Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Serena's Selfish or Strategic Schedual?

Worlds-number-one player Serena Williams has this year decided to skip The Bank of The West Classic, where she would be defending a quarter final finish (120 points) instead deciding to participate in the Istanbul Cup, an internatinoal tournament.

My question to you is that do you think this is a Smart or Selfish play by the 13 time grand slam champion? In the Istanbul tournament Williams will be probably the only grand slam finalist in the field let alone champion. She could be the only player in the top 20 in th draw! In the Bank of The West Classic. There is excpected to be atleast 1o grand slam champions, 5 former world number ones and 5 of the 8 seeds all have beaten Williams at some time.

Serena's decision could be seen a selfish ploy to snatch yet another tournament trophy and a misely 280 points. It could be seen as a smart way to bulid confidence and win some matches coming into the US Open, especily considering in the Bank of The West Classic she could face, Ana Ivanovic, Victoria Azeranka, Dinara Safina or even (fingers crossed) Lindsay Davernport and the four Wild Cards at the Stanford tournament, all four also have wins over Serena Williams!

So what do you think Selfish Play to avoid a tough draw and possibly an early loss to have a easy tournament in Istanbul? Or a smart move to build confidence and match wins leading in to the US Open?

Comment your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

Totally ridiculous article.If she plays Stanford, you criticize, if she doesn't, you do
i think with the wta roadmap, she must play at least a minor tournament and that's istanbul given she didn't play marbella in april
stop speculating for nearly nothing

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