Sunday, April 1, 2012

Aga wins big time in Miami. Oh and I'm back, just in case you were wondering.

Agnieszka Radwanska has continued her impressive start to 2012 by winning arguably the biggest title of her career, the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne. Radwanska did not drop a set all tournament which included wins over Venus Williams, Marion Bartoli an finally Maria Sharapova in the final.

Radwanska has been impressive in 2012, the only player to have beaten her being world number one Victoria Azarenka, on four occasions. While Sharapova remains consistent with appearances in the later stages of tournaments she now, more than ever, seems really Russian having lost  nine out of her last 14 final appearances all since returning from shoulder surgery in 2009.

Just one service break in each set was enough for Radwanska to deny Maria Sharapova a maiden Miami title following four previous final berths. A strong serving performance and her trade mark craftiness around the court saw Radwanska hoist the Miami trophy for the first time which is her second, but most prestigious Premier Mandatory event title following her first which came in Beijing at the end of last year.

Defending just 630 points going into the clay season and in the form that Radwanska is in it poises her nicely for a possible accent to the top of the rankings.

And yes I have returned from over three months abroad. To be honest I was tempted to remain couch surfing through Europe for a little while longer with the beloved one when I remembered I that Uni and Work are kind of important.


caps321 said...

Welcome back, Emily.


caps321 said...

No. 1 seed Radwanska forced to withdraw from Family Circle Cup

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Thanks Caps!

I'm not surprised by Aga's withdrawal, smart move.

I Don't Like You said...
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caps321 said...



Arn, Greta (HUN) Neck injury
Begu, Irina-Camelia (ROU) Right elbow injury
Chakvetadze, Anna (RUS) Back injury
Goerges, Julia (GER) Viral illness
Krajicek, Michaella (NED) Right knee injury
Mattek-Sands, Bethanie (USA) Left hip injury
Morita, Ayumi (JPN) Right shoulder injury
Oprandi, Romina (SUI) Right knee injury
Paszek, Tamira (AUT) Low back injury
Peng, Shuai (CHN) Right shoulder injury
Zheng, Jie (CHN) Low back injury

As of April 2, 2012

Williams, Serena 10 (11)
Petkovic, Andrea 11 (10)
Ivanovic, Ana 14 (16)
Goerges, Julia 15 (17)
Kerber, Angelique 16 (14)
Jankovic, Jelena 17 (15)
Vinci, Roberta 19 (20)
Kirilenko, Maria 21 (22)
Pennetta, Flavia 24 (26)
Wickmayer, Yanina 30 (33)
McHale, Christina 33 (32)
Makarova, Ekaterina 39 (41)
Scheepers, Chanelle 40 (42)
Clijsters, Kim 41 (37)
Halep, Simona 46 (50)
Peer, Shahar 54 (55)
Wozniak, Aleksandra 60 (65)
Soler-Espinosa, Silvia 64 (72)
Bondarenko, Kateryna 66 (75)
Stephens, Sloane 75 (90)
Dulgheru, Alexandra 76 (58)
Foretz Gacon, Stephanie 81 (93)
Williams, Venus 87 (134)
Mattek-Sands, Bethanie 94 (86)
Radwanska, Urszula 95 (98)
Rus, Arantxa 97 (105)
Razzano, Virginie 100 (88)
Jovanovski, Bojana 108 (106)
Watson, Heather 115 (129)
Garcia, Caroline 143 (142)
Keys, Madison 216 (275)
Kleybanova, Alisa 218 (248)
Oudin, Melanie 304 (258)
Chakvetadze, Anna 399 (397)

Family Circle Cup draws

Mona's next two tournaments are: Copenhagen & Stuttgart.

Angry Big Mac said...

OK first of all welcome back Captain!...How you like me now? :P

Secondly, I apologize to Mr. Caps for my lack of comments the past week it had to do with a prank; although at times it very tempting. How did you celebrate Aggie's victory Mr. Caps? Did you blow bubbles? :P

On Angry Bird losing to Sponge Bart, she ran out of steam, it started with the match against Heather Watson.

Aggie finally proved herself.

Divapova failing to win Miami on her fifth final. Miami is her Kryptonite.

Charleston: Heather Watson fell in the first round of qualies as well as Caroline Garcia, while surprise! Mr. Oudin made it to the main draw. She plays today against Anabel M.G.

Galina vs Dockic
Bambi vs Wozniak

I'm taking Anabel, Galina, and Bambi in a tough three setter.

