Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sharapova continues to impress.

Russia's Maria Sharapova continued her bid to win a second Wimbledon singles title with a 6-2, 6-3 win over Czech Klara Zakopalova, which earned her place in the fourth round and a match against the 20th seed from China, Shuai Peng.

In the first match of the day on Court No.2, Sharapova took control with her solid driving from the baseline in the cool midday conditions.

Zakopalova was in the third round of a Grand Slam tournament for only the third time in 32 attempts but she reached the last 16 at Wimbledon last year, proving she can play on grass.

However, Sharapova, who won her only Wimbledon title seven years ago aged 17, did not give Zakopalova time or space to settle and was soon ahead 4-1 with two breaks of serve.

At the start of the second set, Sharapova had one anxious moment when she was a break point down, but she saved that situation with a service winner.

Two games later she lost her serve on a double fault, which put the Czech 2-1 up, but Sharapova, keeping her concentration, was back on terms at 3-3 and then reeled off the next three games for victory.

Sharapova finished in convincing style with a forehand crosscourt winner to reach match point followed by another forehand down the line. It left Sharapova in the fourth round for the seventh time.

All of the third round matches have now been completed, so on Monday the forth round match ups will be;

Wozniacki vs Cibulkova
Peng vs Sharapova
Lisicki vs Cetkovska
Bartoli vs Serena Williams
Pasek vs Pervak
Petrova vs Azarenka
Kvitova vs Wickmayer
Venus Williams vs Pironkova

* Bold indicates the player I think will win.


Carlos said...

My picks:

The Bunny

Divapova, I think Peng will give a fit to the Diva.


Sponge Bart Square Pants

Angry Bird



I'm staying off the "Ps match"

I'm still not sold on this German wave of players. One more preoccupied on dance moves, the other one on how her last name is pronounce. To me only "Licki" is the one with her head in the game. BTW if I call Julia gorgeous will she slap me in the face?

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Its good have disrepencies in our picks :P I wasn't impressed by Sponge Bart against Penetta, should have won much easier and Serena impressed against Princess, the toughest player she has played.

Hoping Cibulkova will pull off the upset of the Bunny.

Peng is going to come close!

I just have a feeling about WickyWickyWicky

The match of the P's is intresting, Pervak had never won a GS level match, now she has a chance for a QF I went to Pasek because she has been to the 4th round before!

To me, Licki (who I am now calling Licki Bean, refrence to Mr. Beans holiday, in the Bean Sabine scene) has a better game and, I know you don't like "would have's", but she whould have been top 10 if the injury had not occured. On Julia, I think she has to move on, players get similar thing all the time - 1) Jim Courier call Djokovic Jokovich, Clijster has been pronounce Claystas, Henin is apprently Heah, and sometimes even worse thing, such as the Australian medai has sudenly decided Bartoli is Italian. It all started when she be 'Samuel Stosur' when "the Italian went on to win the tournament" and now "the defending women's champ will play Marion Bartoli who prevailed 9-7 in an all Italian battle" she needs to move on, and focus on her Bunny killing game!

Marine said...

I think Cibulkova will not win, she is too error-prone which is ideal for her opponent. Hopefully she will force Caro hit some winners :-)
I think Lisicki will go far and so will Peng.
Maria is looking dodgy, she´s been struggling with a 17 teen yr olds a bit too much.

Carlos said...

Captain, I have see Venus more shaky than Serena. My theories are that when Venus faces a tough opponent she will lose. Serena will lose to anone who engages her in a long match.

I haven't seen Mr. Bean, but now I'm curiuos. Lucki Bean it is! Haha :P

Anonymous said...

Cibulkova should have no problem stealing the bunny's eggs and pride.

Pironkova leads Venus 2-1 and I think she's going to pull off another upset. (Venus hasn't actually beaten her since 2005.)

The Ostrich Express will have no problem dispatching Wiki from the tournament. (IMO, Wiki is a pretty good player but she loses confidence rather easily.)

Paszek/Pervak? Never heard of 'em!

Bird will spank Petrova.

Diva will send Peng packing in a hurry.

I'm not familiar with this Ms. Bean much yet but hope she will win her match due to coming back from an injury.

I don't see Bartoli getting past Serena.

In all honesty, my only woman left in the draw is Ostrich. So, of course I hope she wins the whole thing! That said, anyone but Serena or Venus will be good in my book. I'm tired of them hogging all the trophies while not being full time players for years.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

My explination to Licki Bean

Anonymous said...

I got this message on youtube:

This video contains content from NBC Universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
Sorry about that.

Can you still view it in the United States?

Anonymous said...

Ah, I thought that was Carlos posting!

Emily, I'm currently watching Offspring from Australia. I just love Asher Keddie!

Carlos said...

A big Booooooooooo to the block. No it is viewable in the states Caps.

A beautiful actress from South Africa who resides in Australia is Jessica Marais. I saw her in the series "The Seeker" she only appeared in a few episodes.

I still yet to find a photo of team Twins and Petkovic's hula dance.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Sorry about that caps! Ill try find another, Asher is a great actress, she best in this recent documentry about australian media.

Carlos, Jessica is also a good actress, shes a lovly person too, I am privlidged to have met her through my sister!

Another great aussie actress to keep an eye out for in the states is Zoe Ventura

Lucinda said...

Okay so, better late than never.

Azarenka (duhhh)

Anonymous said...

I also like Claire van der Boom who played on Rush. Apparently she got a working visa or something and had to move State side.. Which is why she left the program. However, her career hasn't exactly taken off over here as of yet.

Carlos said...

Licki Bean has raccoon eyes what is up with that?

Too much yakking from ESPN announcers and showing not enough action. Less is never good.

Azarenka is giving a clinic to Petrova 6-2 5-2.

Carlos said...

Caps321 was right Divapova sent Peng packing in a hurry. Someone tell Peng that playing like the Bunny, returning the ball exactly where her opponent is, is never a good idea.

Ostrich up 5-0

Sponge Bart up 5-3

Carlos said...

Lost ESPN3 feed, what the hell?! I'm not a happy camper at this moment. ESPN3 has been giving me hell all morning.

BTW Ostrich used WickiWickiWicki as a door mat.

The Big Bunny won the first set 6-1

Anonymous said...

I've got one word for ya.. OSTRICH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Carlos, ESPN3 hasn't been working for me either.

Try this link:

Anonymous said...

Oh, and change the time zone in the top right corner for accurate times pertaining to your area. (Eastern is GMT -4.)

Carlos said...

Thanks Caps I shall now see our beloved Bunny, lets go diminutive one!

Anonymous said...

I would like to take a moment for a big announcement:

Square Pants has finally graduated from the anti-choking academy!

And has taken home the bacon from Serena! Cibulkova also came back in the tie breaker. I've noticed she likes to lose the first set and come back. Hopefully she'll force Bunny to hit the bricks and go into a self imposed exile from tennis!

Anonymous said...

Very happy about Cibulkova beating Bunny!

Pironkova up against Williams 6-2, 3-2.

McEnroe quote from NBC's telecast, "Woz needs to go back to the drawing board. That's a bad, bad loss."

Anonymous said...

Aggie-Dani & Kerber-McHale won their doubles matches.

Pironkova shows Venus the door (6-2, 6-3) once again! By my calculations that makes her 3-1 against Venus.

Carlos said...

Captain and Caps321 I finally found the video of Petkovic dancing at Wimbledon 11 after beating Foretz in the first round.

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