Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On a roll

Weekend winners, Victoria Azarenka and Mona Barthel, have extended their winning streaks by easing into the second round of the Australian Open.

Azarenka, the world number three, opened her campaign for a maiden slam title on Rod Laver Arena. Victoria dropped the first game against her young British opponent before reeling off 12 consecutive games to adavance to the second round where she will meet Australian wild card entry, Casey Dellacqua. Dellacqua, who captured the hearts of the nation with her run to the forth round of the Australian Open in 2008, defeated rising Serbian star Bojana Jovanovski. If Azarenka were to win the encounter she could play Hobart champion Mona Barthel. The young German won the first set against Anne Keothavong 6-0, when the Brit was forced to retire due to suspected food poisoning. Barthel will play 32nd seeded Petra Cetkovska in the second.

The biger names in the tournament have been flying so far, dropping just eight games between them in the opening round. Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka both dropped just one game, second seed Petra Kvitova dropped two while top seed Caroline Wozniacki dropped three in what was the toughest of the four matches, with her opponent failing to capitalize on her opportunities in the first set.

Honorable mention to Serena Williams who powered down 12 aces, including four in one service game, extended her first found winning record at slams to 46-0. And hit this return.

Defending champion Kim Clijsters bounced back after a sluggish first set to dispatch her qualifier opponent 7-5 6-1

And sixth seeded Australian Sam Stosur became the first major casualty of the open falling in the first round to Romanian Sorana Cirstea 7-6 6-3.


Anonymous said...

Looks like McHale's match got moved to 9:00pm. Perhaps it'll be on ESPN2 live?

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps, I say Clefairy is flying (drinking) solo, as long she is sober enough to post the right scores I'm fine. haha. :P

Hantucova lost the first set 2-2 in the second.

I was about to say Tsurenko is prettier than Hantuchova but then I realize she is from the Ukraine (hi Clefairy).

Angry Big Mac said...

On the Azarenka draw Flavia, Morita, and Peng are out! Only the Mrs. remain. Now I'm depressed :( ...OK I'm over it.

Hey Caps Clefairy is on court 6, if you see her on T.V. let me know.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, Lucinda is going to rub shoulders with McHale?? Maybe get an interview and high quality photo for my collection?

Btw, when is Emily getting back from her vacation? Or is she watching tennis in her hotel room?

Kimmie won the first set in 22 minutes 6-0. She's leading the second 2-1 and this woman she's playing is completely outclassed.

Hate how ESPN2 has live sports sometimes and they overrun by a couple minutes! Its 9:03 and there is still 24.5 seconds le4ft on the clock with a timeout. Sheesh.

Angry Big Mac said...

I think I saw her on T.V. throwing up in the stands. She hasn't answered my Tweets.

The Captain will be back after the AO Caps. You could possibly be right she might be in a hotel room watching the AO or doing other things. :P

Now I have to check the college b. ball scores.

Anonymous said...

Kimmie just won in like 47 minutes.

McHale is down 1-5 in the first set. She has tape on her left leg and is playing too far behind the baseline. Its hard to tell whether this injury has slowed her down or not. But, she's been the victim of multiple droppers so I think so.

Goerges isn't starting until after the Mardy Fish match.

Perhaps McHale will come back? We need an injury status!

Angry Big Mac said...

McHale is being overpower again. I don't see her winning this match down a break early in the second set.

When I said the Captain could be doing other things on her hotel room I meant doing things like eating dinner haha. :P

Angry Big Mac said...

This makaruchi chick has decided to spray her shots all over the place in the second set. McHale is doing a great job to make Makaruchi run all over court 6.

I want a report the stands!!! XP

Angry Big Mac said...

Makaruchi lost steam in the third set allowing McHale capitalize on her tiredness. Well done Missy! Now I shall go and eat crow, BTW it takes like chicken. Somewhere in Florida someone named Caps is saying, "WooooooooooooHoooooooooo" I concur.

McHale has excellent fitness.

Angry Big Mac said...

Bunny won but in cheap, classless, unsportsmanlike, style; the type of style that she can only do while not drawing criticism. Once again she asked for an injury time out in while she was down on the score, this time 4-5. Yes she was mounting a comeback but she wasn't playing good enough to win the set. The momentum was clearly on her opponents side and crowd began cheering for the Bunny's opponent. What did this so called "Sunshine" do? She asked for a bogus medical time out to ice her opponent. It is not the first time she has done this tactic it probably won't the last. All top players were destroying their opponents, to avoid an embarrassing third set she pulls this stunt. It is time the media starts questioning Caroline about this bogus medical time outs.

Anonymous said...

Carlos, I agree about Bunny's conduct with phony timeouts! Looks to me like one of her opponents would call her out for that crap in the presser.

Went to sleep last night right after McHale won the second set.. I knew she had this one in the bag.

However, I recorded the entire ESPN2 coverage all the way until 7am and not one highlight of McHale. Wow.

