Maria 2 (3)
Kvitova, Petra 3 (2)
Kerber, Angelique 22 (27)
Kanepi, Kaia 29 (25)
Barthel, Mona 39 (43)
Zakopalova, Klara 45 (51)
Pironkova, Tsvetana 46 (50)
Cirstea, Sorana 49 (54)
Dulgheru, Alexandra 53 (61)
Dokic, Jelena 76 (67)
Mattek-Sands, Bethanie 78 (68)
Govortsova, Olga 81 (97)
Radwanska, Urszula 84 (85)
Minella, Mandy 95 (116)
Mirza, Sania 97 (111)
Falconi, Irina 100 (83)
Williams, Venus 137 (133)
Safina, Dinara 138 (134)
Garcia, Caroline 150 (149)
Oudin, Melanie 195 (172)

I have found Mr. Melanie Oudin!

Foretz Gacon beats Melanie Oudin in first round of Dow Corning Tennis Classic

No shame playing ITF tournaments in her case, but no mention of dumping her coach unless I missed something:

Oudin says success at a young age was a little overwhelming

Angry Big Mac said...

I saw Kerbie on the AO driving videos she seemed OK there, but yesterday I found her to be arrogant on court. Like I said I was tired.

So the posse includes Kerbie, I'm surprised, then again she is Polish decent. I think he parents are Polish, so it is obvious that she is hanging with crew.

I only saw two photos of Kerbie in that "paparazzi photo op" and Kerbie's face was never photographed fully just partially. The main focus was Know It All. Good call Caps, Know It All might have called the paparazzi, the rest of the girls were wearing normal bikinis but Know It All was wearing what looked to be an expensive designer bikini.

BTW How did you came in possession those photos?

Thanks for the Mr. Oudin link Caps.

Mr. Oudin says she is much older and mature at 20. I doubt it, she failed to mentioned that in the USO 09 all those victories were because her opponents committed tons of unforced errors not because she was blowing them out. She is also blaming fame for her down fall? I remember reading somewhere that Mr. Oudin signed a big contract with Nike just moments before her match against Caroline in USO 09. Mr. Oudin lost the match. You know I used like these two, no more.

To ruin your day Caps Peer won 6-0, 6-0.

To make up for it:

Thank you for the withdrawal list Caps. I was surprised Sara Errani was supposed play in Bogota. Dulko is playing singles there seeded fifth, she is too playing doubles with Paola Suarez.

Mr. Angry's Double Talk:

While Dulko and Suarez are teaming up to play doubles in Bogota (they are the fourth seed), Dulko's former partner Pennetta is teaming up with the Italian Furby in Doha, I guess this pairing is also Olympics motivated. Licki Bean is teaming up with the Princess in Doha to play doubles, hell yes! They are seeded fourth, last year Princess played in the AO doubles final and Licki Bean played in last year's Wimbledon final. This is a good looking and talented paring. I was high on the Americans pairing of Spears and Kops-Jones this pair lost in the first round at the AO, now they have a chance to prove themselves or they are going to be out of my radar.

Thanks for the ranking Caps, I'm still noticing that Sorana keeps moving up the ranks. I really hope that Dokic has one kick ass run in a tournament so she can move up in the rankings.

Is Venus and Dinara ever returning or contemplating retirement?

I hope the Fist Pumping Imbecile loses.

Is Vesnina in you stable Caps?

Caroline Garcia is the Caroline that I would for nowadays.

Will we ever get a new post?

caps321 said...

Kerber looked very nervous when she choked and until she finally woke up. Maybe she appeared arrogant after she started to play well.

Vesnina is in my stable but its almost a pity entry.. Basically I like reading her twitter and looking at photos.. But, her tennis leaves something to be desired. Speaking about singles here in stable-talk. But, I think her and Mirza make a pretty good doubles team. Btw, Mirza recently said she was going to start focusing MORE on doubles.

Wow, missed a good match between Barthel & Garica. Mona won 7:6 (8:6), 7:6 (7:4) but I had to scoreboard watch.

McHale won as well.

These photos were taken in 2009 on the trip when the paparazzi showed up.. 232 photos on Aggie's website.

Venus is listed as playing Kuala Lumpur on today's Notes and Netcords. IMO, she should hang 'em up and enjoy her life with her millions and millions of dollars.

Will we ever get a new post?

Emily had left us high&dry and Lucinda must be busy!

Angry Big Mac said...

I found Kerbie to be arrogant when Square Pants stormed back in the second set.

Wow! Thanks for the link Caps.

On page 12, second to last photo, all the girls are sitting on a couch looking like smitten school girls, so who were the playboys wanna bes?

Winning newcomer of the year doesn't always translate, see Daja Benesova story.

McHale was down 0-3 in the fist set, that was the last time I checked the scoreboard.

I'm keeping an eye on Caroline G.

I really like both the Captain and Clefairy but both are leaving us high and dry at the moment...I think the Captain is detained in Europe for doing illegal and immoral stuff, and Clefairy is stuck on the toilet at her home, someone should go and check on her, hahaha :P

Having said that I wish both of these extra ordinary young ladies a Happy Valentines!! To you as well Caps.

I hope Mr.Sam and Mr. Angus get big, exensive, and luxurious, gifts to the lovely ladies of the blog.

Angry Big Mac said...

I forgot, Vesnina and Mirza are a respectable doubles team. Some players are not good at singles but accomplished in doubles, example: Kournikova. Just one of reasons to follow doubles.

Angry Big Mac said...

OK I lost the post previous to last. :/ I'll re-post it.

Kerbie looked arrogant in the second set when Square Pants put her game in over drive and blew Kerbie out to take the set.

I'm keeping an eye on the real Caroline, Garcia that is.

McHale was down 0-3 in the first set and it was the last time I checked the scoreboard.

Thanks for the link Caps and Wow! page 12, photo 191, they all looked like smitten school girls sitting on the couch, so who were the playboy wannabes?

I agree Venus should call it a career.

Both Emily and Lucinda has left us high and dry.

...I think Emily is detained in Europe for doing illegal and immoral stuff, while Lucinda I think is at home stuck on the toilet, somebody should go and check on her and bring along a crow bar. hahaha. :P

Having said that I want to wish these two extra ordinary young ladies a Happy Valentines!! To Mr. Caps321 as well. May love be with you on this day and every day in your lives.

To the significant others of the ladies of this blog, I hope you gentlemen bought them big, expensive, and luxurious gifts, cause these lovely ladies deserve no less.

