Saturday, April 14, 2012

You got fight

For the 11th time in 2012 Angelique Kerber was pushed to three sets and for the 11th time in 2012 Angelique Kerber has won a three set match. There is no denying that she is, now, one of the biggest fighters on tour. In four of those 11 matches the US Open semi finalist has saved multiple match points. Today she fought from 2-5 down in the third set to defeat compatriot Mona Barthel 6-2 0-6 7-5, saving two match points.

The match was full of momentum swings as the pair took turns in playing well. With Kerber serving down 4-5 in the third both decided they would give it their best at playing well at the same time and the result was some great point play from both players and great rallies for the crowd to enjoy, which unfortunately was just a handful of people as it has been always in Copenhagen unless Wozniacki is on court.

Kerber's opponent in her semi final will be former world number one Jelena Jankovic who bounced back losing the first set against Kaia Kaneppi 4-6 to eventually win 4-6 6-1 6-3. Jankovic seems to be picking her game in time for the clay season, where she has found consistent success in the past years.

In the quarter final between the two unseeded players, Bojana Jovanovski and Petra Matic. Both young emerging talents on the tour split the first two sets 6-4 while in the third set Matic got the advantage and prevailed 6-4 4-6 6-3.

The only quarter final not to go the distance featured top seed and twice defending champion, Caroline Wozniacki and she breezed passed Alize cornet 6-0 6-3 to improve to 14-0 in Copenhagen.


caps321 said...

JJ's about to slip out of the top 20 and the sun is setting on her career.

Kerber never seems to give up which makes her very dangerous. And I'm still PO'ed that Mona lost after being up IIRC 4-1, 5-3 in the third set. Anyway, I can't stay mad at my main squeeze for long!

I think Cibulkova will win Barcelona and Kerber in Copenhagen.

Angry Big Mac said...

Crap lost my comment in the previous post.

I had Errani and Cibulkova winning

Bunny and Kerbey in the final.

Mona: From the get go Mona struggled at Copenhagen. Maybe she caught a bug cause she wasn't the same. On her first match, third game, the lady commentator said, "Barthel doesn't seem to be playing up to par. She is not showing any signs of injury". I noticed she was slimmer than in Hobart, would you agree with that Caps? Or do I need to have my eyes checked?

On Mona's hair do: I think it was a bun/beehive combo. She has long hair she can pull a beehive do. Maybe next time she can wear a t-shirt that says "I Love Angry Big Mac". :P

caps321 said...

Its hard for me to gauge Mona's weight from Hobart to Copenhagen while watching on a stream. But, she definitely wasn't playing up to Hobart standards which is strange considering she had to play qualies at Hobart.

Good news is she'll be at Stuggart and here is her latest post:

13.4.: Unfortunately I didn't play well in the beginning of the match, but I could raise my level in the second set, I won it 6:0.In the third set I was already leading 5:2 and I had two matchpoints, but unfortunately I couldn't close it out. But reaching the quarterfinal in the Copenhagen tournament is a good result for me.

Believe she lost about 70 points or so since she made the semi's last year.

Sorana is one stupid chick. This Imbecile apprentice refuses to adapt her game and will keep playing the same way regardless of sub par results.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps this the second time that Mona chokes in the third set, the other time being against Mrs. Angry at Indian Wells.

"Sorana is one stupid chick. This Imbecile apprentice refuses to adapt her game and will keep playing the same way regardless of sub par results". Hahaha that is why I don't like her on court because she is a one dimensional robot.

I hope the Mona of Hobart shows up at Stuttgart.

caps321 said...

Dominika Cibulkova has split from her coach, Zeljko Krajan, the Slovak News Agency (SITA) reports. World No. 17 Cibulkova worked with Krajan, who previously coached former No. 1 Dinara Safina, for almost two years. When the two began working together, Cibulkova was sputtering and was ranked No. 46. Cibulkova is at the Barcelona tournament with her physio Marian Drinka and hitting partner Peter Miklusicak and is looking for a new coach. She will play Sara Errani in the final there.

Groeneveld to have more input with Wozniacki
06:50 Arvidsson / Kanepi - Date-Krumm / Fujiwara
07:00 Cibulkova - Errani
09:00 Errani / Vinci - Pennetta / Schiavone
09:00 Wozniacki - Kerber
Sven is getting stretched sorta thin, no? From reading the article, he makes some sense on how to improve Bunny's game.

Angry Big Mac said...

Mona should take Krajan as her coach immediately.

Errani in botn singles and doubles final in Barcelona. She takes both titles. The doubles match can be called, ”Battle Of The Hair Buns”. :P

Kerbey defeats Bunny in three sets. As I told Clefairy, Bunny cries after the match.