Too bad it is going to be a while before Mona gets to play in the U.S. again.

Time to check the ranking BTW you keep making it easy for me Caps:

Top stock: Still Mrs. Angry

Stock that value shot up: Aggie of course.

Devalued stock: Bunny, Laura Robson, and Peng.

Raising stock: Kleybanova and Halep (for the wrong reasons).

Strong, steady, stock: Divapova

Junk (in the trunk) stock: Imbecile

Happy Monday Caps:

The Captain and Clefairy can easily rock this shorts too:

I swear, they look like flight attendants:

Was thong gate ever resolved? :P

caps321 said...

Welcome back, Carlos!

I had the chance to sit down with Radwanska long after she finished her official presser and the rest of the champion’s media obligations. She was on her second post-match outfit, a lacey, low-cut white top with spaghetti straps, Daisy Duke shorts, and flip-flops.

No mention of Julia's 'viral illness' on her twitter feed. Its hilarious that Aga pulled out because Bunny wasn't allowed to play and now Aga didn't either! (But, according to the 'genius' Mr. Woz, Bunny is focusing on the bigger tournaments now if I read that article below correctly.) Aggie is now Aga, ESPN commentators say she doesn't like that nick name!
"Polish women begin to chase Azarenka"

Piotr Woz REALLY means Aga chases Bird because Bunny is headed in the other direction.

3 page interview with the donkey Mr. Woz.

Angry Big Mac said...

Thank you Caps, glad to be back.

If Aggie doesn't like her nickname I'll think a new one for her that she will like even less. :P

OK Aggie shows up in daisy dukes and this guy doesn't have the decency to take not even one photo? I'm the editor I get him fired on the grounds of not satisfying fellow perverts jollies. :P

Aggie had the advantage in the final that she got a tired Divapova. Playing in the Indian Wells final and the Miami final took its toll on the Diva, the amount of unforced errors in the semis against the Bunny and final told the story. Which brings me to this question, why in the world couldn't the Bunny defeat a tired Diva? Because Aggie is a better player than Bunny. The P.P. (Polish Posse) was well represented in Miami.

I sense the Wozniackis are still bitter that Li Na spanked Bunny at AO 11 semis in the infamous match "Meltdown In Melbourne", why bring Li up? Father Bunny was also complaining that her little Bunnter is not allow to play a ton of tournaments. The Wozniacki's strategy is mute and by criticizing everyone else they are trying to cover their short comings. This guy is not a genius and the media should not focus on him all he did was to copy JJ. For them is quantity not quality and now they are trying to spin everything.

Off topic: Reasons why not to fly from L.A. to Melbourne. :P

While we are off topic I don't like Chelsea Handler. I find her to be unfunny, overrated, and undeserving of a show. I don't like Divapova that much either but I love how she double slapped Handler, Clefairy style, on Handler's own show. To quote 70s Show Kelso, "Burn!".

caps321 said...

Not sure what's came over the Wozniak woman from Canada. But, one can assume she's tired of being a jobber to the stars!

She beat McHale 7-5, 5-7, 6-4.

This tournament sucks, all my women are out and there is no coverage yet.

Angry Big Mac said...

Wozniak has been playing better of late even before she got injured she had raised her level of play. I always give a pass to most players who play on clay for the first time in a given season because they are making the transition from hard court to clay. Is the first one and done for Bambi this season, she is doing OK but she can be doing better.

Ostrich and Mona decided to skip Charleston, Aggie pulled out, and Bambi is done. I hear your pain Mr. Caps, do you have any alternates that you would root for? Or are you going to root against the players that you don't like? Someone named Serena perhaps? Kerbey isn't playing either as well as Flavia and Princess, I also have to mention Mrs. Angry because I have to.

Just checked the draw again, Caps your Makarushi is playing.

Speaking of Ostrich I forgot to mention yesterday her stock is on a slide.

Today I'll take:

The Dude over Jill Craybass
King in the upset over WickiWickiWicki.
Hampton to upset Mr. Samuel.

In doubles King is no longer playing with Yaroslava. Both will face each other in the first round: Yaroslava/Anabel M.G. and King/Radiona, I'll take King Team.

The "H" Czech Team against Kops-Jones/Spears. I'll take the Czechs.

Vera/Licki B. against Raymond/Jerk. I'll take Vera team.

Crazy Czech team vs number two seed. I'll take the number two seed.

