Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm back. I know y'all missed me.

I have returned from my little over a week stay in Poland to vist my great grandmother. It was a nice week, and great to spend time with ailing great grandmother. Getting back to my home land was also nice, and it tested my Polish out too! Ahaha. Seeing other family member who still live in Poland was also nice! In genral it was a lovly time, and hope to return very soon! Oh yes and I failed to mention earlier my mother also joined me on my voyage.

Happy Snaps:

Most AMAZING coffee and cake!

Bit of a fam snap, Me, Dziadek (great grandpa) and Mamma

Old Town, Warsaw

Great grandparent vile dogs.

Just being happy :D

More doggy

How I will arrive at my wedding


Dziadek's "leathal" home made vodka

Ma and ma

And again

Mountain cheese!

Delicious wanilla taste!


Anonymous said...

Very nice photos!

Anonymous said...

French Open champion Francesca Schiavone pulled out of Stuttgart, which begins on Monday. The fourth-ranked Italian has been suffering from exhaustion. Yanina Wickmayer has also pulled out to rest her knee after losing her Sunday singles and doubles matches in Belgium's Fed Cup tie against the Czech Republic.


Anonymous said...

Was looking at the draw sheet and see another pullout:

P. Kvitova (lower back injury)

Carlos said...

The Big Bunny's draw got weaker/easier for her, depending how you see it. I find it interesting all of those players that pulled out were on The Big Bunny's side of the draw. What kind of voodoo is she practicing?

Thank you for the info Caps321.

Great photos Captain!

Carlos said...

Lickitongue won her final qualifying round. By looking at the score it was a tough three setter 6-7(3), 7-5, 6-4. I hope she has an easy draw or she may go down in the first round.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Lickitongue will be playing KUCOVA, Zuzana. And hopefully she can trounce the Bunny.. Its unfortunate she has to play the #1 in the second round assuming she gets there.

Carlos said...

I can see Lickitongue going through the second round but The Big Stuffed Bunny will be too much for her.

In Morocco U.Radwanska will face Dokic in the first round.

I heard the cartoon character "Morocco Mole" in Morocco he is just Mole; my source "Shaggy". :P

Anonymous said...

Was reading on Aggie's twitter they call her Ula! Which is surely easier for me to pronounce.

Did Dokic pull out or something? According to the live scoring, Ula just won the first set 6-2 against Daniilidou.

Lisicki is winning against Cibulkova 3-0 in the first set. Btw, Cibulkova needs to get a new tennis outfit. I'm tired of seeing this light blue 'thing' with a draw string in the front.

Carlos said...

Urszula ended up losing the match in three sets.

Lickitongue retired in the third set. Don't know why.

Lisicki won lets hope she can make it back on track.

Carlos said...

Captain I been studying your photos:

1)You look like a giant about to eat the people in the background. :P

2)Coffee and cake: Good! Aaaaah to be young and enjoy caffeine and sweet treats.

3)Three generations: Two lovely ladies and a handsome gent. I like the entrance.

4)Just a great shot

5)The dogs look friendly and I like your hair bun.

6)Love your enthusiasm. :P

7)Still liking your bun. :P

8)Better than riding a burro to your wedding. :P

9)That was simply a great, great photo. It captures a typical European city. :)


10),11),and 12) The "good looking" genes run in your family.

13)There are three generations of cheese lovers in my family. Two of them can't eat cheese due to health reasons, but they eat cheese any way! That is how much they love cheese! I showed this photo to one of them it was the favorite photo.

14)Once again, cheers!

Were you missed? What do you think? :P

Marija said...

Love the photos! I'm yet to visit Poland, but I believe it will see me in the coming couple of years ;)

Anonymous said...

Petko is having a battle against Paszek. She lost the first set 6-3 and is up 3-2 in the second. Saw this about Lickitongue:

Carlos said...

Thank you for the info Caps321. You are always on top of the world tennis news.

I don't know if she has done this already but a Cat Scan would be best to determine what is really wrong with Licki. I truly wish her a speedy recovery.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos, thankyou for you deeper insight into my travel photos! My mother will be happy to hear some of the comments! Hahaha ;)

Marija, Glad to hear you like the photos! Poland is a wonderful place in the world, unfortunatly I did not vist under ideal circumstances as mentioned in this post, and earlier in my posts too! But you should definatly try and vist soon! Especially when living so close :)

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