Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes, this is post worthy.

Fed Cup week is normally pretty boring waiting for play, luckily Maria Sharapova provides the biggest bombshell. The Russian world number two has cut her hair. Gasp. Her long blonde pony tail that has been ever present through her career is no more.

Work it.

Fed Cup seriously cannot come soon enough.


Angry Big Mac said...

Well from this angle she looks good but then again anyone in profile shot looks good even the jail mug shots.

Angry Big Mac said...

Captain and Caps both of you were right! Nike is not a sponsor of Mona. I went to website and sent her a message asking about the matter. Let me quote what she wrote back to me, assuming it was her and not hairy German dude named Hans :P "Nike is not my sponsor, I only got some clothes."

What the hell is Nike waiting to sponsor Mona? Does Nike want more free propaganda?

Speaking of clothes I forgot about the Stella McCurse. Ask Princess and Bunny about it.

Back to the hair subject: Captain and Clefairy ever done anything radical your hair? Like a Mohawk, dyed it purple, or shaved head? Photos would be very helpful. :P

Angry Big Mac said...

On second thought, Divapova looks like a twelve year old boy with make up. Good luck Mr. Sacha.

Angry Big Mac said...

On second thought Divapova looks like a twelve year old boy with make up. Good luck Sacha.

caps321 said...

Carlos, sounds like you got a quick reply from camp Mona. Unless of course it was Mona HERSELF as pictured below!

Speaking of Mona -- Her tour tracker has been updated as she'll be playing:




Jankovic hires Zeljko Krajan on trial basis

Angry Big Mac said...

Caps thanks for the photo! I remember seeing it in her website, I couldn't down load it to my cell now I can. :D

Yes, it was a quick reply it surprised the hell out of me.

I rather think it was Mona as pictured than a "Hairy Hans". :P But I get the feeling it was the web administrator who happens to be the good doctor, aka Mona's father.

Mona hasn't play on clay this season and I haven't seen her on clay. I'm interested to see how my girl transitions from hard court to clay and to see if she is an all around player.

I think it was a great move from JJ to hire Zeljko Krajan. JJ has been on a slide and this guy can make her relative once again.

Getting back to the hair subject, Flavia got blond highlights and she looks ten times hotter. Yeah, blond has that effect on me.

caps321 said...

I think short hair looks good on SOME women.. Like Carey Mulligan, Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin.

Diva's new hairdo is crap. Perhaps she doesn't have the face to pull it off?

Here is my Mona stash of 65 photos which you can download at will:

Angry Big Mac said...

Double thanks Caps I downloaded 64 of them. :D Nice stash too!

In order for a woman to pull the short hair do couple of things, the woman must have a pretty face and mainly it looks better on women with round face.

Some of the women tennis players think they are pretty because they do photo shoots, modeling, and some runway walks. Maybe the people around them are telling them that they are pretty but in reality they are as not pretty as they think they are.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Turns out it was just a wig! Carlos, I've never done anything crazy to my hair...its too important to me!

Caps I think Emma Watson should be added to you list of women who rock short hair! And great stash of Mona pics! Do you know if Mona has a WC into Stuttgart or is playing qualies? I would imagine she would have gotten a WC.

I was happy to hear that JJ had hired Zeljko, until I read he dislikes coaching emotionally unstable players, he named Safina and Domi. JJ could be quite a handful for him.

Angry Big Mac said...

Captain you mean to tell me I'm going to miss on the opportunity to keep making fun of Divapova's hair? :P

I liked how Divapova looked with bangs she should cut it again.

You have great hair Captain. :) Now I have to picture you bold and Clefairy with short green hair or vice versa. :P

I don't know if my girl Mona got a wild card for Stuttgart, I'll get back to you Captain.

Angry Big Mac said...

Captain you mean to tell me I'm going to miss the opportunity to make more fun of Divapova? :P

Captain you have great hair now I have to picture you bold and Clefairy in short green hair or vice versa. :P

Is it true that Emma Watson is slutting around? Her tramp stamp is very convincing.

Yet Zeljko always accepts jobs from the crazy ones. :/

Angry Big Mac said...

Come to think about it Captain, that was a belated April's fool joke that Divapova pulled on you. :P *Why is my subconscious trying to get a person that I like to be mad at me again?*

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