Don't trust Sven, remember he was the coach when The Fist Pumping Imbecile spiraled down from number one to Imbecile status. A nice insight though, but daddy and Bunny are more preoccupy with ranking points and being allowed to play more tournaments than development. That is why Ricardo Sanchez was fired from Bunny ranch.

Everyone knows who are the coaches that I consider overrated and underrrated. I post this question to Caps , Clefairy, and Captain (is she still around? :P ) who are the coaches that you consider overrated and underrated?

caps321 said...

Carlos, I don't know much about coaches.. Just know when women need a new one!

Btw, do you think Mona can actually afford a full time coach? IMO, that's the reason she doesn't have one travel with her.

Cibulkova is getting worked over and keeps ball bashing thinking its going to get her through it.

Angry Big Mac said...

Cibulkova made too many errors. Errani chocked a bit when lrading 5-1 Diminutive serving she had double match point and ket it go to waste.

Battle of the Hair Buns coming up.

Caps I think any player in the top 50 is earning sufficient amount money to afford a coach. You have to also count how much money my Mona is raking in sponsorship. Now a days I'll say players sre earning a ton in sponsorship. There is no excuse IMO for a top 50 player to not afford a coach.

Time for Kerbey to hunt down and boil the Bunny.

caps321 said...

What sponsors does Mona have? I see a 'prince' logo at the bottom of her website. Is that her racket and/or clothing? Is she pimping anything else?

Mona has made $168,974 YTD and $355,033 in her career. Which doesn't add up to much and is heavily back loaded (since she just started making more money) considering she pays for travel and hotels, right?

Loved watching Kerber spank Bunny and take her $37,000 title along with 280 points!

Bunny has no titles in 2012! WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Angry Big Mac said...

Told ya. Kerbey finished off bunny in straight sets 6-4, 6-4. Too bad she didn't cry but daddy Woz was as Angry Bird would say, "Pissed off".

Battle Of The Buns was a bust Errani team won it 6-0, 6-2 over Flavia team.

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps, she wears Nike cloths and shoes. I seen her with with Nike get up since the Aussie Open. Why should she wear only Nike cloth and shoes if she is not sponsored by Nike? Prince is her racket sponsor. Is her website up to date with this stuff? BTW I don't like her website. Maybe Clafairy can give us info or do I dare to say the Captain. Caps I have to add that Mona always travel with her mother so the expense is twice as much.

Check the logo on her shirt and visor.

At Indian wells

Check the logo on the sweat shirt.

caps321 said...

I looked but couldn't find any info on whether Mona is sponsored by Nike or not. My guess is, she just bought herself some Nike gear.

Have you checked out Mona's English version of her website? Its the same but at least you can read what the words mean. I don't like how the photos are displayed. I prefer to hit next, previous on all categories rather than having to 'X' out or click elsewhere to close.

And her video section sucks because its not simple and tries to be cute.

That said, I do like the 'reports' since her mom only uses twitter than I know of and it isn't updated regularly.

Caroline Wozniacki: 'tennis players are underpaid'

The title to the above Q&A is a little misleading. But, Bunny comes across as a little smarter than her live interviews. My guess is, this was either a email interview or she had someone with her to help answer.

Wozniacki entered Sunday's final on the back of 14 straight victories and two consecutive titles at the event, although all those previous wins never came against anyone ranked higher than No. 38.


Angry Big Mac said...

Caps the article that you posted shed some light on the endorsement deals, Question 7. Otherwise why would anyone do free propaganda specially to Nike even off court?

Answer to question 5, pardon my language but is total B.S.

Answer to question 1 contradicts answer to question 11.

I agree with with you Caps looks like she had help in that Q&A.

I think there are a lot of tennis players that are over paid.

I'm all for equal pay but women need to step up to the five sets like the men. Imagine people working in a factory and women are making less than men for the same job. Is not fair and there might be women who do a better job than men. Now picture this: same factory, same job, both men and women have equal pay, but men are going to work 40% more than women, is it fair?

caps321 said...

Otherwise why would anyone do free propaganda specially to Nike even off court?

Just a guess.

Wearing 'Nike' could be a way for players to get noticed and sponsored by them. For instance, its more likely to happen than wearing some no name brand on the court if they don't already have you in their sights.

You bring up a good point concerning equal pay. Perhaps they should be equal if its best of 3 sets. But, when its 3/5 then the men should get paid more. Funny, I always thought they should get equal pay but you've changed my mind.

Guess Fed Cup doesn't start until this coming weekend? I thought it was tomorrow but guess that's just 'the week of' type advertising.

Personally, I think the smaller tournaments should be (at least) double the prize money. For instance, Kerber only won $37,000 today. But, what about the players losing in the earlier rounds? Much, much less than in bigger tournaments.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos to the extent of my knowledge Mona is not sponsored by Nike just wears their kit, like what Marion did for years before being picked up by Lotto. Sabine also did the same thing after Adidas dropped her earlier last year and she made the Wimbledon SF wearing her bought Nike kit so they decided to sign her up.