Is the Captain too tired, jet lagged, or mad? :P

How about you Clefairy? :P

caps321 said...

Carlos the only women I would watch still in the draw are: Vesnina, Hampton, Safarova.

Makarova is playing? I don't see her on the revised draw sheet.

Its really no fun rooting against Serena if she's playing a bunch of scrubs.

With her win yesterday, Wozniak is 18-7 on the year.

I don't like Ms. Handler either. Mainly because she thinks she's the 'stuff' but isn't even the 'stuffs' cousin.

Also, her 30 minute show usually interviews actresses I like for about 5 minutes and spends the rest of her time with some lame ass roundtable that doesn't even include the guests!

IMO, the best interview show is Tavis Smiley on PBS.

Kimmel & Ferguson are funny. But, they usually don't interview the people for too long and/or the topic covered is a quick movie plug and stupid 'fluff' rather than breaking any news or even asking questions that aren't already well known.

Angry Big Mac said...

King lost in straight sets 4-6, 3-6, so much for that.

Ooops, sorry Caps I confused Erakovic with Makarushi.

You are right about Ferguson and Kimmel, when the interviews get funny is worth watching but other times are a bore. I think Craig, Jimmy, and the rest of late night show hosts don't ask tough questions because they want guest to go to their show and not get the reputation that they do tough interviews, it will scare guest off. I haven't seen Tavis Smiley I'll try to catch him.

Angry Big Mac said...

Damn I lost my post!

Sorry Caps, I confused the name Erakovic with Makarova. It may have been more of wishful thinking on my part.

Haven't seen Tavis Smiley in a long, long, time. I'll try to catch him.

Caps, you are right about Kimmel and Ferguson, when interviews are funny is worth watching otherwise are a bore. I think Craig, Jimmy and the rest of the of the late night hosts, can not ask tough questions because they will begin to get a reputation and risk the possibility of guests getting scare off. So you get this smooch fest, free infomercial for whatever project their guests are doing. It is why nowadays you have politicians showing up to this shows on election years. It is sad to say Late night shows have become propaganda machines.

Angry Big Mac said...

Yesterday I was 0-3 in my predictions. Sam and WickiWickiWicki decided to show up and The Dude punk out in the third set. Horrible year for me at the prediction category, I know, I know, I'm beginning to sound like the general, so I'll continue. :P

Venus over JJ
Wozniak over Crazy Czech
Galina over Ormaechea
Licki B. over Hlavackova

caps321 said...

I only watch talk shows if someone I like is going to be on there.. And its only the actual interview.

Agnieszka Radwanska dismissed Croat coach Borna Vikic after trial period, win in Miami

That must be coach #2 and maybe the guy that was working mostly with Ula? Because I thought her main coach was the guy from Fed Cup.

Then again, talking about details like this might be embarrassing for poor Ula who is floundering after having the same coaching through the years as Aga.

caps321 said...

#150 Shvedova took out #30 Wiki 6-2, 7-6.

#60 Wozniak took out #58 Zahlavova 7-6, 6-2.

The big BAD Ostrich has posted photos of her training and boyfriend:!/Petra_Kvitova/status/187592615145897984/photo/1!/Petra_Kvitova/status/187590650332581888/photo/1

Ostrich is way too much woman for that young buck!

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps you commented that this guy got romantically involve with players he had previously coached. Maybe he tried the same formula on Aggie and she kicked him to the curve.

I don't even know what is going on with Wicki, she lacks fitness, concentration, motivation, and she gives up. I thought King had a chance to take her out, I stood away from predicting this match because Wicki is inconsistent. She has the body build to be in the top ten but her game is painfully underachieving.

Finally I got a prediction right. Wozniak will face your Lucie Safarova, Caps. Lucie is kicking Lucic butt 6-2 in the first set at the moment.

I agree with you Caps once again about Ostrich being too much woman for the inexperience buck. Maybe she likes younger guys so she easily manipulate them, maybe? :P

You will probably get mad at me Caps for this comment, Ostrich needs to work to get her gut down.

caps321 said...

Caps you commented that this guy got romantically involve with players he had previously coached. Maybe he tried the same formula on Aggie and she kicked him to the curve.

I remember NOW...GASP! Maybe he tried to get fresh with Ula. Because I think the 'other coach' was for Ula when Aga and her weren't playing the same tournament. Plus, Ula needs lots more work than Aga.