BTW Aggie, Ula, Kerbie, and Know it All = Polish Posse = P.P. hahaha. :P

caps321 said...

Basically missed all the matches today had something to do. Looks like Cibulkova/Pennetta are in the third set with Cibulkova leading 1-0.

*n27 Angelique Kerber GER d n14 s9 Sabine Lisicki GER 4-6, 6-4, 6-1 Tue
*n41 Ksenia Pervak RUS d n15 s10 Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova RUS 1-6, 6-2, 6-3 Mon
n16 s11 Dominika Cibulkova SVK v n22 Flavia Pennetta ITA 3-6, 5-2 Tue
n17 s12 Shuai Peng CHN d nNR wc Fatima Al Nabhani OMA 6-0, 7-5 Mon
n18 s13 Ana Ivanovic SRB d n55 Carla Suarez Navarro ESP 6-1, 4-1 retired—right hip injury Mon
n19 s14 Svetlana Kuznetsova RUS d n39 MJ Martinez Sanchez ESP 7-5, 6-3 Mon
*n60 Simona Halep ROU d n20 s15 Daniela Hantuchova SVK 3-6, 6-2, 7-6(4) Tue
n21 s16 Julia Goerges GER d n65 Anastasiya Yakimova BLR 6-2, 6-2 Tue
n24 Anabel Medina Garrigues ESP d n51 Klara Zakopalova CZE 6-4, 6-1 Tue
n26 Maria Kirilenko RUS d n35 Jie Zheng CHN 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 Tue
n28 Lucie Safarova CZE d n85 q Urszula Radwanska POL 6-3, 6-4 Tue
n29 Yanina Wickmayer BEL d n64 Ayumi Morita JPN 6-2, 6-1 Tue
n31 Petra Cetkovska CZE d n66 Petra Martic CRO 7-6(5), 7-5 Tue
n32 Monica Niculescu ROU d n52 Elena Vesnina RUS 6-1, 6-0 Mon
*n50 Tsvetana Pironkova BUL d n36 Polona Hercog SLO 6-0, 6-4 Mon
n37 Shahar Peer ISR d n339 wc Nadia Lalami MAR 6-0, 6-0 Mon
n38 Christina McHale USA d n44 Chanelle Scheepers RSA 6-4, 6-3 Mon
*#54 Sorana Cirstea ROU d n40 Jarmila Gajdosova AUS 6-4, 6-1 Tue
n43 Mona Barthel GER d n149 q Caroline Garcia FRA 7-6(6), 7-6(4) Mon
*n88 q Anne Keothavong GBR d n48 Tamira Paszek AUT 7-6(4), 7-6(5) Mon
n49 Iveta Benesova CZE d n53 Barbora Zahlavova Strycova CZE 4-6, 6-3, 6-1 Tue
n99 q Virginie Razzano FRA v n1207 wc Ons Jabeur TUN Tue cC m4
*n113 q Varvara Lepchenko USA d n84 q Aleksandra Wozniak CAN 6-3, 6-3 Mon
n89 q Kateryna Bondarenko UKR d n90 q Vera Dushevina RUS 7-5, 6-2 Mon

Angry Big Mac said...

I'll start with my fav Licki Bean, it has been a disappointing year so far with withdrawals and losing to top opponents in three sets. When faces top opponent she starts strong but as a match progresses she fades. This has to do with physical conditioning, don't know how her injuries are affecting her, and her accuracy on her shots is still awful. Either her coach gets a handle on couple on things to correct Licki's game or it would time for a coaching change.

Dani H. lost in three sets to Halep after winning the title in Pattaya. By no means I expected her to win this tournament but she should had done better than a first round loss, but that's Dani folks.

Princess won in another three setter, I thought the wear and tear that she went through in Pattaya and coming short of the title would have her do a flat performance in the first round. I know Jie is a tough opponent but to know the Princess won the match is a nice surprise. The Princess has endurance meaning her physical conditioning is tip top.

Sorana keeps winning, can someone do anything to change her chipmunk voice? :P

Pennetta won 7-5 in the third set. I just like the Italian, although she lost in doubles (with her partner Furby) in the first round.

Cibulkova's record for this year is atrocious, she is 1-5 with four, first round loses and only once advancing to the second round. What is going with the diminutive one?

The American doubles pair of Spears/Kops-Jones won their first round match easily 6-1, 6-1.

Robson lost in the first round of qualies in Doha and the other chick Watson lost in the round. "If you are prospect you are a suspect", as the old saying goes.

caps321 said...

07:30 Radwanska - Keothavong
09:00 Safarova - Wozniacki
10:30 Azarenka - Barthel
13:00 Cirstea - Stosur

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. -- Kim Clijsters announced Tuesday that she has withdrawn from next month's BNP Paribas Open because of an injury to her left ankle.


Also it'd be great if Safarova could take out Bunny but I wouldn't count my eggs.

Carlos, I think Lickibeans' problem is she's too wild like Julia.. Always going for those big shots instead of keeping the ball in play on important points. But, perhaps you're right and the big shots she misses on important points is due to fatigue.

Cibulkova's record for this year is atrocious, she is 1-5 with four, first round loses and only once advancing to the second round. What is going with the diminutive one?

Maybe she got a new boyfriend and wants to spend more time with him! That said, I don't recall even seeing any of her matches lately. But, I do know she was doing pretty well earlier this year or maybe last before that abdominal injury. However, that should be all heeled up by now, no?

Angry Big Mac said...

I'm also rooting for Mona to shoot down my wife Mrs. Bird, a double barrel shot gun would do the trick. :P

No Kookie Monster at I. W.? What do I do with all the thousand Girl Scout cookies that I bought?

It was last year when she did pretty good.

"I don't recall even seeing any of her matches"

Caps that is because she keeps losing in the first round and I bet her first round matches are not even televised.

Caps have you seen this:

So who is actually better Kerby or Mona?

Both have better game than Bunny.

BTW is Square Pants one of your evil ones Caps?

Angry Big Mac said...

My predictions:

Mona, Aggie, Safarova, Sorana, to advance.

Mchale over Peng
Cetkovska over The Imbecile
JJ over Peer
WikiWikiWiki over Furby
Bondarenko over Flavia Vamos Flavia! Eeeh, Bondarenko in straight sets.

My Doubles Prediction Winners:

Kirilenko/Lisicki of course
Aggie/Hantuchova of course.

caps321 said...

