Saturday, April 16, 2011

Australia locked at 1-1 with Ukraine.

Australia and Ukraine are level at 1-1 after the first day of their Fed Cup World Group play-off. Jarmila Groth gave Australia a flying start when she crushed Ukraine's Olga Savchuk 6-1, 6-1 in the opening singles clash. World number 30 Groth took just 48 minutes to beat Savchuk and was never challenged from the moment she broke serve in the opening game. But in the second rubber, Australian number two Anastasia Rodionova, ranked 72 in the world, was upset by the 131-ranked Ukrainian Lesia Tsurenko 6-1, 6-4. The winner of the tie will remain in the elite eight-nation World Group. Both the reverse singles and the doubles are scheduled for Sunday


caps321 said...

Watching the Petko vs. McHale match now!

caps321 said...

Petko wins 6-3, 6-4.

Carlos said...

6 AM in the West Coast and this thing is over?

This McHale girl is not impressing me.

I have some neighbors from the Ukraine I don't like them! What I'm trying to say, Aussies kick their butts!

caps321 said...

Carlos, I'm on the East coast so the start time wasn't a problem.

I don't think Clay is McHale's strongest surface.. Not sure about grass either. Perhaps she's just a hard court kinda girl.

That said, she will probably get better though.

Carlos said...

Lucky you Caps321, I wouldn't mind living back east if I didn't had to shovel snow.

I hope McHale becomes a late bloomer.

Lucinda Perry said...

I wold still be impressed with McHale, I mean she was playing an inform Petko, who grew up on clay and McHale, like nearly every other American would be least impressive on Clay.

I think the Aussies would have a much better chance if Dokic was playing, as Rodinova is not a very impressive player, thankgod for Jarka!

caps321 said...

Carlos, it doesn't snow in Florida and I've never seen it!

Petko beats Oudin 6-2, 6-3.

Cibulkova won the first set 6-4 against FPImbecile.

I don't really care which Country wins in Fed Cup. I just like watching the individual players.

Finally, looks like Dokic was too exhausted to play Fed Cup. Which is cool in my book; just hope she gets her game together with some consistency and returns to top ten glory.

Carlos said...

Point taken Caps321. When I get there I'll probably hang with Billy The Marlin. One note, now it does snow in L.A. so anything is possible.

caps321 said...

Carlos, I'm sure sooner or later it'll snow in Florida.. with the weather extremes the country has been experiencing for a while now.

I think the Fist Pumper retired at 3-3 in the second set with some sorta abdominal injury. Saw them lift her top to expose 2 strips of tape running down her stomach.

Carlos said...

Agreed on your point on the weather.

It is me or is the F.P.Imbecile getting injured very frequent? Sometimes she fakes an injury or illness to excuse her losses but lately she is not faking those injuries. Is she becoming a snap, crackle, and pop, type of player

To be honest I don't like Fed Cup.

caps321 said...

Yeah, I don't really care about the Olympics either. I think of tennis as an individual and not a team sport. Besides I like so many different women from various countries... And I'm not simply going to root for an American just because I happen to live here.

I've seen Imbecile pulling her fake injuries to avoid losses plenty as well. Not really sure what's causing her 'legitimate' injuries now. But, I do have a theory: Isn't she without a coach again? Maybe she's trying to do 'it all' herself and wasn't paying attention when she had a professional around?

Of course I'm unsure if she got rid of her fitness coach as well..

Carlos said...

Exactly! There are some people that are so patriotic that in their eyes the players of their countries can do no wrong on and off court.

I haven't paid attention to the F.P.Imbecile in quite a while, perhaps Clefairy or the Captain can give us info on this chick. I would think Sven the Adiddas Guy is coaching her, he always comes to her rescue when no one is around.

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