Friday, February 25, 2011

WTA Tour Insights back from vacation!

Hello all! I have returned from my little ski holiday! And I have photos to share!

Not as many as I would have hoped because I kind of lost my camera after the first two days :\ Ahahaha.

 As you do...
 We were a little too cool!
 Not so much fun :\
 The lodge :D
And sweet view!

Wish I had more photos to share, but my camera is probably buried by ten feet of snow by now! I promise the same thing wont happen again in LA!

Can't wait to get back to updating you with the latest in tennis news! Hope you have had fun, and been rooting against the bunny extra hard for me! :)

While Im here I tip Bartoli over the Bunny and JJ over Vera!


caps321 said...

Looks like you had fun!

Its a mere 3 hours until the Bunny starts throwing her racket down in disgust because Square Pants is outplaying her.

caps321 said...

Yikes, the Bunny thoroughly trounced Square Pants. Not sure if SP was nervous or what.

Carlos said...

I could only the last two games, The Big Stuffed Bunny played at a high level. She turned her defense into offense, haven't seen The Big Bunny do that before. She has to win a slam in order to earn the name Killer Bunny. :P

I'm taking JJ to win against Vera. Yesterday's three setter will take a toll today on Vera.

Carlos said...

Third set on the Vera/JJ match is beginning to remind me of the boring Williams sisters vs. Belgians matches.

Oh, almost forgot, Welcome back Captain!

1)Who is the cute girl on the left of you in the first photo? I'm assuming this photos aren't from the web. :P

2)I got an email from The Abominable Snow Man, according to him he has pictures of you falling on your tushy while you were skiing down hill. Who knew he was a creepy dude or maybe he took your camera and you thought you lost it. :P

3)Nude skiing? What happened to those photos? :P

4)Is that University of Michigan bini?

5)Did you finish your Nadal ice sculpture?

6)How many snow men and snow angels did you do? The over under was 10. :P

7)Were you responsible for starting a big snow ball fight, provoking an avalanche, and creating a giant snow ball? :P

caps321 said...

So, its Zvonareva vs Bunny in the final...

Carlos said...

Two straight three setters for Vera Z. The Big Bunny will take the title tomorrow.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Caps321, I enjoyed myself very much!


1) One of my friends from school! Named Ruby, ahaha no these photos are not from google!

2) He probably did steal my camera! I thought no one was watching when that happened! :P

3) Ahahaha, did want them to get leaked to "Snow Bunnies Gone Wild"

4) Umm I don't think so, I just found it at home!

5) No, I didn't and it didn't turn out too well either!

6) Well I would have to say the count of snow men was 52 and snow angles 78 :P Ahahaha

7) I was responsible for many snow ball fights! But luckily for me no avalanche followed!

Carlos said...

If there are naked photos I'm hiring a professional hacker, that would be a 13 year old with too much time on his/her hands. :P

Whom ever took the third photo did a great job. Is hard to take a photo while in motion. Even if the ski lift was stopped, the petson had to battle the outside elements, probably wind.

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