Thanks for the link, Carlos. I will check out that match on youtube later. Didn't even think to check youtube for Barthel videos.. Been searching google and found her website.

Guess now Kimmie says she's going to play Miami.....

BTW is Square Pants one of your evil ones Caps?

I don't like her dirty hair but really don't have an opinion one way or the other.

Think I read Peer has to get through a couple more rounds to defend her points from last year. Therefore, McHale should be taking over the #36 or #37 spot I would imagine.

Aggie has her shoulder taped again. And she's leading 3-0 in the first set.

caps321 said...

Not sure what happened with McHale in the first set. She was winning like 5-0, lost 5-7! Now she's leading 3-0 in the second set.

Lucie & Bunny going to a third set.

caps321 said...


Lucie wins! And if my calculations are correct, Woz loses 550 points because she was runner up last year.

McHale wins!

Looks like Julia is about to lose to #114 Lepenchenko or however you spell it. Guess she was scared about having to face Aggie in the next round.

Oh, and Peer beat JJ but I think that was due to a thigh injury she suffered last tournament.

Angry Big Mac said...

I'll start in Bogata where the fourth seed Dokic lost in the first round to a qualifier.

My wife must have gotten a tad jealous and took her anger out on Mona. She gave Mona real beat down 6-1, 6-0. I guess Mrs. Angry showed who is the lioness of the harem...I think Mona is playing too many tournaments it is catching on to her.

Not a good day to be German, Kerby also lost in straight sets.

Hahaha The Bunny lost! I guess she didn't know this was coming.

McHale keeps proving herself. I'm hoping she gets the Grrrr factor.

Pennetta and the Princess both lost in straight sets not surprised at all. Princess got tired from too much on court time and Kuznetsova has her number. Pennetta was too tired from her first round battle against the Diminutive One.

Angry Big Mac said...

Mr. Angry's Double Talk:

The upset bug made an apparition today's doubles round. Spears/Kops upset the sixth seed team. Third seed Aggie/Dani lost as well as the second seed team of Vesnina/Sania. Princess/Licki Bean almost lost, they barely scape in three sets 6-2, 4-6, 10-8. Both of them don't have to play singles for the rest of tournament so I hope they get rest and start kicking butt as they should.

caps321 said...

I didn't really think Mona was going to win but she hit a ton of unforced errors which is a recipe for disaster without the winners to back 'em up.

Basically, I figured she would've scored a few more points! But, I think she was nervous.

Also saw this posted elsewhere:

After spending almost the whole of 2011 fending off questions about the legitimacy of her top ranking because of the absence of a Grand Slam crown in her otherwise illustrious list of achievements, she risks being haunted by another annoying query if her slide runs deep into this season: Is having a high-profile boyfriend proving a distraction for you?

Angry Big Mac said...

Mona tends to go for her shots if her game is on is pleasing but if her game is off she can quickly find herself in hole. The second set of her match against Kerby (semis in Hobart) is an example. She went down 2-5 but manage to pull the victory off. I'll give it a pass to my new fling.

Thank you for the link Caps.

Basically Bunny wants to win without changing anything, can you say, "Mission: Impossible". A very pathetic comment "I feel cozy" yes you are Bunny, even religious leaders tell their followers to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone.

What illustrious career? Take away on court coaching and she has half the titles and victories.

Since there are no bloggers around I'll keep my comments Rated "R". Side effects from having a high profile boyfriend are: lack of energy, sagging boobies, lack of focus, sagging vagina, disinterest in the sport they are participating, and dumb comments. All due to the high profile boyfriend sucking the life out them. Other examples beside Bunny include: Vlaidisova and Imbecile. XP

caps321 said...


Aggie is warming up her paddle for Lepchenko and Ula is watching on from the stands and having a bad hair day!

caps321 said...

Aggie wins!

Still not sure what's going on with McHale. She lost the first set to Peer 4-6, won the second 6-3 and is leading the third 3-0.

Personally, I don't think McHale should've even lost a set to Peer because she's nothing but a jobber to the stars!

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps, I still think McHale lacks the Grrrrr Factor but I think the more experience she gets she will play less like Bambi and delevelop the killer instict. McHale won the third set 6-4.

My wife won in straight set 6-3, 6-1. I was watching the scoreboard late second set, the only glitch that I saw was the Mrs. serving for the set and she was broken. I would call it a routine victory.

caps321 said...

07:30 Niculescu - Stosur
09:00 Azarenka - Wickmayer
10:30 Bartoli - Safarova
12:00 Radwanska - Mchale

Rumor has it Lucie Safarova wants in my stable very badly and she might just get a slot!

caps321 said...

No surprise Wiki just got dominated 6-0 in the first set. Maybe Bird is mad because Wiki is trying to steal her 'shorts' thunder?

caps321 said...

Bird wins..

Bartoli wins but Lucie did try but got blew out in the third set.


Angry Big Mac said...

"Maybe Bird is mad because Wiki is trying to steal her 'shorts' thunder?"

You are right Mr. Caps! But remember Wicki is part of my harem like Mona, Mrs. Angry is sending a strong message to all of them. Notice how my women are sporting hair buns as of late, Mona in the second round, Wicki in QF, and yesterday Licki Bean Twittered a photo wearing a hair bun, I like it! Ladies keep it up! :P

In all seriousness Wicki needs an overhaul in her team. Second set she was tired bent over after a point, which she won cause Mrs. Angry missed the finishing shot badly. I said, 'Why is Wicki tired?' a moment later one of the announcers said, "There is no excuse for Wickmayer to be tired". Indeed! That means she needs a new physical trainer.
This is the second time that a top 5 opponents dismantles Wicki embarrassing her at love in the first set. The other player to do that was Ostrich at Wimbledon 11. There were four straight breaks in the second leading to the score of 4-4 and Wicki to serve, you knew a break was coming. Mrs. Angry took the lead at 5-4 and was serving for the set. Wicki looked defeated made three unforced errors in the final game telling the world 'I don't want be here anymore'. This is ALL coaching failure, failing to have his player ready, motivated, and allowing to give up. A shake up in Wicki's team is needed badly.

Mr. Angry's Double Talk:

I was very high non the doubles team of L. Bean/Princess but today they lost in the QF match. They didn't roll over and play dead but I had a sense they were going to lose final score 6-4, 7-6 (3), 10-7 against Llagostera/Radiona. Radiona team is pretty good they will face the Americans Spears/Kops-Jones in the semis. I think Princess/Bean need a little more time together to click but I sense this was a one time pairing, I hope I'm wrong. In the semis I'll take the Americans in another tough three setter. There have quite a few doubles battle in Doha.

caps321 said...

