Friday, August 13, 2010

Williams' to play fed cup Final.

Both Serena Williams (foot) and Venus Williams (knee) are currently sidelined with injury, but both expect to be fit for the US Open, and both have now committed to represent the U.S. in the Fed Cup final, hosting Italy on Nov. 6-7, 2010, in San Diego, Calif.

Also on the team will be the players that got them to the final in 2010: Melanie Oudin, Bethanie Mattek-Sands and doubles specialist Liezel Huber. It remains to be seen where Oudin, Mattek-Sands and Huber will fit in, making some tough choices for U.S. captain Mary Joe Fernandez, since the Williams sisters excel in singles and are undefeated in Fed Cup doubles as a team.

Oudin, Mattek-Sands and Huber have led the U.S. squad to their second consecutive final, while the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida-based Williams sisters are making their first Fed Cup appearance since 2007.

"As captain, you always want to have your best players. I am very excited that Venus and Serena have made themselves available for the Fed Cup Final in San Diego," said Fernandez, who last year in her rookie season as captain led the U.S. to the Fed Cup final for the first time since 2003. "Teaming Venus and Serena with Melanie, who continues to play an integral role in all of our Fed Cup matches, Bethanie, who has come through in decisive matches, and Liezel, who has been crucial in our doubles, we have one of the strongest line-ups in years. I strongly believe that this team can win the Fed Cup title on our home soil."

Serena Williams is 4-0 career in singles and 3-0 in doubles in Fed Cup matches. Venus has a career 14-2 record in singles and 3-2 in doubles, with the two doubles losses coming with Lisa Raymond and Corina Morariu.


Carlos said...

I call it "The Coffee Duality Indeterminacy" = Coffee is good but is bitter at the same time.

On one hand sure you want the best players in the final; on the other hand they refused to play in the early rounds, so it would be only fair to participate with the players that go you there. By playing the Williams sisters it would make the U.S. the favorites, being at home, with the top players is almost a sure thing of the goal which is winning the tournament. I'm assuming The Williams sisters will be 100% by the time of the Fed Cup finals. However the victory would be sweeter if the players that got you there won it.

WTA Tour Insight said...

There is no doubt its just to get in the Olympic team!

Mary Joe Fernandez must have thoughest fed cup coach role ever! play the williams' in the final and be one step closer to victory or play the avergae players who have put the hard work and played the matches to get the team into the final. I think also they would have factord in the home crowd, if this final was in Italy (on clay)they definatly wouldn't have playd in my opinion. Also they will draw bigger crounds, sell more tickets and make more money for USTA.

Carlos said...

Do players have to play every year in the Fed Cup in order to be in the Olympic team? I thought they only had to play in the Fed Cup in the year that the Olympics where held.

They can advertise this event three ways 1)With the big names, the Williams sisters 2)The underdogs all the way to the final. 3)Fed Cup is part patriotism so they will sell that angle too. San Diego is a conservative and Republican(political party) town and those guys buy into patriotism like you have no idea. In their minds the U.S. is the best country in the world, no one comes close. I can hear them now: USA, USA, USA! Either way they will sell tickets.

Mary Jo has done great coaching in the Fed Cup, now she has to tackle "The Coffee Duality Indeterminacy" :P

WTA Tour Insight said...

They have to play certian amount of fed cup ties, and I believe if the Williams' didn't play the final they would have to play all the teams ties next year.

I know I would with number 1! Sorry I had know idea so perhaps its just an olympic ploy. Hahaha I can just imagine what its like.

I know Mary Jo has done sensaionaly at coaching, as you can see she got the underdogs into the final last year when the whole team were the underdogs! I'm just saying how hard it will be to have that decision to play the sisters or not! hahahah yes the "The Coffe Duality Indetrtminacy" who knows, maybe she has sugar and makes her coffee sweet?

Carlos said...

Don't forget the cream Hahaha :P

WTA Tour Insight said...

Oh yeah ahaha I think she'll have to have cream and sugar with her coffee

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