Wiki sorta reminds me of Petko.. Although I think Petko is better. But, similiar in that they both seem to choke out and don't play up to their true potential.

Finally I got a prediction right. Wozniak will face your Lucie Safarova, Caps. Lucie is kicking Lucic butt 6-2 in the first set at the moment.

Lovely Lucie better bring her 'A game' or that Canadian is going to send her packing.

You will probably get mad at me Caps for this comment, Ostrich needs to work to get her gut down.

Maybe Ostrich's skinny boyfriend can show her the 'crunch' exercise.

Correction: I don't like Jimmy Kimmel but I do like Jimmy Fallon. Not sure why I get those two mixed up.. Perhaps its because they have the same first name.

caps321 said...

Radwanska arrives home to hero’s welcome after Miami victory

Melanie Oudin Tries to Get Her Game Back

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for the links Caps.

A nice surprise for Aggie. My advice: don't get Divapova mad, ask Petkovic.

Mr. Oudin's article has a mistake, she didn't get a wild card for qualies at Family Circle Cup as the article suggest, check qualies draw:

What a way for Mr. Oudin to throw under the bus Florida's Boca Raton U.S.T.A. training center.

For Bambi, her favorite word is "Yeah" for Mr. Oudin is "Like".

Caps how about this: Mr. Oudin hires Vikic (the guy Aggie fired) if he doesn't get fresh with Mr. Oudin he can get fresh with her mother. :P

Damn, I missed writing my predictions for Thursday. Here are my Friday predictions:

Serena vs Licki Bean...I take Serena, Licki B. doesn't have the chops to defeat Serena.

Vera vs Lucie Safarova..This a pick'em match. Vera has the experience but her play is down south, I say your Lucie, Caps, in three sets.

Hercog vs Petrova...I take Hercog.

Galina vs Mr. Samuel to finish, (Samuel leads 4-2 in the first set) I say Mr. Samuel in straight sets then...

Samuel vs Venus...Venus because Sam will be too tired.

caps321 said...

Caps how about this: Mr. Oudin hires Vikic (the guy Aggie fired) if he doesn't get fresh with Mr. Oudin he can get fresh with her mother. :P


The only match I'm watching today is Lucie. Which should come on around 4pm Eastern.

caps321 said...

Safarova wins!

Krakow wants to renew sponsorship deal with Radwanska sisters
Obama Easter Egg Roll is biggest yet

USTA 10 and Under Tennis Courts will feature tennis greats, Chandra Rubin, Vania King, Katrina Adams, Taylor Dent, Bethanie Mattek-Sand and Christina McHale.

Angry Big Mac said...

Thanks for links Caps.

That's a steal! For that amount of cash I would wear L.A. T-shirts all
day, all night, year round. Rawankas know how to make easy dough.

Too bad I can't make it to Washington D.C. it would have been awesome to meet Wubbzy... I mean McHale. :-P

For the semis I have:

Serena in straight sets.
Lucie also in straight sets.

caps321 said...

Carlos, I agree with your predictions.

Mauresmo to help coach Azarenka

Amelie Mauresmo will become a consultant to No. 1 Victoria Azarenka, Reuters and the French web site "We Love Tennis" reported. Mauresmo will help Azarenka’s regular coach, Sam Sumyk. Two-time Grand Slam champion Mauresmo helped coach French male player Michael Llodra last year.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to rip on Bunny...

Let me get this straight. Bird won a grand slam and is ranked #1 but is taking on a new consultant? What about Bunny? She has no grand slams and mostly crap titles won at $37,000 tournaments to pad her resume.

Right. Mr. Woz is all the Bunny needs!

13:00 Stosur - S. Williams
14:30 Hercog - Safarova

Angry Big Mac said...

Serena to conquer the green monster tomorrow.

They are already playing qualies at Bsrcelona and Copenhagen.

Lickitongue won the first round of qualies 6-1, 6-1.

First round:
Bunny vs Ula...Will this make Caps mad?

Robson vs JJ...Robbies does Laura has the potatoes to defeat a slumping JJ?

Mona and Kerbey at the bottom of the draw.

Babos* vs Kimiko.

I'm red flagging Babos stock for skipping Indian Wells and Miami. The only quality win she has is over Errani who has been slumping after losing to Babos. Perhaps Errani's slump started before facing Babos. Copenhagen is a tournament to see if Babos is for real.