McHale lost the first set 6-1 and is already down 2-0 after just getting broken.

She's playing as if Aggie is a Williams sister. Not sure if its nerves (how many QF has she been in?) but she's playing very defensive and hitting the ball high trying to force errors which is working like crap.

caps321 said...

Was just checking out the qualis draw for Dubai:

MCHALE, Christina vs GARCIA, Caroline

Matches start tomorrow!

Funny, I just noticed:

#38 McHale points 1436 tournaments 24
#39 Barthel points 1436 tournaments 24

Of course that will change on Monday but its a tie for now.

Looks like Dubai is 9 hours ahead of Eastern and the matches start at 10:30am GST tomorrow.

caps321 said...

*[Alt] M Doi (JPN) replaced C Mchale (USA) - right shoulder

**[Alt] K Nara (JPN) replaced U Radwanska (POL) - viral illness


Looks like Barthel won against Keothavong and Garcia lost to Benesova.

Angry Big Mac said...

Too many tournanents for McHale and what is killing her is that she has to go through quaslies. At some point Mona will crash if she also continues with this pace, ask my wife.

I got the stats in McHale: looks like Aggie has the number in McHale last year Aggie whooped her 1-6, 0-6 in San Diego. I'm not surprised she got whooped again.

This year when McHale has lost she has been shredded:

ASB Classic: lost to Kuznetsova 1-6, 1-6 in the second round.

AO: lost to JJ 2-6, 0-6 third round.

Paris: lost to Wicki 2-6, 5-7 second round.

Qatar: lost to Aggie 1-6, 0-6.

Since 09 McHale has played in four QFs: one this year, two in 2011 (Family Circle and Pilot Pen), one in 2010 (Bell Challenge which she reached the semis).

caps321 said...

Aggie pulled out her bag of tricks and Bird got injured. However, I think Aggie is taking it easy on her which is very disappointing.

Aggie better win this second and third set or she's going to be on thin ice with me!

Btw, I think Bird should retire if she's hurt due to French Open coming up.

caps321 said...

I guess friendship is more important to Aggie than winning. Why didn't she make Azarenka run after her injury?

Now she lost a good opportunity for another title.

I'm thoroughly disgusted.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps I blame Dani H.'s influence on Aggie. Dani did the same thing in that infamous match against Serena at Wimbledon, BTW the Captain was at that match.

For Aggie's sake she better get a new doubles partner before she turns into a Dani herself.

caps321 said...

Did you check out the draw for Dubai yet?

Can't seem to find any info on McHale's shoulder injury.. Checked google news, facebook,

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps I couldn't find anythig either.

I checked the draw in Dubai thanks for the link. What first caught my attention was the match up of one your fav Aggie against one of my fav Licki B. This year I've been disappointed by Licki B.'s play and you Caps were "thoroughly disgusted" by Aggie's performance against Mrs. Angry. Someting gotta give. I predict Aggie will win, and I will be left wondering what to do with Licki B.

Other match ups worth of attention:

Furby vs Fist Pumping Imbecile I see Furby advancing, is going to be a cold day in hell if I ever take the Imbecile over anyone!

Julia G. vs Kuznetsova I see the Russian advancing because the surface doesn't favor the German, but I'll be rooting for the Julia.

Peng vs Sponge Bart

There intriguing second round matches but I've don't to want to get shead of myself because I have to see where Mona will end up in the draw. She won the first round in qualies while the number one seed in qualies Jie lost along with Crazy Czech, Jeepers Scheepers, and Caroline Garcia. Two more rounds to go.

Tomorrow I'll take Mrs. Angry wether she wins or loses she will be "pissed off", so what else is new.

Doubles, I'll take the number one seed only because the Americans Spears/Kops-Jones have gone through war to get there. The Americans deserve to win and I'll be rooting for them.

caps321 said...

Mona is the spoiler, eh?

She also beat Jovanovski 4-6, 7-6(3), 7-5. But, had 18 double faults compared to 13 for her opponent.

That said, I would imagine the wind played a part in this one. Think I read something about sand storm type conditions or maybe that was in Doha?

I would like Bird to win today. However, if Samuel smacks her down, it will be awfully funny.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps, Mona could be a perennial dark horse the way Mrs. Angry was.

What I'm not liking about Mona is that she is playing too many tournaments and going through qualies must be taking a toll. I really like her attitude, hope she doesn't change.

Mona gets P. Martic in the final round, don't be surprise if Mona goes down.

caps321 said...

If Mona wins she'll have to face one of the following in the first round:


Was reading Melanie Oudin got a wild card into Memphis. And if she gets past FORETZ GACON -- PETROVA will most likely be waiting in the second round! hahahahaha

Angry Big Mac said...

I hope the stars align and she gets Dani H. Mona can beat Dani at any time tired or not.

If Mona gets any of the remaining three ladies I think she will lose due to the on court time being too high.

Have you noticed how the Diminutive One has a big gut? It always puzzles me.

Doubles: Spears/Kops-Jones lost easily in an hour to be exact, 3-6, 1-6. Booooooooooooo!

caps321 said...

Who is the diminutive one, Cibulkova?

So, was Bird 'injury' yesterday fake? Or is she just jacked up on pain pills?

Samuel is a disgrace. She might as well lose the muscle mass because they do her no good.

Angry Big Mac said...

Singles and doubles finals sucked.

Thank you Mr. Samuel for choking again.

Yes Caps, the Dimunitive One is Cibulkova for obvious reasons.

Angry Big Mac said...

Good Monday morning to you Mr. Caps321. This how a woman should rock shorts.

BTW a photo of the Diminutive One's big gut:

Mr. Angry's Double Talk:

I checked the doubles draw, why aren't they available when I look for them?

Lower half of the draw is a cake walk only two teams to watch for Vesnina/Sania team and Aggie/Dani maybe three if you count the Crazy Czech team, they are good but I'm not sold on them.

Top half of the draw is murderous row. You have the number one seed team I personally don't like neither one of them. They will face Julia/Jie team in the first round, Princess/Licki B. as a possible second round opponents. Flavia/Furby got the Americans Spears/Kops-Jones and possible Naria/Radiona in the second round. Naria/Radiona will be looking for revenge against spears team.

