Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Serena to be seeded 8 - okay on my phone in bed, wont let me type anything in the blog box so...ranked 24? I think, defending champ Serena Williams will be the eigth seed at Wimbledon 2011. Sister Venus will be the twenty forth seed.


Carlos said...

Wimbledon seeds are out:

Serena: 7th
Venus: 23

Angry Bird: 4
Ostrich: 8
Duchess: 13
Gorgeous Julia: 16
Peng: 20
Princess 26

Carlos said...

Venus blitzed The Fist Pumping Imbecile while Serena lost in a tough three setter against Vera Z.

Dokic downed Pennetta in straight sets. I'm beginning to think that Pennetta ran out gas; and I'm talking in her singles career.

It was also announced that Kookie Monster pulled out of Wimbledon, her ankle again.

Anonymous said...

Bout time Vera Z got a little payback for Serena spanking her regularly, eh?

I was watching Kimmie's match when she hurt her ankle. It was a dropper on the front right of the court.. Basically, her shoe caught the grass a couple times on a slide, rolled her ankle and she went down in a heap. One would surmise she didn't play very well from that point on.

Would it be fair to say Aggie now has Fran's number? Fran still leads the series 4-3 but Aggie won the last 3! (Hard, Clay, Grass.)

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