Barcelona first round:
Halep vs Sloane Stephens...I take bouncing boobies...I mean Halep

Chipmunk vs Hercog...Chipmunk because Hercog will be tired.

Cetkovska vs Peer...Cetkovska, I think Peer's career is about done like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Candle Head made it to the second round of qualies. :P

Top two seeds Furby and Julia G.
Pennetta is playing too. ;-)

caps321 said...

Not very impressed with Safarova's game plan out there today. She didn't make Serena run much and usually hit it right back to her in the center of the court.

If Julia doesn't make the final (at least) she's pathetic. This is exactly the type of tournament she should be winning.

Mona says:

7.4.: I arrived today in Copenhagen and practiced a bit. By the way, this is the first tournament of this year, I played before. Last year I qualified and made it into the semifinals. Of course I like this tournament.

Btw, she has a work in progress English version of her website now. Guess they saw all the 'visits' from Florida and had to make a move!

caps321 said...



Dokic, Jelena (AUS) Right wrist injury
Dulgheru, Alexandra (ROU) Right knee injury
Lepchenko, Varvara (USA) Right ankle injury
Martínez Sánchez, María José (ESP) Right thigh injury
Oprandi, Romina (SUI) Right knee injury
Pironkova, Tsvetana (BUL) Left hand injury
Razzano, Virginie (FRA) Right hip injury


Daniilidou, Eleni (GRE) Viral illness
Minella, Mandy (LUX) Low back injury

As of April 9, 2012

Williams, Serena 9 (10)
Zvonareva, Vera 10 (9)
Kerber, Angelique 15 (16)
Goerges, Julia 16 (15)
Hantuchova, Daniela 19 (20)
Jankovic, Jelena 20 (17)
Safarova, Lucie 23 (26)
McHale, Christina 35 (33)
Hercog, Polona 36 (38)
Barthel, Mona 37 (36)
Clijsters, Kim 40 (41)
Voskoboeva, Galina 45 (50)
Gajdosova, Jarmila 50 (52)
Begu, Irina-Camelia 55 (43)
Wozniak, Aleksandra 56 (60)
Babos, Timea 67 (68)
Williams, Venus 71 (87)
Vesnina, Elena 78 (56)
Hampton, Jamie 87 (92)
Radwanska, Urszula 93 (95)
Falconi, Irina 104 (99)
Jovanovski, Bojana 106 (108)
Shvedova, Yaroslava 130 (150)
Garcia, Caroline 148 (143)
Oudin, Melanie 296 (304)
Chakvetadze, Anna 398 (399)

Angry Big Mac said...

Good Monday to all.

I saw this and it reminded me of Louise:


The Babos had a tough three setter against Kimiko in the first round. The Babos won in two hours and seventeen minutes 1-6,7-6(4), 7-5, but I think she is going down in the next round. This match gives me the reason why I red flagged The Babos stock.

In another tough three setter Lickitongue defeated Tsurenko in the final round of qualifying 5-7,6-4, 6-2.

Lickitongue showing us her technique:

Bunny and BFF doubles team lost in the first round. Bunny sucks at doubles.

Barcelona first round:
Cetkovska defeated Peer 6-1, 5-7, 7-5. Caps rejoices.

Halep won over Stephens 6-4, 6-4. Bouncing boobies admirers rejoice, are you one of them Mr. Caps? :P

Errani topped Begu 7(6), 6-4 in two hours and four minutes. That was a long match for a two setter.

Flavia/Furby defeated Chipmunk/Zakopalova 7-5, 4-6, 10-6.

In news I only care about, Candle Head lost in the final round of qualifying to Thrope 7-6(4),4-6, 7-6(0). In a match that lasted three hours and eleven minutes...I just like saying Candle Head. :P

"Btw, she has a work in progress English version of her website now. Guess they saw all the 'visits' from Florida and had to make a move!". Correction: The other half of the 'visits' were from L.A.

Here's to you Clefairy:

To you too Caps:

Reasons why I should change her nickname to Bitchypova:

Quote of the week: Money doesn't buy happiness, but is more comfortable to cry inside a Mercedes than on a bicycle.

Angry Big Mac said...

Good news for Candle Head fans! Are there any out there? :P Due to the withdrawal of Balchata Candle Head plays in the first round as a Lucky loser against Bratchikova.

Checking the stocks, sorry for the delay.

The Babos may have moved up but as I said previously that stock is still red flagged.

Kerbey or Mona will take EBoks title, Bunny will cry on her own turf.

