Monday, July 4, 2011

Grunters gon grunt.

Well first of all welcome to the world of Lucinda....

Grunting in tennis is a very delicate issue in tennis that does divide many fans, everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to the subject.

Definition of grunting, Make a low inarticulate sound resembling this, typically to express effort or indicate assent
- Graham grunted and heaved as he helped the masons fit a huge slab of stone into

Definition of screaming, Give a long, loud, piercing cry or cries expressing excitement, great emotion, or pain
- they could hear him screaming in pain
- a houseful of barking dogs and screaming children

Grunting, is a natural noise that occurs due to effort. Every player that I have seen play - man or woman - has grunted at some point in their career, its only natural, you can NOT stop grunting.

One this that does annoy me about this subject is when people, uneducated to the subject, say grunting is deliberate, and should not be allowed. Well no, that's when you are wrong.

Screeching and screaming, infamously used my Monica Seles, Maria Sharapova, Michelle Larcher de Brito and more are screamers not grunters. Now we can put a stop to that, or tone it down a bit but...why? It is part of their natural game, to would be like telling Justine Henin she can't use a one handed back hand. If you take away the thing that is so natural, it would be expected that their level drops, I mean Ana Ivanovic when she was criticised for squeaking her shoes she stopped for the final, and her level of play dropped.  There is a reason why these people are 'professionals' they should be able to deal with it, if an opponent is honestly distracted by the noise made by her opponent perhaps their commitment and concentration should be questioned.

Grunting and occasionally 'screaming' can add not detract from a match, to be honest its a lot better than watch tow silent players hit back and forth between each other. I do like drama and emotion in my game, I like cries of "C'MON" I like racquet's being broken I just basically love the drama and all these things to add to the match.

So this is me adding my opinion to the subject, let them scream, its natural to them.

On grunting its laughable that people make ridiculous suggestions to stop "grunting"


Carlos said...

Personally I don't like the "C'MON" cries (border line taunting), the fist pumps (see Imbecile), and the screams which is what they are (check the decibel level).

The "CMON" cries go hand in hand with fist pumps, again, border line taunting which at times is cross.

Can the screams be controlled? Of course not, but don't call them grunts.

The Fist Pumping Imbecile IMO was doing the shoe squeaking on purpose (ask Dani H.). Is the Imbecile still relevant? :P

And one more thing welcome to my world haha. :P

Anonymous said...

As of July 4, 2011

Azarenka, Victoria - current 4 - previous 5
Sharapova, Maria - current 5 - previous 6
Li, Na - current 6 - previous 4
Kvitova, Petra - current 7 - previous 8
Schiavone, Francesca - current 8 - previous 7
Peng, Shuai - current 17 - previous 20
Cibulkova, Dominika - current 20 - previous 24
Peer, Shahar - current 23 - previous 22
Kirilenko, Maria - current 24 - previous 27
Kanepi, Kaia - current 26 - previous 17
Lisicki, Sabine - current 27 - previous 62
Petrova, Nadia - current 32 - previous 37
Vesnina, Elena - current 33 - previous 36
Williams, Venus - current 34 - previous 30
Paszek, Tamira - current 41 - previous 80
Benesova, Iveta - current 44 - previous 53
Pironkova, Tsvetana - current 48 - previous 33
Date-Krumm, Kimiko - current 50 - previous 57
Cetkovska, Petra - current 55 - previous 81
Pervak, Ksenia - current 61 - previous 89
Martinez Sanchez, Maria Jose - current 62 - previous 76
McHale, Christina - current 66 - previous 73
Brianti, Alberta - current 67 - previous 56
Arn, Greta - current 72 - previous 47
Rezai, Aravane - current 75 - previous 61
Tatishvili, Anna - current 84 - previous 118
Yakimova, Anastasiya - current 93 - previous 100
Keothavong, Anne - current 94 - previous 111
Oudin, Melanie - current 99 - previous 87

Will the WTA continue giving WC's to Mr. Oudin when she slides out of the top 100?

Lucinda Perry said...

Williams, Serena - current 175 - previous 25

Carlos said...

Good question Caps321, specially that the U.S. hard court season is coming up.

Maybe the WTA will give the WCs to Serena.

Biggest drop in the ranking; Serena

Biggest jump: Pasnek and Licki Bean.

Happy 4th of July Caps.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th of July, Carlos and everyone else.

Yes, I would have no problem with Serena getting the WC for majors but not Oudin. I still think she messed up her game by bulking up. And of course keeping the same minor league coach!

Lucinda Perry said...

I think the WTA and USTA will have to give Serena WCs, it could look bad if they don't!

Serena will most likely be offerd WCs to Stanford, Toronto, Cincinnati and obviously the USO.

Czink and Robson made big moves also! Cink jumped 93 places...

Carlos said...

I'm not sold on Robson.


Lucinda Perry said...

Robson is potential galore in my eyes, you probably wont like my most recent post then :P

If your 'who?' is directed towards Czink, which I think it is...Czink is the one who beat Stosur!

Carlos said...

I keep hearing about Robson which it seems for years, maybe the Captain is correct I been hearing about her a lot and for along time that she seems like an underachiever. I actually thought she was a couple of years older. She has improved a bit, but I'm still not sold. I think I've been hearing about her for more 3 years. Potential = Suspect

Still, Czink who? She defeated the person who doesn't like grass and wants a longer clay season because she does well in that surface. Next thing we know Stosur will plead for Wimbledon to change to clay. I'll keep an eye on Czink chick during the U.S. hard court season. Hope you are right Clefairy.

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