Semis: Number one seed vs. Spears team in the all American rematch.

The other semis: Aggie/Dani vs. Vesnina/Sania

Final: Vesnina/Sania vs. Spears team

Winner: Spears team because I like them. :P

caps321 said...

Cibulkova looks like she has a biscuit in her oven!


Guess you were right, Mona got dumped out.

Princess wins!

As of February 20, 2012

Lisicki, Sabine 13 (14)
Jankovic, Jelena 14 (13)
Cibulkova, Dominika 16 (17)
Goerges, Julia 19 (21)
Kerber, Angelique 20 (22)
Kirilenko, Maria 22 (25)
Wickmayer, Yanina 24 (27)
Safarova, Lucie 25 (28)
Kuznetsova, Svetlana 27 (18)
Pennetta, Flavia 28 (23)
Niculescu, Monica 29 (31)
McHale, Christina 34 (38)
Barthel, Mona 37 (39)
Peer, Shahar 40 (37)
Halep, Simona 53 (63)
Dokic, Jelena 74 (76)
Radwanska, Urszula 81 (84)
Panova, Alexandra 83 (118)
Razzano, Virginie 88 (103)
Lepchenko, Varvara 90 (114)
Rybarikova, Magdalena 91 (65)
Johansson, Mathilde 97 (71)
Gallovits-Hall, Edina 99 (128)
Chang, Kai-Chen 100 (102)
Garcia, Caroline 142 (150)
Oudin, Melanie 208 (195)

caps321 said...

Hot off the press:

Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova has been forced to withdraw from the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships due to a virus.

The Czech left-hander, who was to have been the number two seed at the $2 million tennis spectacular, was bitterly disappointed at having to miss a tournament she had been looking forward to for months.

"I am really sorry to have gotten sick prior to the start of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships," she said. "I love playing in Dubai and am so disappointed to not be able to get on the plane and go and play for the fans and those amazing crowds. I will definitely be back next year and for many years to come."

Lucie Safarova will step up into Kvitova’s place with a first round bye, and a qualifier will take Safarova’s place in the draw.

Strangely, the draw shows Lisicki in Ostrich's spot which doesn't make sense to me my reading the above quote.

Anyway, who will this 'new' qualifier be? Mona?

Aggie & Dani got dumped out.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps, I saw the draw and Licki Bean has been move to Ostrich's spot. Aggie will play a qualifier in the first round. Perhaps Mona as a Lucky Loser?

Both Aggie and Licki B. have the possibility to face each other in the QF if both keep advancing.

Seeing how Mona crashed, it was a good move by McHale to withdraw.

I'm very disappointed in Aggie/Dani losing in the first round I expect more from them. Maybe both were saving themselves for first rounds battles? Too flat of a performance.

caps321 said...

Julia won today but if it wasn't for Kuzzie's gimpy wrist I think she'd be headed for the hills.

In today's edition of As the Wozniacki Turns


Wozniacki has lost some respect for Martinas

Caroline Wozniacki strikes back at Martina Navratilova for saying that the Slam-less Dane never deserved to be No. 1.

"I would never say Martina was No. 1 when there was no-one playing, or that she was the best when no-one was playing. That would be disrespectful," Wozniacki told reporters in Dubai.

Wozniacki added that former players who become TV commentators (Navratilova works for Tennis Channel) are forced to criticize the current crop.

"I think I have to be honest, lost a little bit of respect. Because I respect what they have achieved," she said. "She (Navratilova) won so many Grand Slams, her touch was unbelievable. Martina Hingis was unbelievable as well—for me my favorite player. But I think they should respect players that are playing now as well. Because they know how hard it is. You don't just wake up and say okay I want to win this tournament, and it just happens like this...They always have to make comments, and that's what they get paid for—to be comments, because they are not playing any more. And they need to stir everything up."

Not very impressed with this Dubai tournament so far. Perhaps because its only 32 and not 64 players. Oh, btw looks like Hercog got the LL spot.

18.2.: I am happy to win my first match in Dubai against Anne Keothavong. It was difficult to switch between the conditions. We played in Doha after sunset at low temperatures, we played in Dubai in the morning, when the sun was shining.

19.2.: It was a tough match against Bojana Jovanovski today. Sometimes I played well in the first set, but when I needed to make the point, I did not make it. Bojana had two match points in the third set, but I won it 7:5.

20.2.: My legs were so tired. I tried to fight, but it did not work today. I lost against Martic 4:6 4:6


05:00 A. Radwanska - Wozniak
06:30 Hantuchova - Hercog
11:00 Ivanovic - Schiavone

Angry Big Mac said...

Thank you for the links and the stories Caps.

Mona shouldn't play until Indian Wells and I'll guarantee her legs won't be tired. She won't have to go through qualies either.

Hercog is rank higher than Mona.

Wozniacki: everyone who thinks that she is a happy go lucky, smiling individual, they are dead wrong. "I would never say..." but you are saying it! I lost more respect for Wozniacki, -now I have none- she hasn't handle criticism well and she still can't. I remember when her father said that the attacks on Caroline were due to racism because she is Polish. I quadruple dare him to say those comments anywhere in L.A.! I rather listen to an accomplished veteran who has been there and done that, than to a great player that never was.

To Angry Bird, I know she is your best friend but stop defending the indefensible.

I think Dubai lost luster after Ostrich pulled out.

caps321 said...

Aggie won the first set 6-1 and lost the second set tie break 8-6 including a 43 shot rally!

I read Wozniak is pumped up because of the Olympics.

Onto set 3..

caps321 said...

Aggie pulls it out 7-5! Next up, she will completely demoralize Peer.. Can't wait.

Benosova wins against Cibulkova 3-1 retired.

Huber/Raymond beat Goerges/Zheng 3-6, 6-4, 10-5.

Princess/Lisicki retired.. What's that all about?

Mirza/Vesnina won.

Safarova takes out Martic 6-3, 5-7, 6-3.

caps321 said...

Halep takes out Pavlyuchenkova! Guess next on her list is Bunny and she's going to steal ALL her eggs.

And if Halep wins she will gain entry into my exclusive stable! Now, not just anyone that beats Bunny gets in, but I've had my eye(s) on Halep for a while.

Saw this on google news:

Pe'er justifies Dubai wild-card gift with 1st-round victory

By beating Al Nabhani, Fatma #557?? hahahahahahahahaha

Angry Big Mac said...

"Princess/Lisicki retired... What's that all about?"