Stock watch: I project Mona and Lickitongue's stock to rise after EBoks.

Lickitongue, if she advances will face Bunny in
the second round. I don't think Ms. Licki can take out Bunny but I hope she gives the Bunny hell.

Once a upon a time Shvedova was ranked inside the top 40 (39). After her injury she has struggled to get up in the ranks. That is a stock that I'm predicting to rise back to the top 50.

Dani in the top 20, not bad for a thirty year old...wait, thirty! I can't believe the Queen Of Chokes is thirty!

I'm eyes are fixed on Galina Voskoboeva's stock. Can she rise even more or has she peaked? I think she can rise a couple of more spots maybe to 40 at best, at best, 35 but no more. I predict that is ceiling for this stock.

Are JJ and Vera Z. done? I think yes, more so for JJ than Vera.

Angry Big Mac said...

I saw the Mona match I wish I hadn't, it was a terrible match. To begin, for some strange reason the court seemed small, the balls were flying, Mona was lethargic, very poor decisions from Mona, and too many unforced errors from both players; specially in the first set. Mona seemed more preoccupied playing with her hair, swinging her hips, than actually playing, and she was taking too much time in between points. There were moments that Mona was playing great. It also looked like Mona was giving a bit of attitude to the ball kids in the first set. The interview at the end of the match Mona said that she was happy how played, she mentioned her serve wasn't particularly good. She was broken three times in this match. Mona should had won this match 6-0, 6-1 but her poor decisions prolonged the match keeping her opponent in the match. I swear probably ten people were in the stands so it was awkward when she she was saluting the crowd at the end of the match, you could tell she was a bit embarrassed. I like Mona and I'm hard to the ones I like. I hope she raises her level of play and for the record I like how she swings those hips of hers.

caps321 said...

Mona did seem to be talking to herself! Also, she guessed wrong quite a few times by coming to net, hitting it right back to Larsson and then getting passed.

haha watched that Cornet/Ejdesgaard match.. Cornet won 6-0, 6-0. She looks much better in the face than Bunny, and tries to play exactly like her. Guess she's the one Bunny is trying to get into the Olympics doubles with.

Typical Julia playing like crap against Rezai tied up 4-4 in the first set. Maybe she'll get warmed up here sometime soon.

Trying to decide whether to work on painting/sanding outside or watch Julia and maybe a bit of Bunny/Ula.

Will probably go work as this is boring stuff.

caps321 said...

Finally got around to watching Mona Barthel's victory over Wiki in Hobart. Wow, she played really well. Will watch some of her other matches I downloaded from the Hobart YouTube page in the near future.

05:30 Barthel - Brianti
06:00 Cirstea - Hercog
07:00 Peer / Suarez - Govortsova / Uhlirova
07:00 Kanepi - Babos
07:30 Cetkovska - Suarez Navarro
08:30 Begu / DominguezLino - Jugic-Salkic /Klemenschits
09:00 Errani - Cabeza Candela
10:00 Bratchikova / Jurak - Cetkovska / Zahlavova Strycova
10:00 Martic - Konta
10:30 Halep - Vinci
11:30 Robson - Jankovic
13:00 Cornet - Mayr-Achleitner

Guess I'm waking up early again because the thought of Mona prancing around in the early morning dew is exciting!

caps321 said...

Lost my post on accident:

First time watching Babos & Robson.

Babos needs to work on her fitness and stop making so many errors. But, she does have some power!

Robson seems to have a myriad of shots but doesn't leave herself enough room for error when going for lines. Plus, her footwork and fitness aren't the best either. I heard she's using Sven from Adidas for coaching and read other stuff (I heard was outdated) elsewhere. Nevertheless, she needs a full time coach and could be a tricky lefty in the future.

Angry Big Mac said...

I agree on your comment on Babos, Caps, but she was more fitter when she won Monterrey couple of months ago. She skipped Indian Wells and Miami to do what? Sit around and eat burgers? Inexcusable how she got back looking less fit. There was a moment in the second set where she lifted her shirt up showing off her tummy. On the other hand Kanepi looked fitter best shape that I've seen her. In this match I never doubted that Kanepi was going to win. I didn't see the match completely (mid second set that's when I lost the streaming feed) but it was a good match not a great match at to that point.

