Sunday, August 15, 2010

Clijsters gets easy pass to final.

Although it may not have come the way she wanted, Kim Clijsters made her third Sony Ericsson WTA Tour final of the year, getting by an injured Ana Ivanovic in the semifinals of Cincinnati.

Clijsters was leading by a break, serving 2-1 in the first set, when Ivanovic was forced to retire from the afternoon semifinal match with a left foot injury.

"On that one forehand, when I went to step around it, I felt some pain all of a sudden. It was so much pain in my foot I couldn't step on it anymore," Ivanovic said afterwards. "I tried a bit of tape but I couldn't put any weight on it. There was no point in continuing. I made a doctor's appointment straight away to make sure it's nothing serious so I can give myself time to recover."

"It's a shame a match like this had to end like that for her," Clijsters said. "It was nice to see her do well this week, and then something like that happens. I saw her after the match. Her injury sounds very similar to what I recently had with my left foot. She's going to have tests later and hopefully it's not that bad."

Clijsters will have a shot at becoming the first player this year to win three titles, having won in Brisbane in January and Miami in March. She is 37-17 in career finals, and 3-0 since returning to the Tour at this tournament exactly a year ago.


Carlos said...

Could that be bad Karma for the "Fist Pumping Imbecile"?

"Kim Kong" vs. "Divapova". I'll take "Divapova", although "Kim Kong" will be the fresher player out there. This match can be titled Shoulder vs Inconsistency.

WTA Tour Insight said...

I think it is Karma for the "Fist Pumping Imbecile"

I think rain deleys will have a part to play aswell just like the ain deley basicly gave Zvonerava the match against Kirilenko, so that could implicant the result aswell.

I'm going "Kim Kong" in 3

PS forgot to mention in reply to your other comment I have no issue whats so ever being called "Captian" :P

Carlos said...

Captain your prediction was right on the money! "Kim Kong" in three sets and about the rain delay. I missed the match, but from I read in a clear sunny day "Divapova" would have taken the cake. Good for "Kim Kong", I hope for the rest of the season she doesn't resort to the playing levels of AO 10 or Indian Wells 10.

Kirilenko "The Self Proclaimed Princess" wilts under pressure and any little distraction brings her game down. Yes, she is mentally weak on court. Usually when Russians play each other it is not a good match.

WTA Tour Insight said...

I was right :) I missed the match also as I has uni, I was only able to check when I returned home. "Divapova" probably would have one on a clear day but I am so happy for "Kim Kong"

I am a huge Kirilenko fan and I do agree, as I saw right there at the AO she only beat "Divapova" because her serve wasn't good at 4-5, when Kiri was serving at 5-3 she fell in a heap, If it wasn't raning Kirilenko probably would have won 9 times out of 10.

Carlos said...

I will explain why I call Kirilenko "The Self Proclaimed Princess", since you are a huge fan of her. In an interview -I believe it was last year- she said that people come up to her and tell her that she is pretty like a princess. She never said who, I say relatives and boyfriend don't count. I jokingly said to myself that there is no proof of people saying such statement, and that sounds like a self proclaim statement. That is how I came up with the nickname. I hope you like it "Captain" because with all due respect I'll keep using it. I don't mean it as an insult but more like teasing Kirilenko.

WTA Tour Insight said...

that's fine, I honestly do not mind! but thankyou for explaining, but with all due respects you can imagine people saying that too her.

Carlos said...

Only if she has a crown on her head. :P

Yes you are right, she is an attractive young lady.

WTA Tour Insight said...


yes shes very atractive, in my opinion more so than sharapova.

Carlos said...

Yes she is.

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