According to a Licki B's Tweet, Princess "got injured & is not able to play doubles".!/sabinelisicki/status/171901940823896066


I had Halep in my radar/harem since last year, I hope she breaks through this year. If she beats Bunny (newest member of the Imbecile club) it could be the beginning of her raise.

What happened to the Diminutive One, biscuit in the oven gave her problems?

Pe'er is like the the Fist Pumping Imbecile over celebrating to a victory over a cup cake.

caps321 said...

How can playing singles be easier than doubles for the Princess? Because she's listed as playing below.

Keep in mind only the main court will be televised most likely.

Concerning Halep -- IIRC, before her breast reduction she was a rising star. Then afterwards, she sorta floundered and didn't do much at all. Now, all the sudden she seems like the up and comer I noticed years ago.

On Tuesday, Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia retired with a hamstring injury during a match against Iveta Benesova of the Czech Republic. Benesova was leading 3-1 in the first set.

Translation: On Tuesday, Dominika Cibulkova of Slovakia went into labor on the court and had to withdraw. Later on, it was diagnosed as false labor pains.


CENTRE COURT start 2:00 pm (5:00 am Eastern)

[8] J Jankovic (SRB) vs F Pennetta (ITA) - WTA
L Safarova (CZE) vs [4] S Stosur (AUS) - WTA

Not Before 7:00 PM (10:00 am Eastern)

[1] V Azarenka (BLR) vs J Goerges (GER) - WTA
[3] C Wozniacki (DEN) vs [Q] S Halep (ROU) - WTA

COURT 1 start 2:00 pm (5:00 am Eastern)

[5] A Radwanska (POL) vs [WC] S Peer (ISR) - WTA
M Kirilenko (RUS) vs A Ivanovic (SRB) - WTA
[1] L Huber (USA) / L Raymond (USA) vs A Medina Garrigues (ESP) / A Rosolska (POL) - WTA
R Kops-Jones (USA) / A Spears (USA) vs [WC] F Pennetta (ITA) / F Schiavone (ITA) - WTA

COURT 2 start 4:00 pm (7:00 am Eastern)

Not Before 4:00 PM (7:00 am Eastern)

D Hantuchova (SVK) vs S Peng (CHN) - WTA

COURT 3 start 4:00 pm (7:00 am Eastern)

Not Before 4:00 PM (7:00 am Eastern)

[Q] I Benesova (CZE) vs [9] S Lisicki (GER) - WTA

after suitable rest

I Benesova (CZE) / B Zahlavova Strycova (CZE) vs S Hsieh (TPE) / S Peng (CHN) - WTA

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the info Caps.

Moral of the Halep story: if a female tennis player has big boobies leave them alone or your career will pay the price.

On Dominika Cibulkova...Hahaha

The Princess is getting on bad side she better win against the Fist Pumping Imbecile. I get the feeling both Licki B. and the Princess didn't click.

I bet Imbecilites are rejoicing at the Fist Pumper's victory if you consider a quality victory beating a thirty plus player not playing on her best surface.

Since Sydney Furby has been slumping she hasn't gone beyond the second round. Furby must waiting on the clay court season to begin.

Angry Big Mac said...

I forgot, Mr. Oudin lost in the first round in Memphis with the score 6-2, 6-3. Hey Bunny take note: this is what happens when you don't make a coaching change.

The number one seed in Memphis Petrova lost in the first round to Camila Giorgi.

caps321 said...

Moral of the Halep story: if a female tennis player has big boobies leave them alone or your career will pay the price.

YEAH! I'd imagine losing 10 pounds overnight would wreck havoc on your timing, eh.

I bet Imbecilites are rejoicing at the Fist Pumper's victory if you consider a quality victory beating a thirty plus player not playing on her best surface.

Agree. But, will add -- I think Furby is on her farewell tour and needs to retire pronto. Or she could stick around and make some more coin!

I forgot, Mr. Oudin lost in the first round in Memphis with the score 6-2, 6-3. Hey Bunny take note: this is what happens when you don't make a coaching change.

Hilarious! Did they even show this match? Or did they have her on some court off in the boondocks? I sure didn't see it listed or would have rejoiced in her pain.

She's still young but one has to wonder if her ego and confidence can recover from such a fall from grace. I didn't expect her to be top 10 or anything but figured she'd at least be in the top 100 for 10 more years.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps, Mr. Oudin match was played in "Stadium Court" don't know if it was televised. If she ever plays in the boondocks I'll for sure be in the stands, if there are any.

I agree, I thought she would be a player ranked between 40-60. Her ego can recover but I wonder about her confifence.

Angry Big Mac said...

BTW I forgot to ask the most important question Caps, how big were Halep's boobies? Double Es?

I think if she would have kept the old pair she would have been the most popular player on tour. Just to think how many sports bra sponsors would have been lining up in the locker room waiting for Halep to sign a contract with them.

caps321 said...

The 18-year-old, who was a junior champion at the French Open in 2008, had a growing male fan base thanks to her 34DD breasts.

But the extra weight on her chest was uncomfortable and caused severe back pain, which affected her performance on the court.

In a bid to boost her game, she spent last summer recovering from breast reduction surgery, which took her cup size down to a more modest 34C.

Hot off the press:

Dubai - World number one Victoria Azarenka withdrew on Wednesday with a bruised ankle as the Dubai Championships lost both of its leading seeds in the space of three days.

The tournament number one said that she was not willing to risk the injury which she said had bothered her since her title at the Australian Open and hopes to be fit for the Indian Wells event in a fortnight.

With Azarenka retiring, Goerges has NO EXCUSE not to win this whole thing or at least get to the final. This is why its important to stay in tournaments and not get your ass kicked by players in the 100's in the first round!

The Azarenka/Goerges match has been replaced on coverage by Dani/Peng.

I'm currently watching Lovely Lucie vs Stosur and will check out Halep/Bunny as well.

caps321 said...


Not Before 7:00 PM
[LL] C Dellacqua (AUS) vs J Goerges (GER) - WTA

I assumed Julia would go onto the next round but guess since Azarenka pulled out before the match she now plays LL.

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the link Caps it answers all my questions. It was a sad day for boobies admirers around the world.

Your Julia won Caps.

Lucie Lost.

Dani defeated Peng.

A very disappointing year for Peng she hasn't made it out the second round in all five tournaments she has played this year. Sounds like Furby.

Mrs. Angry needs some R & R she can go spend time with her ugly Ukrainian boyfriend.

caps321 said...

