Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sharapova beats Bartoli despite minor choke.

The former world no.1 Maria Sharapova easily beat the Frenchwoman Marion Bartoli in two straight sets with a 6-1 6-4 scoreline to secure her berth in the semi-final of the Cincinnati Open 2010.

After dominating the proceedings in the first set, Maria Sharapova could not maintain the momentum in the second set and allowed Bartoli to make it a bit of stiff contest – but, the Russian did not falter when she earned her fourth match point and nailed it with precision to make her way in the semi-final of the Cincinnati Open 2010 with a 6-1 6-4 scoreline.

The first set saw the best of Maria Sharapova, as she repeatedly broke the Frenchwoman Bartoli and pocketed it with a 6-1 score.

The second-set did not proceed the way Russian wanted. Bartoli didn't change her game in the second-set, but Sharapova gave away too many freebies in the form of double faults and unforced errors to make it a lot easier for the Frenchwoman to make a comeback.

Sharapova served for the match in the seventh game, despite being two points from victory many times. Bartoli broke serve in that game and made it 5-3. Finally, Sharapova didn't make any mistake when she got her fourth match point and won the contest with a 6-1 6-4 scoreline.


Carlos said...

One half of my final prediction is right, "Divapova" defeating "Sponge Bart".

What do you of the nickname?

WTA Tour Insight said...

Yes your doing better than me! I had Bartoli or "Sponge Bart" as you dubed her there in the final!

I like it :) but um please do explain.

Carlos said...

Ha! It was the first thing that pop into my mind, but there is an explanation. Bart comes from her first half of her last name. Sponge comes from the cartoon character Sponge Bob. It was by association if you will. There is a catch, and if you are a Bartoli fan you will not like it: Sponge Bob Square Pants is the complete name of the cartoon character; Bartoli's body, from my point of view looks square, so I came up with "Sponge Bart Square Bod", (Bod short for body) which would be the complete nickname, but I thought it was too long so I shortened it. Maybe I should had used the initials "S.B.S.B." :P

Hope it explains your inquiring. What do you think? And do you still like it? You are the "Captain" of this blog, I'll leave it up to you which nickname to use the short or long version.

PS Do you mind if I call you Captain?

WTA Tour Insight said...

I get it now! I am a bit of a Bartoli fan but I really like it! and its halarious :D because even the most loyal Bartoli fan, you can't deny she does have a square-esc figure.

Well I supose I am Captain and I like "Sponge Bart Square Pants"

Carlos said...

"Sponge Bart Square Pants" it is, Captain.

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