Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bjorn Borg tips Sharapova to clam Wimbledon title.

Maria Sharapova is Bjorn Borg's tip to claim her second Wimbledon title.

The Russian won her first Grand Slam at SW19 as a 17-year-old in 2004 and reached the semis at the French Open last month.

Sharapova lost to defending champion Serena Williams last year in the fourth round. But Borg doubts the American can reclaim her title.

"I hope Serena comes back and enjoys her tennis and finds motivation but I don't think she is going to win this year," he said.

"Sharapova has struggled and grass is not her favourite surface but she is playing well enough to win here."

The only thing I can fault is I am pretty sure grass is Maria's favourite surface...


Marine said...

He chose her just because she has a slam and glam :-). Sharpie is off sick atm and I think RG showed she is not what she used to be. I think she will crash out around QF.

Carlos said...

Ostrich/Duchess match reminded me of the boring Williams sisters/Belgians matches of a decade ago. Just watch from the middle of the third of set to the end of the match.

Surprise, surprise, my favorite snap, crackle, and pop player, retired from her match again. Hey Angry Bird, are you saving yourself for Wimbledon?

I have to agree with Caps321 this is the best tennis that Dani H. has played. Beat Venus in three sets.

Bjorn may be thinking he can get lucky with Divapova, haha. :P

caps321 said...

What is Bird's injury now?

Carlos said...

Caps321, from what I read she had a strain on her right thigh.

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