To some extent I agree with Caroline and I think that lower ranked players are underpaid. If she is talking about top players being underpaid that is total BS. Tournaments always inject money to make the winners check fatter while ignoring people struggling to make ends meat who work just as hard.

With equal prize money the only fear I would have women playing 5 sets is that the quality of tennis could be reduced significantly, the YEC was best of 5 a period of time and the quality of tennis was not that great but in today's game where you need to be super fit anyway it wouldn't be a huge issue I don't think.

Angry Big Mac said...

Thank you for your input. I thought you were going to be mad at me for at least three months, I lose my bet. :P It puzzles me why would anyone want to do free advertising to a multi billion dollar corporation, specially Nike which has an awful track record and boarders in monopoly; or any other corporation for that matter.

Captain and Caps I agree with both, higher prize money for players like qualifiers who most likely don't get far into the draws. My question is, are this smaller tournaments making money? In the first rounds at Copenhagen that I watched: Mona and Kerbey first, second, QF round (yes me loves the Germans) just a handful of people were in the stands, literally. BTW Mona's mother doesn't count. :P Can this smaller tournaments be able to shell out more money to players?

Angry Big Mac said...

Its Monday just to annoy everyone I'll keeping saying, 'Happy Monday!' :P

Do I have to behave now that the Captain is back? :P

Quote of the week: Alcohol doesn't solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk.

To Mr. Caps:

Bambi and The Princess, seriously:

I felt saying: LUCINGUS.

...And Angrieth Big Mac went atop Mount Hollywood, spoke unto the Lord and asketh,'Lord how much of Flavia will Thou grant me?' And the Lord answered:

caps321 said...

In the first rounds at Copenhagen that I watched: Mona and Kerbey first, second, QF round (yes me loves the Germans) just a handful of people were in the stands, literally. BTW Mona's mother doesn't count. :P Can this smaller tournaments be able to shell out more money to players?

Not sure of the specifics but don't some top players get appearance fees? Sorta like getting paid just to enter the tournament? I also noticed the very low attendance at these smaller tournaments. And was wondering if some of them would just cease to exist.

That said, I don't know how all this works but someone is paying to rent the stadium.. I would guess the sponsor money goes towards that and the players purse. But, I'm not really seeing any profit to be made when the stands are empty. Perhaps its the 'promoter' getting the short end of the stick? Or is the 'promoter' just the WTA or ITF?

As of April 16, 2012

Kerber, Angelique 14 (15)
Ivanovic, Ana 15 (14)
Jankovic, Jelena 18 (20)
Errani, Sara 28 (33)
Cetkovska, Petra 30 (28)
Barthel, Mona 35 (37)
McHale, Christina 36 (35)
Cirstea, Sorana 40 (47)
Halep, Simona 42 (46)
Peer, Shahar 55 (54)
Suarez Navarro, Carla 58 (65)
Babos, Timea 66 (67)
Hsieh, Su-Wei 69 (76)
Williams, Venus 72 (71)
Govortsova, Olga 74 (83)
Jovanovski, Bojana 96 (106)
Cornet, Alize 100 (107)
Robson, Laura 121 (123)
Oudin, Melanie 297 (296)
Chakvetadze, Anna 376 (398)

Poor Ula, she forgot the bottom to her bikini and looks a little rough!

Angry Big Mac said...

"I also noticed the very low attendance at these smaller tournaments. And was wondering if some of them would just cease to exist".

The answer is yes Caps. There was a tournament in L.A. at the Home Depot Tennis Complex or whatever it is called. A soccer stadium was also constructed in the complex where the L.A. Galaxy plays. A tournament was held there for two years and for various reasons people didn't attend the tournament. At the time the La Jolla (San Diego) tennis complex had finished its remodeling, the tournament was moved to San Diego leaving L.A. with no tourney. Just a note when La Jolla was stripped of this tournament it move to L.A. when this complex was brand new. Indian Wells was about to move over seas due lack luster earnings mainly due to empty seats. The the reason that it didn't moved was because a lot people made investments including Chris Evert who did not want to see the tournament leave the desert.


Sara Errani stock shoot up, her double win in Barcelona did so.

Mona's stock took a dive for choking for the second time this year in the third set. Now I'm sad.

Babos stock is a disappointing stock, lets hope there is wiser decisions in the future.

If Halep keeps moving up in the rankings I'm investing my money in sports bra stocks. :P

Robbies are you happy/satisfy with Laura's performance this past week?

I wonder how is her temper tantrum in private?

BTW Caps, a couple of weeks ago you gave the link to Bambi's new sponsor. The article was more like a written commercial, well, I found the live version complete with a "yeah":

Angry Big Mac said...

Test...sorry Captain.

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