Thursday, July 28, 2011

Serena's eyes set on top after dominating first match on US Soil since 2009

Let the stat's speak for them selves;

6 aces
100% first serve points won (17/17)
82% second serve return points won
Faced no break points
83% service points won
71% total points won
6-0, 6-0
47 minutes

Nice to Serena back to being Serena.

Next up for Serena is Maria Kirilenko who upset German Julia Goerges 6-2 6-3 in an impressive performance.

Another player who cause a bit of a stir was Ayumi Morita who upset 8th seeded Ana Ivanovic, as Ivanovic continues to struggle with her career.

Sorry to keep it short sharp and shiny guys but still a little jet lagged!


Marine said...

Welcome back :-)! It looks like a great trip. I also went for a short holidays to see my family. I saw the match btw Morita and Ivanovic and .... I just have no words...

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Thankyou Marine :) I had a ball, as much as I love travel nothing beats coming home! That sounds lovely, I hope you had a wonderful time :)

On Ivanovic, I don't know what to say, she should not have lost this match. The problem isn't results, she's been getting them but its all about consistency!

Carlos said...

Who cares about the Fist Pumping Imbecile. News flash, Angry Bird goes down in three sets. Is this how A.A. going to stablish her dominance?

Anonymous said...

Who is this doubles partner Julia is with?

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos, Lucinda will be very angry today! :P

Caps,that us Babora Zhavalova Strycova

Carlos said...

I hope she didn't go all Azarenka today. :P

Ha! The Crazy Czech.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Emily.

17:00 Radwanska - Lisicki (WTA Stanford)


Anonymous said...

Carlos, I see ESPN3 has some matches on this weekend. Also tonight at 11pm Eastern its Diva vs. Serena.

Too bad the quality is so poor when watching the replays or I'd probably check it out tomorrow.

Carlos said...

Thanks Caps. As luck would have it I spent most of Friday without cable, phone, or internet.

I was surprised by Aggie's performance in this tournament. This coaching change is what she needed all along.

Divapova was slaughtered by Serena. Yes, I did say that the summer hard court was going to be dominated by Divapova (lost badly) and Ostrich (out with an injury).

I'll be rooting for Licki Bean but I think Serena will win, she is the fresher of the two.

On the other side I'll take Sponge Bart but I'll be rooting rooting for the diminutive one.

Anonymous said...

I only watched a little bit of the Aggie match.. She did have a wrap on her calf.

I still think she needs one big weapon and that could take her game to the next level. Guess she'd need to get stronger in order for that to happen though. I'm unsure if a regular coach will double as a strength coach as well.

Carlos said...

Aggie can do what The Fist Pumping Imbecile did, hire a respectable trainer.

Carlos said...

I'll keep it PG , both semi finals sucked! A walkover and tired Licki Bean. Booooooo!

Lucinda Perry said...

The semi's were think I was going to stay up and watch them! The final should be interesting...but then again so should have Serena's QF and SF, Marion I think could be a little under done following a 6-1 retirement win and a walkover. I am glad there is a week break for Serena until Toronto. I expect her to make QF/SF there and then just do enough in Cincinnati to get a seed for the US Open, if that is possible.

Carlos said...

The final is the Captain's dream come true, two of her favorite players battling for the title.

I remember when Serena won Carlsbad three consecutive times.Honda was the sponsor so she ended up with three Honda cars.

Ms. Clefairy what is going on with your Angry Bird?

Lucinda Perry said...

Em will be jumping for joy!

I assume my Angry Bird just a minor slip up.

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