Radwanska thrilled with women's progress

"I think all the top 10 or the top 20 players are playing very well. Actually, this is not like in men's tennis that you have two or three players on top and the others are a little bit further behind," Radwanska said.

"In women's tennis everything changes and the scores are different every week. So I think all of the top players are on the same level. The top 20 players, everyone is capable of beating anyone."

"I was really playing and having a couple of good matches, especially against top players. So far I'm happy about my performance as this is the first time I've been in the top six, so I'm good with that," she said.

Commentary: Caroline Wozniacki Needs to Focus on Game, not Martina Navratilova

If Wozniacki is going to have her feelings hurt by comments like these, she needs to grow up and realize what sports media is - hype, be it positive or negative.

Media hype is the whole reason Wozniacki has the image that she does as the sweet, beautiful, girl-next-door type that is an endorser's dream, even if she hasn't won the big crown at Australia, France, America or England yet.

If Wozniacki is going to coil up and strike like a cobra every time a TV commenator states the obvious, she's in for a painful career.

caps321 said...

Tomorrow we got:

05:00 Jankovic - Stosur
06:30 A. Radwanska - Lisicki
10:00 Wozniacki - Ivanovic
11:30 Goerges - Hantuchova

I have two options:

1. Root for Imbecile even though I will feel dirty.

2. Don't watch the match and just write results on draw sheet.

What say you?

Also, Bunny really needs to get taken out by either Ivanovic or Goerges because she could end up winning this tournament otherwise. And I firmly believe a trophy 'black out' on the Bunny will make her feel worthless which works for me.

Angry Big Mac said...

I shall start with your dilemma Caps, I always say to root against the one you hate the most whether that is a team or player. If you are feeling "dirty" while watching the match you can always switch to another match or turn off the T.V. and check the results when it is all set and done.

I know that Licki B. has the number on the Bunny perhaps another chest bump is in order.

If Aggie wins over Licki B. I know that Aggie has the capability to take out the Bunnster, but the way Aggie is playing I would favor Licki B. to win the QF match against Aggie.

I disagree on Aggie's comment, there is inconsistency with the top ten players. Starting with Na, continuing with Divapova and ending with Vera.

The comments on the Bunny are dead on, but as I said previously she is not a happy a go lucky girl. The Bunny tends to throw "bitch fits" when things don't go her way, she tends to throw her racket, and she gets into opponents faces, just ask Licki B. Her phoniness ala Davenport and Divapova ended when the Bunny became feisty against the media. The Bunny's verbal assault are just making her look like a bitter, underachieving, over-rated, jackass...Welcome to Kingdom Imbecile Bunny!

Angry Big Mac said...

...Speaking of jackasses there was some doofus trying to defend one.

caps321 said...

Did you see the Aggie/Sabine match? Wow, Sabine needs a new coach and build her game from scratch. Way too many errors, crying on the changeover, she is a mess and ranked #13!

Angry Big Mac said...

Sabine has been a mess since Fed Cup. I didn't see the match it was around 3:30 AM my local time, but thank you for the info.

Based on what you said Caps Lisicki is out of my harem. Crying in a middle of a match is a no, no, for me, is synonymous with Hantuchova, Fist Pumping Imbecile, and Harkleroad. Too bad cause I really like the kid but when an athlete cries in the middle if a match/game it signifies mental weakness, they always end up losing, career wise they end up not doung much.

Spears/Kops-Jones lost but at least they went down swinging 10-12 in the super tie breaker. It was a revenge match for the Radiona team they lost last week in a hard fought match, what is nice is that a rivalry is beginning.

Checked the scoreboard and Bunny won the first set against the Imbecile 6-2. Are you watching the match there Caps?

caps321 said...

I only watched the first set and got a headache. If it goes 3 I will turn it back on.

Typical crap from Anna.. Trying to hit through Woz rather than pulling her wide and coming in for the easy open court shot.. Along with many, many stupid errors that have no rhyme or reason. Coupled with the premature fist pumping which should be saved for game, set, match points not when you manage to get 1 point in a game!

Basically, Anna tries to hit big winners all the time, and many times runs around for a forehand and nets it. But, you already knew all that. Oh and of course her ball toss is still wonky as ever.

Angry Big Mac said...

That's typical Imbecile Caps.

This thing is over already, thank God! I chose not to watch it. Bunny 6-2, 7-5

Julia and Dani up next.

caps321 said...

It wasn't pretty at times but Julia wins!

Radwanska blasts Azarenka

Dubai – World number six Agnieszka Radwanska launched a verbal attack on Victoria Azarenka, the world's leading female player, after reaching the semifinals of the Dubai Open on Thursday.

The 22-year-old Pole said she was “angry” and had lost respect for the superbly in-form Belarussian, alleging that Azarenka's behaviour in Doha last week had not been good for the image of the game.

Radwanska appeared to be referring to Azarenka's hobbling and wincing between rallies during parts of their semifinal match, whilst still moving well enough during the rallies to secure a solid straight sets win.

It follows Radwanska's criticisms of grunting in the women's game last month after losing to Azarenka in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open.

Radwanska's latest comments came when she was asked in a press conference here whether she had been annoyed at the end of last week's loss in Doha.

She replied: “Well, to be honest, I don't think this is worth a comment. But I think after this match....just lost a lot of respect. That's it.

“If you do this in the match, if anyone didn't see the match, I think it's just a quick look on YouTube and you'll know what was going on,” she continued.

The questioner responded by saying that he had not been seeking for Radwanska to criticize another player, but she continued anyway.

“Yeah, I was angry because I don't think this is the great image for the women's tennis, what was going on there,” she added. “So, yeah, unfortunately.”

Youtube clips show Radwanska offering a peremptory handshake to Azarenka with no eye contact at the end of the match, and include a TV commentator saying that Azarenka's behavior had affected her opponent's focus.

The above is just an excerpt, more at the link.

I never thought Aggie & Azarenka were 'close' like say Aggie & Bunny or Woz & Azarenka. Hopefully this public shredding by Aggie will ruin the Aggie/Bunny friendship as well! Aggie will only benefit by not associating herself with the likes of Bunny.

Angry Big Mac said...

