Thursday, July 14, 2011

Living on a Prayer.

Well, happy first birthday to the blog! Although Emily is on holiday in Los Angeles, she took the time to write a post regarding her blog being active for a whole year now!

Well, to be honest I do not know how I managed to have a blog, having in running for a year is just exceeded all of my expectations! I suppose that in all honesty I owe it all to Marija, from Women's Tennis Blog. Who kindly agreed to inform her readers of my blog, so if it wasn't for her I think I would be the only one reading this blog right now...oh and I would make Lucinda read it too!

Since then there have been good times and bad, the bad mainly being my embarrassments of Grand Slam predictions so far I am zero from three, yes that's right I am still yet to pick a player to make the final in my darw analysis'. In this year we have had twitter lost twitter and now gotten twitter again. We have foreseen three number 1's four grand slams but three champions. The changing of the guard almost, the beginning of the rise of the new generation. Its been one heck of a year!

I was fortunate enough to get a comment of my first post! And to make it even better abuse on my second :) that's when you can really say you're a blogger. We also welcomed the addition of Lucinda! And I am already on my third vacation! After skiing and Poland, I am now in LA and I promise no vacations next year! In true political style I should probably inform you I am already planning one! :P

And now because I know you are so interested in it some random facts and stats!
Total page Views - an astonishing 25,038 probably not that much but huge deal for me!

For some reason the most popular post was Kimiko Date Krumm defeating Maria Sharapova!

People from the United States have visited here the most, no real shock there! And most of you use firefox then...

Well thanks, and hopefully I will be able to last another year with being kicked off!


Carlos said...

Congratulations Captain and Clefairy!!!

Now I shall have another year of bugging you both, making bad predictions as well, letting my big mouth run, and giving nicknames to players. :P

A job well done! Keep it up.

In honor of this celebration drinks for everyone put it in the Captain's tab! Haha :P

PS: I'll bring the pinata

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate enough to get a comment of my first post!

Back when I used to be anonymous that was me with the Kim Clijsters post.. Surprise, eh?

But, I know nothing about that second one seeing that its defending Serena and I don't even like her!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is hahahahahahahaha

Piotr Wozniacki lashes out at his and daughter Caroline’s critics for saying she should consider hiring a new coach. Piotr is Caroline’s primary coach, but she also uses the services of adidas’ Sven Groenfeld. Piotr was not at the tournament in Bastad, Sweden, where Caroline retired in the second round with an injury.

"I hope that all the Danish experts are pleased that the father is no longer with her daughter, says Piotr told Ekstra Bladet. "There has been a lot of focus on me, so I hope the experts are satisfied that I was not in Bastad.”

Caroline wrote on her blog that she might be considering doing some things differently. The No. 1 suffered early defeats both at Roland Garros and at Wimbledon.

"I know there are many who criticize me and who want, among other things, that I need to change coaches. It is a period when I walk around and think about what will happen in the future. The period I have to go through now is not easy. That is why I will take my precautions about how I must make myself ready for the challenges ahead…I am sorry to have disappointed my fans with a defeat, but I will get strong again and will do anything to get even better."

Carlos said...

Congratulations Caps on being the first to comment.

I promise to keep pulling pranks on the Captain and Clefairy. :P


The Adidas guy (Sven) was The Fist Pumping Imbecile's coach during her downward spiral. Being a secondary coach to the Bunny didn't work out well either. Makes me think Sven is overrated as a coach/advisor.

Sounds like the Bunny is really considering a new coach and is making Papa Bunny angry.

If the Bunny "Will do anything to get better" 1)Don't make a deal or sell your soul to the Devil. 2)Read all the advises of this blog. 3)Don't call the advises criticism. 4)Follow all of the advises! You will be back on top. :P

Lucinda Perry said...

Caps being the first comment makes for more celebration! Another round of drinks on Emily!

I am more concerned for Vera...she needs to dump Karen and get back with Sergy! With Serge she got Final, Final, Semi Fianl and #2 rank. With Karen she has gotten 4th round and 3rd round! She needs her Sergy back! And I need the eye candy in her box!

Anonymous said...

Didn't I hear something about Sven not being able to 'coach' when 2 Adidas 'girls' are playing against each other? Because that doesn't sound very reliable.

IMO, she needs a full time coach anyway. As Carlos said, Sven wasn't much help to Imbecile either.. Bunny should be proud of making #1 but like I said before, her game needs a whole lotta improvement if she wants to keep the top spot. (I'm not sold on her winning ANY majors this year or the next.)

Plus, one has to think if she doesn't win one in the next couple years her confidence will be in the crapper. Especially if she loses that top spot and slips out of the top 10.

The window is closing Bunny and you're going to be on the outside looking in! WooooHOOOOO!!!!

Carlos said...

Clefairy, what Vera Z. needs is a sports psychologist, pronto.

You are right Mr. Caps Sven can't help out when two Adidas sponsor players face each other.

The way The Bunny made the number one ranking was taking advantage of the ranking system "loophole": playing tons of tournaments for the purpose to rack up points to climb the ranking ladder. I said this in the past, I can't call it cheating because how the ranking system is set up, allows it.

I think her confidence is wobbling now.

You are once again right Mr. Caps her window of opportunity is closing.

Anonymous said...


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