Saturday, June 11, 2011

Seren'a close friend Andy Roddick says her return is what tennis needs.

Men's tennis star Andy Roddick says that Serena Williams' return will bring a much-needed strength to the women's game and he's welcoming the comeback of his fellow American.

Roddick thinks that women’s tennis has not been in good situation without Serena:

"I mean, I think, no disrespect to any of the women that are playing right now, but I think women's tennis needs that dominating figure."

And a defense of her 2010 Wimbledon title would not be an impossible accomplishment for Serena, according to Roddick:

"I don't think it would shock anybody if she came through and won it again. It's very smart of her to play a lead-up event [Serena's playing Eastbourne], especially after being gone for a year."

Also, Roddick admires the extra things Serena brings to tennis:

"She's a great champion, but she brings pop culture to tennis. She brings crossover appeal and creates storylines even when she's not trying which, at the end of the day, is a healthy thing for our sport."

I mean these two are great friends and they go way back, and yes I did once hold hope they would marry because seriously, they get along pretty well and known each other since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Cute presser guys...

Source - Women's Tennis Blog


caps321 said...

IMO, Serena should've been banned from tennis after threatening the linesperson.

That said, I'm glad her health is better.

Emily or as Carlos like to call me "Captain" said...

The whole linesperson thing is a very delicate issue. I mean to say Serena should be banned means that perhaps Mariana Alves should have never umpired again after the 2004 US Open, and I also believe that doping is a much more serious offence - however, that just my opinon, eveyone is open to their own and that why we have blogs :)

Its very pleasing news that Serena has recoverd, it was schocking 11 months for her

Carlos said...

I remember WickiWickiWicki hitting a line judge intentionally with a tennis ball. I thought that was more serious offense than Serena's verbal assault. I thought Wicki merited a suspension which she didn't get, her punishment was taking all the points and price money she earned in that tournament singles and doubles and she was kicked out of the tournament for singles and doubles. Wicki had reached the final in both. Serena got a horrible call from that lying, sorry, sack of crap, of a lines person, pardon my language. That lines judge should have been banned from USO life time, for the horrible call and lying about what Serena said, but she returned the following year. Serena got off easy too, she should had recieved the same punishment as Wicki. Both this incidents happened in the same year; Wicki's incident was months earlier than Serana's. I think a ban on Serena would have been too harsh.

J. McEnroe assaulted umpires all the time. My father's favorite insult from McEnroe to a judge was, "Having thousands of umpires in this world and I end up with an idiot". He was never banned for assaulting umpires, although a rule was created to protect umpires from player's insults unofficially "The McEnroe Rule".

I don't think neither sister will make an impact on Wimbledon.

caps321 said...

Dani beats Imbecile 6-7, 6-3, 6-2.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Very very very very happy for Dani! Now if only Lisicki can win :)

In Eastbourne news, ReRe has a tough draw, 2nd round Vera, QF Pavs and SF Vika or SpongeBart...Ill be intrestead to see how she goes against Vera.

Venus will most likly lose to Petko in the 1st round. Jarks had Aggie in the 1st round...Goerges and Imbecile 1st round, Azarenka does have Peng in the 1st round to...

Possibly a great tournament!

caps321 said...

I would be interested in seeing Goerges vs. Petko.

Last meeting:

2008 SYDNEY HARDQ - Goerges wins 0-6 7-5 6-1.

Poor Makarova will have to face Ostrich in the second round.

Will Peer most likely lose to Martinez Sanchez in the 1st round? Nevertheless, I don't see her getting past Safarova or Square Pants in the 2nd.

Marine said...

Sorry Andy,but I dont think storylines about threatening a linesperson or badmouthing other players are very healthy for the sport.

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