Mona: I picked up the match in the second set, I thought Mona played better today than yesterday. I did see Mona's final at Hobart on YouTube I hope she gets to that level of play before this tournament ends. I get the feeling that she trying out strategies for the clay court season. Today she was playing with her hair and swinging her hips less.

To me Robson is a suspect not a prospect. I've been hearing about her for a couple of years and no go. Not sold on the Adidas guys but as far as coaching an underrated coach is the Diminutive One's coach Zeljko Krajanhe, he as the little one playing good tennis. He was the coach that took Dinara Safina to the zenith of her career.

On court coaching gotta go.

Angry Big Mac said...

Tomorrow in Barcelona I take:

Flavia, Chipmunk, and Julia G. to move on.


Yulia Putintseva over JJ...I'm taking her because JJ will falter. Something is going on with JJ.

I'm also taking Kerbey. I hope she rebounds from her first round showing against someone who looked like a librarian.

Finally I'm taking Bojandles.

caps321 said...

Bojangles is in the third set with Nicalescu.

Don't know if it was the camera angle for the final in Hobart or not.. But, it seems to me Mona was landing differently on her serve than she does now. I also noticed tape on her left shoulder blade at that time. So, maybe she was compensating? Nevertheless, her serve was better and she played aggressive in that final.

That said, I still need to watch a couple more of the matches. But, the first one wasn't a very good video, I think the camera was stationary IIRC.

Bojangles up 4-0 in the third set.

Yeah, JJ is playing like total crap. I think she is either injured, doesn't care, or her career is over. Its so hard to tell with this chick.

Almost forgot, Halep won and will be playing Suarez Navarro next.

Mona doesn't play until tomorrow. I think Kerber is on next after this Bojangles match.

Angry Big Mac said...

Kerbey won in three in three sets that means we get the two Germans Mona and Kerbey going at each other. Kerbey hasn't been dominant both of her previous matches have gone three sets. Mona has struggled with her serve since Qatar. Mona should wear a hair bun tomorrow to keep me happy. :P

I noticed the big names where all at the bottom of the draw in Copenhagen: Kerbey, JJ, Mona, Kanepi, and Babos. None in the top half of the draw where Bunny sits pretty.

Flavia lost to a woman ranked 204.

Diminutive one won in three sets.

caps321 said...

05:30 Barthel - Kerber
06:45 Suarez Navarro - Halep
07:00 Kanepi - Jankovic
08:00 Pennetta / Schiavone - Begu / Dominguez Lino
08:15 Errani - Goerges
09:45 Govortsova - Cirstea
10:00 Errani / Vinci - Cetkovska / Zahlavova Strycova
10:15 Wozniacki - Cornet
11:15 Cibulkova - Beygelzimer
12:30 Jovanovski - Martic
14:00 Dekmeijere / Kondratieva - Date-Krumm / Fujiwara

Awful match by Julia today even though she won. Tons of errors and crap serving.

Looks like Bojangles is about to reenter the top 100.

Just finished watching the Barthel/Kerber match from Hobart. Major chokeage by Kerber or does Mona have her number? Guess we'll find out tomorrow morning at 5:30am Eastern!

Mona has fancy hair I was checking it out on the match I watched today. Not sure of the exactly color(s) but I like it.

Angry Big Mac said...

Finally finished watching the Miami final. The match depended on Divapova's racket and she blew it.

I'm taking Mona, Kanepi, Martic, and unfortunately Bunny.

In Barcelona I'm taking: Halep, Chipmunk, Dimunitive One, and Errani over your Julia, Caps.

I agree with you Caps about Mona's hair. I just want to see her in a bun.

BTW I forgot to mention this, Jimmy Kimmel is a clone of Craig Kilborn.

caps321 said...

Mona was up 5-3 in the third set and choked out.

Tied up 5-5.

Mona gets broken, Kerber leads 6-5. (Mona tried a shit dropper on game point.)

Mona loses 7-5, hit 36 winners and 42 unforced errors. I think she just ran out of gas and of course way too many errors.

Angry Big Mac said...

Tomorrow in Barcelona I have:

Errani over Navarro in straight sets.
Diminutive over Chipmunk in three sets.

Bunny and Kerbey into the final.

Mona: something was wrong with Mona since the get go of Copenhagen. In her first match, game three I heard the lady commentator say, ”Mona doesn't seem like herself maybe she is injured, although she is not showing any signs of injury”. Perhaps she caught a bug, she looked slimmer than in Hobart, would you agree Mr. Caps? Or I need my eyes checked.

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