Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wimbledon to award record prize moeny for 2011 champions

Wimbledon organisers have revealed the winners of this year's tournament will be paid £1.1m (1,792,374 USD or 1,707,855 AUD...I think) - a rise of 10 per cent.

Last year the prize money for the men and women's singles champions exceeded £1m for the first time, as Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams triumphed.

The total prize fund for the 2011 tournament is £14.6m, an increase of 6.4 per cent from last year.

Nadal beat Tomas Berdych to win the men's title in 2010, while Williams overcame Vera Zvonareva.

Philip Brook, chairman of the All England Club which stages the event, said: "Leading international sports events such as Wimbledon are all about the quality of the players on show.

"It is important that we offer prize money which suitably rewards the players both for the box-office appeal they bring to the event and for their supreme performances on court."


Carlos said...

off topic: A couple of months ago I had a dream that you (Captain) had sent me an email with the photo of the 2011 Wimbledon's women champion. here is the kicker, the head was blocked out, I never saw the face! The photo was from the chest up, arms raising the silver platter (trophy :P). The arms were of a caucasian woman but in my mind I said 'Serena'. I was going to do a download but in my dream a download was going to be a print. I was about to do the "download" when people started walking in to my apartment, about 200 of them, all of them with PhD engineers, lawyers, philosophers, etc. Everyone telling me that a download was impossible to do. I ignored everyone and when I was about to do the "download" the character "Sheldon" from the series "Big Bang Theory" walked in sat down in the living room and told me, "It is just impossible to do a download". I said in myself,'A super genius is telling me that a download is impossible to do?' Woke up, I never saw the face/head of the winner! Just wanted to share that with you. I told my sister the dream, first thing that popped in my sister's head was the winner will be Wozniacki and that it wasn't meant for me to know who the winner will be.

Any theories on who the winner will be?

PS: Will Clefairy only comment on the stories that she post?

PSS I bet she didn't like the nickname. :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Well, wow, what an intresting dream :P If only you could have downloaded the image! Now to the question. "Who will win Wimbledon?" maybe its a sign your mind said 'Serena' however I am confident The Bunny will not win on grass, she has the wrong game, you cant stand there and get everything back at the same pace on grass. If Serena is back intime for Wimbledon she will have to be a heavy favourite, despite all the issues. But there are still some people I think could lift the Venus Rosewarter Dish. Obviously Venus is one of them, no need to explain why just why not, her prime is behind, everyday she is off the court, it becomes less and less likely she will win a slam (same with Serena). Also Azarenka could easily win Wimbled, she has the game and the from at the moment to go all the way as soon as this year! Zvonerava could win because she will have a very high seedin I presume with basically no points to defend on clay! I'm not sure if Kimmie could win it all or not, she could easily be upset on grass and her participation in RG is still unknown.

I have a strong feeling it will be Vika taking hope the "chip and dip dish"

PS: Clefairy will comment on anything she wants too! She is probably still getting used to the readers!

PSS: I think she thinks you think she looks like a Pokemon :P Ahahaha

Carlos said...

I agree on what you said about Wozniacki. Venus is beatable, you are right she is not the dominant player she once was on grass or hard courts. I see Serena in form maybe for the USO. Kim is beginning to break down, I have my doubts. Azarenka, I always doubt her because her temper gets in the way, all you have to do is watch the match Wozniacki against The Crazy Czech and you can see why Azarenka hasn't done better than Wozniacki. Wimbledon 2011 is wide open.

There are some players that get injured and I'm thinking this player's season is done and a few weeks later they are back on court, example Vera Z. There are some players' injuries that seem not to be serious but the injury takes time to heal, example Lisicki.

PS: Captain you mentioned that Clefairy was reading this blog but she didn't make a comment. By now I would think she would be familiar/used to the readers. :/

PSS Haha now you took me back to junior high. :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I will be able to answer the question "who will win Wimbledon"? when I see a draw! Ahahaha when I have that information I will be able to give an answer with a full draw disect and QF SF predictions!

Like myself of Lucinda will do for the other Slams!

My money is still on Vika for the Wimbledon title!

Timmy said...

You got to love the smile on both's faces on the photo. Nadal and Serena appear like high school kids, very adorable picture.

man and van in London

Emily os as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Timmy, I love this photo :) I think it captures two great champions letting there walls down and just enjoying their victories!

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