Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Serena shakes off rust to win first match of comeback.

There is no denying she is the biggest fighter, and boy did see need to dig deep today. And now she has a 2010 Wimby final rematch on her hands!

Okay so the first set was bad, but you know, what more could you expect people? In case you forgot she did just have a year layoff and yes she did nearly die and yes Tsvetana is pretty good on grass. So Serena's tentative Wozniacki-esque half swing shot play saw her quickly down 0-5, but finally warmed up. as things go Serena held to 1-5 but Tsvetana served it out.

Second set, Serena decides to rock up and she bought her serve with her bursting out the banks to storm to 4-0 lead. Pironkova got one of the breaks back but couldn't manage the other as Serena served out the set 6-3 and got her first love game win in there some where too! And she eventually won the match 1-6 6-3 6-4.

And seriously, well done to Serena Williams, she was coming into her own more and more in the second two sets and I imagine she will want to forget the first sharpish. She's by no means back to her best but there are definitely signs that she could be there soon.

Serena said in here post match presser, "It's great to be back and I'm excited. Tsvetana is a great player – she beat Venus at Wimbledon last year. I'm rusty yeah, but I really enjoy playing on grass. And I'm honestly just taking things one day at a time."

Oh yeah and meanwhile in 's-Hertogenbosch Kim Clijsters has suffered a big blow losing to world number 81 6-7 3-6 and to make things worst she appeared to re-injure her ankle...thing not looking good for Kim.


Carlos said...

Clefairy is thinking the same way that I am. Serena won't be at her best till USO.

For those Serena fans -yes I mean you Captain- let me paraphrase a Dr. Dre's song, "Guess who's back?" "Everyone is trying to be the queen but the Ace is back".

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

This is about time Serena's haters come and make remaks like "she played bad today...pironkava choked...shes just not the same...her time has passed" - just a few I have read and heard. Ummm...she didn't play for a year and nearly died. Most players don't even try to comeback after ordeals like this. Sorry Carlos, thats just my little rant for the day :P

Like the paraphrasing :) Clefairy tends to be right alot when it comes to I agree ahahah

Carlos said...

I do remember saying that Serena's time had passed when she was diagnosed with the blood clots. When an athlete's body begins to breakdown ie getting injure frequently is a sign that the best years are behind. The body can't take the physical wear and tear that once did. The reason why Stefi Graff retired. Venus is in that predicament and Serena is beginning to be in that same boat. Serena's injury although are non tennis related has taken a toll on her. We have to wait and see if her body holds up, Venus too.

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