Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wimby Whites 2011.

We have already seen what some players wore at the pre-party. So why not take a look at what players are expected to ware during The Championships.

First of all, Nike.

Maria Sharapova will be bringing style and elegance in her whit and gold ensemble. While her 'minions' will be wearing the tank and skort.

Sometimes simplicity is the key!

Serena Williams will be looking fierce in her Nike dress with plunging neck line and pleats.

Victoria Azarenka will be looking good in her Nike dress with roman waste while French Open winner Li Na will be wearing a timeless classic polo and skort.

And now to Adidas!

Ana Ivanovic and Daniela Hantuchova will look the part in their Adidas 'Feather Dress'

The Adilbra girls (Robson, Cirstiea etc.) will wear this tanks along with a skort.

While Stella McCartney is expected to show case nothing new again, Caroline Wozniacki will wear the same dress she debuted at Indian Wells except in white.
I hope this information is wrong, and Caro decides to wear a new dress.

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Lucinda said...

Its all bad...EVERYTHING

Nike is above Adidas though.

Vika's looks wired, Maria's too plain, Serena's is good, Li's is okay but is that the same skort as last year? Ana's adidas is okay but the barricade stuff if so bad.

And as for Stella, Caro is not Kiri, she doesn't look good in everything -take not Stella.

caps321 said...

Dokic loses, Ostrich wins against Dani by retirement. 7-6(9), 4-2.

Carlos said...

If I was Dani I would have retired after the first set. It went to a tie break, Dani lost 11-9.

Sponge Bart won in straight sets.

I wonder how fresh will the finalist be for Wimbledon?

caps321 said...

Carlos, why would you have retired? What was her injury?

Ostrich vs. Square Pants has started.

caps321 said...

Ostrich's pony is whipping around and her shots are going all over the place. Massive wind! She's down 4-1 in the first.

caps321 said...

Ostrich comes roaring back and wins the second set 6-4!

Carlos said...

My excuse would be any excuse, I wouldn't care about the fine nor the points besides WTA officials are gonad-less to suspend anyone. I find it idiotic to play a back to back matches in the same day when the most important slam is just couple of days away. Is never a good idea to play a tournament before a slam; Bunny and Peng went at it in the finals of the tournanent right before RG 11 and they both crashed out early at RG.

Sponge Bart win it in three sets. Congratulations. I hope you don't crash at Wimbledon.

caps321 said...

Point taken. But, by back to back you mean in the same day, right? Didn't Dani only play one match today? Ostrich and Square Pants had two.

Unless of course I'm just confused!

Carlos said...

You are absoluetly right Caps321. My point is to avoid the back to back games in the same day and to avoid getting into a hard fought match when a slam is around the corner. If you look at Stosur/Bartoli match, it was two sets, Bartoli won the first set 6-3. I bet after the first set Stosur said the hell with this I'm going to Wimbledon, the quicker the better. She lost the second set 1-6. Dani IMO should had retire sooner than she did. I don't know what the Ostrich and Sponge Bart were thinking. The same situation was last year. Bunny/Vera Z. Played back to back in the same day. Vera lost easily in the final but I'm sure she didn't want her body to go through the wear and tear saving herself from exhaustion.

caps321 said...

I hear ya, Carlos. And think something needs to be done about the scheduling. I'm not too 'up' on which tournaments are premier mandatory, but premiere events would seem enticing to those looking to keep or rise in the rankings.

Remember, the Williams sisters for instance have been ripped for focusing on the majors and skipping other tournaments. So, you think top 10 players should skip warm up tournaments if they have a chance of making the finals? Seems the best players get the short end of the stick when the tournaments stacked so close together.

Carlos said...

Absolutely, I prefer important titles over minor titles. Let me give you a college softball comparison: Any team would prefer to win the Softball College World Series over the conference title.

You are right the Wiliams sisters have been critized for playing too few tournaments, me included. However tennis is a sport that there is not a determined number of tournaments to be played. NFL, NBA, Soccer (football, any league) and other sports have a schedule on how many games the teams will played, no team plays more or less. Other individual sports like track and field also have a determined schedule. Some tennis players like JJ and the Bunny have exploited this flawed system to become number one by playing too many tournaments. Until this is fixed the system will be exploited both ways: playing too much or too little.

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