19:00 Errani - Petrova (Show Court 2)
19:00 Kerber - Dubois (Court 8)
19:00 Hampton - Sharapova (Rod Laver Arena)
19:00 Krajicek - Ivanovic (Hisense Arena)
19:00 Zvonareva - Hradecka (Margaret Court Arena)
20:30 Zahlavova Strycova - S. Williams (Rod Laver Arena)
21:00 Pavlyuchenkova - King (Show Court 3)
21:00 Vinci - Zheng (Court 6)
22:00 Date-Krumm / Shua Zhang - Hsieh / Voskoboeva (Court 8)
23:00 Suarez Navarro - Kvitova (Hisense Arena)
23:00 Lisicki - Peer (Show Court 2)
23:00 Cibulkova - Arn (Court 6)
01:00 Stephens - Kuznetsova (Show Court 3)
03:00 Dokic - Bartoli (Rod Laver Arena)

Wouldn't mind seeing Dokic but 3am is ridiculous. Also Ostrich might be on later than 11pm since a womens and mens match is on before her.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps the Spaniard had your girl on the run, it took three sets for the Ostrich to take care of business. Looked like the Ostrich had an off night. 6-2, 2-6, 6-4.

Easily victories for Divapova and Serena.

Also the Fist Pumping Imbecile won, BOOOOOOOOooooOOOoooooo!!

I went to sleep and woke up with Nasti Pav's head under my sheets courtesy of Vania King. She chopped the head of my dark horse in three sets 5-7, 6-3, 6-4. Booooooooooo!

I was in the same situation like you Caps, last night the Mrs. played late, very late, my time. I checked the score today and the Mrs. won 6-0, 6-1.

Anonymous said...

19:00 Bratchikova - Benesova (Show Court 2)
19:00 Azarenka - Barthel (Hisense Arena)
20:30 Wozniacki - Niculescu (Hisense Arena)
20:30 Voskoboeva - Radwanska (Margaret Court Arena)
20:30 Errani / Vinci - Rodionova / Rodionova (Show Court 2)
20:30 Oprandi - Goerges (Show Court 3)
20:30 Dulgheru / Razzano - Huber / Raymond (Court 6)
22:00 Hercog / Zheng - Dushevina / Peer (Court 8)
23:00 Dokic / Hanley - Hlavackova / Qureshi(P (Court 8)
23:30 King / Shvedova - Bobusic / Jones (Court 6)
00:00 McHale - Jankovic (Margaret Court Arena)
03:00 Clijsters - Hantuchova (Hisense Arena)
05:00 Medina Garrigues - Li (Rod Laver Arena)

Ostrich says she's just practicing out there and no need to worry!

Looks like I have a full plate into the early morning dew. I mean, ya know I have to be awake for that McHale match at midnight, right? Kimmie on the other hand can get by without me.

Earlier in the evening we have Bird vs. Barthel and that might be a good one. I've never seen this Barthel woman play but know she just won a tournament.

Also Aggie & Julia are playing at roughly the same time!

It would be great to have McHale beat JJ and then steal the Bunny's stash! But, then she'd have to face either Clijsters or Li in the quarters.

The sweet, innocent Makarova has taken out Kanepi 6-2, 7-5.

Little surprised Arn took out Cibulkova 6-2, 3-6, 10-8.

Not surprised Lisicki took out Peer 6-1, 6-2.

Carlos, King might be able to take out that Fist Pumper. But, if by some chance she doesn't.. No way that Imbecile embarrasses my Ostrich!

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps I'm also looking forward to see this Barhel chick. I expect her to give a fit to the Mrs.

My other woman Licki Bean was pump yesterday. A good job of dismantling Peer then again is Peer.

Princess won yesterday in three sets and almost two and half hours, but she was playing in court 21 or something like that. Might as well tell her to go play in the street. Hey AO organizers show more respect to the Princess!

I concur with you Caps321 I expected a deeper run from the diminutive one.

No shirt change for Makaruchi this time around.

Doubles: Flavia/Dulko won in three sets. Not a good start from them.

U.S. team of Spears and Kops-Jones lost in three sets, I expected way more than this poor showing.

Mchale/Kerber lost in three sets to the number one ranked doubles team. Nice fight! Mchale/Kerber team can make noise this year, they just need a little more luck in the draw.

Angry Big Mac said...

Loved how the Aussie crowd booed Mrs. Angry.

Note to the Mrs.: Your Anger still sucks! I'm going to be hanging with Lickie Bean, call me when when you cool your jets.

In a match that I didn't give a hoot, Benesova won.

Divapova in press conferences is still as real as a cyclops playing with Barbies.

Angry Big Mac said...

Good day for Mr. Caps, Aggie and Julia won.

Didn't see the Aggie match, damn! I knew I was going to miss something. Nice way to rebound after the three setter against "Ugly Tats" Bethanie (almost had a typo).

Five (U. S.) bucks says Clefairy is not reading none of this post haha. :P

Oh, almost forgot, Bunny won BOooooooooOOOooooo! At least she didn't use cheap dirty tactics.

Lucinda Perry said...

Carlos, you owe Caps 5 dollars

Angry Big Mac said...

I made a bet but I didn't specify with whom haha :P advantage Me! XP

I have a question, do you call Feliciano Deliciano as in delicious or was it a typo?

Lucinda Perry said...

Hahaha no that was very much intentional! Deliciano as in delicious

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