Aggie should focus on what's going on on her side of the net and NOT pay attention to what's going on with her opponent. Let me quote someone who saw the match and said, "I'm thoroughly disgusted." That would be you Caps321 referirng to how Aggie played against Azarenka. Birds of the feather flock together the old saying says, Azarenka has anger issues like Bunny and that is why these two get along. Aggie seems nice, and how in the world she gets along with with Bunny? Is because both come frim Polish heritage. The vacation trip that the P.P.s (Polish Posse) took didn't include Azarenka, why? I think Aggie's dislike for Azarenka is deeper with history than anyone expects. Of course I'm expeculating but why wouldn't Azarenka join her bff for a fun vacation filled with fun, booze, and play boys wannabes? Back to Aggie, she should be taught and she should learn a killer instinct and not criticize her opponent. Mr. Angry defending his wife, some what. What say you Mr. Caps? Is your woman Aggie right?

BTW Aggie hasn't been the only one criticizing the on court screamers, the other player being the Bunny.

Angry Big Mac said...

Lost my post from cell again. Don't know what's going on. Are this signs of the universe to not post anymore on this blog? :/

Thanks for the article Caps.

This is "Dirty Laundry Talk" haha.

To quote someone who saw the match between Aggie and Azarenka, "I'm thoroughly disgusted." That would be you Caps referring how Aggie played that match.

I saw highlights of the match between Azarenka and Aggie. 1)Azarenka got injured at the beginning of the second set, so what happened in the first set where Aggie was pounded to submission? Did a Teletubbie distracted Aggie? 2)Aggie should pay more attention to what's going on on her side of the court instead trying to figure out what's going on the other side of the net. 3)Aggie still lacks what I call the 'Grrrrr Factor'. She should be taught, learn, and acquire, a killer instinct.

I think Aggie's dislike for Azarenka is deeper and has more history than anyone thinks. Remember the trip that the P.P.s (Polish Posse) took? Why didn't Bunny invite her bff on a trip filled with fun, booze, and playboys wannabes? Aggie was there. I think Bunny can't do anything to mediate the tension between her two closest friends.

The article also referred to the screams/grunts. Aggie hasn't been the only one who has criticized the on court screams from certain players, the other being...surprise! Azarenka's bff Bunny.

Mr. Angry trying to defend his wife, some what.

caps321 said...

Aggie has no one to blame but herself for losing to Bird.. Like I said, she should've made her run more.

And while I do agree with Aggie about Bird exaggerating her injury.. I think this is a problem when playing 'friends' normally you would drive the nail in when your opponent is gimpy.

What's came over Aggie anyway? She's been rather outspoken as of late? Is this the real Aggie? Maybe next she can 'call out' Bunny? YEAH!

Btw, the next match between Aggie & Bird ought to be good. Also, did Bird have an answer for Aggie on twitter? I haven't seen anything in the press.

08:00 Jankovic - A. Radwanska
10:00 Goerges - Wozniacki

In my ideal world, the final will be Aggie vs. Julia. However, Julia can't be trusted and beating the Bunny 3 times in a row isn't a sure thing plus its not on clay.

Aggie should have no problem with JJ.

As the saying goes, ANYONE BUT BUNNY!

caps321 said...

Aggie wins 6-2, 2-6, 6-0 and has completely broken JJ spirit!


caps321 said...

Julia had me nervous at usual. Coughed up a 5-3 lead in the first set and then won the tie breaker 7-3.

caps321 said...

Julia says clay? What clay? She wins 7-6, 7-5!


I'm very happy two of my women are in the final. I think Julia will want some payback after the beat down she took from Aggie in Doha.

And of course Aggie is always dangerous and has a whole bag of tricks.

Angry Big Mac said...

I woke up this morning and I'm living in Caps321's perfect world.

Is that schism that I detect from Mr. Caps about the final tomorrow?

Bunny has played four tournaments this year, reaching three QFs, (Sydney, AO11, Dubai), and one semis (Dubai), no finals, and no titles.

I guess this is the real Aggie, Caps, some people become outspoken when they get some power. In Aggie's case she got power when she reached the top ten. I know you are not going to like this Caps, but to quote Martin Sheen's speech when he won the Golden Globe years ago for best T.V. actor in drama, "The higher the monkey goes the more of its ass it shows".

Mrs. Angry is staying away from the war of words. I'm guessing someone advised her not to. This is what she Tweeted.!/vika7/status/172770453058891777

caps321 said...

Is that schism that I detect from Mr. Caps about the final tomorrow?

Aggie is higher on my list but both are in my stable. I'm not sure how I will feel when watching tomorrow. But, I suspect the best player will win!

quote Martin Sheen's speech when he won the Golden Globe years ago for best T.V. actor in drama, "The higher the monkey goes the more of its ass it shows".

Agree, when Aggie ripped on Diva but ignored Azarenka's screaming she was dripping with hypocrisy.

Bunny will lose 270 points for failure to defend her title.

In Aggie's case she got power when she reached the top ten.

But, Aggie was in the top ten for quite a while before she fell out and got back in. What's the sudden change? Her dad isn't around anymore to keep her from speaking out?

Angry Big Mac said...

Trying to postt from my cell, again.

You are right Caps, to answer your question daddy must have kept a short leash on Aggie.

Have a good time watching the match. This has been your year where your women keep meeting head to head.

Angry Big Mac said...

Looks like I can't post from cell anymore.

You are right Caps. To answer your question, daddy must had kept Aggie on a leash and now she has the freedom to run her mouth.

Enjoy the match today Caps. Like I said before this is your year, your women keep meeting head to head.

caps321 said...

Good for Aggie, bad for Julia.

Of course Julia made way too many errors and loses 5-7, 4-6.

Aggie moves up to a career high of #5 on Monday.

caps321 said...

Kuala Lumpur

GAJDOSOVA, Jarmila vs WOERLE, Kathrin
MLADENOVIC, Kristina vs DOKIC, Jelena
GARCIA, Caroline vs JANKOVIC, Jelena

Looks like back to back titles for Aggie!

The draw for Acapulco isn't out yet.

I suppose McHale could still be injured even though I have no info on that besides 'shoulder' from her withdraw in qualis recently.

Little surprised Barthel isn't playing either tournament though? Acapulco only has qualis & schedule of play right now. Guess she could be in the main draw? But, then again I didn't see anything about future tournaments on her website.. Just past ones.

Angry Big Mac said...

I still wouldn't recommend Mona and McHale to play any tournaments until Indian Wells. If Mona's legs are still tired she should call me. :P

The Dude got a tough draw.

Doubles final Dubai: the number one seed team won blowing our Mirza team. Second straight week they blow out their opponents in the final. I still hate their guts

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