Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday girl Jarka wins Estroli opener.

A day after No.1 seed Alisa Kleybanova stormed through her opener at the Estoril Open, No.2 seed and birthday girl Jarmila Gajdosova did the same, winning nine straight games from 3-4 in the first set to beat 95th-ranked Renata Voracova over on Centralito, 6-4 6-0.

Gajdosova, ranked No.31 and celebrating her 24th birthday, cracked the match open midway through the first set with some hard hitting, firing eight aces in the match and cracking winners off both wings. The second set took 27 minutes.

The other seeds had mixed results. No.3 seed Klara Zakopalova fought from 1-4 in the second set to beat Spanish qualifier Beatriz GarcĂ­a Vidagany, 6-4 7-6(3), while No.8 seed Greta Arn was also tested, going to three sets to get past Portuguese wildcard Maria Joao Koehler, 6-2 3-6 6-3. But No.4 seed and defending champion Anastasija Sevastova wasn't so fortunate, serving for the match at 7-5 6-5 but ultimately falling to Urszula Radwanska, 5-7 7-6(5) 6-1.

"I really like it here, it's a nice tournament, but I didn't play so well today," a disappointed Sevastova commented. "It's my mistake, it's my problem."

Anabel Medina Garrigues, Kristina Barrois and Anastasiya Yakimova also won as the first round wrapped up at the International-level tournament.


Carlos said...

A couple of questions Captain, Will Jarmilla be able to keep her Australian citizenship? You pulled a stunt like this (marriage for citizenship) in the U.S. both the man and the woman will go to jail. Whomever had the citizenship via the marriage will be revoke, and after completing the jail sentence that person will be deported to their native country. They don't mess around here in The States.

Is her former husband still her coach? I remember a while back you posted a video this two going at it on court when he came out to advise her. I thought she was going to slap him.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

It is my understanding the Jarmilla will be able to retain citizenship! And there is no solid proof that the marriage was for citizenship. Just my speculation, after the circumstances were very intresting;

1. Jarka was desperate for citizenship but could not obtain it (playing on tour she could not stay in the country for the six consecutive months required)

2. Her and Samuel Groth never appeard to be going out before marriage

3. They got married, Jarka became Australian

4. After the outburst in Brisbane (the video I posted of her going off at him) she said, that these things happen alot but he knows she doesn't mean it, hinting they may not have enjoyed living together

5. After two years they seperate, jarka gets to be an Aussie, and she is making unecicary drama on her twitter account, it all seems very suss!

Also it would be my understanding they would no longer have a coaching player relationship.

Carlos said...

Thank you Captain for the information.

Anonymous said...

Barrois just beat Vesnina 6-4, 6-3.

Carlos said...

In Barcelona Candle head upset the number two seed in straight sets.

Anonymous said...

Larsson defeats Ula 6-4, 6-4.

Carlos said...

Caps321 so which Radwanska sister is your most favorite?

Anonymous said...

It'd have to be Aggie, I'm just keeping tabs on Ula because its her sister... for now.

Carlos said...

Caps321 are you hinting you will "leave" Aggie for her sister Urszula? :P Or is Aggie for the long haul?

Captain now that you mention Twitter, WTA Tour Insights Twitter account has been dormant for months. Last time I checked the account had less than ten tweets. I know you are too busy with having a life hence the dormancy ZZZZZZZ. :P May I suggest Clefairy doing tweeting, assuming if she has time and energy. It would be great if she did. Let me know if and when the account gets going again so I can follow you again. :)

Anonymous said...

Carlos, there is room in my stable for Ula.. But, I have no idea if she'll make the cut!

Carlos said...

Candle Head lost in straight sets.

Anonymous said...

Just started following Sania Mirza on twitter.. She has 223,450 followers. Isn't that quite impressive for a WTA player not named Serena Williams?

Admittingly, I haven't checked how many the others have; just a guess.

Carlos said...

Caps321 India is one of the top two countries in population -the other being China- it's been said that Sania us very popular in India. Not surprised by the number of followers.

Carlols said...

Captain and Clefairy both of you have been M.I.A. what is up with that? Are you two somewhere at a slumber party watching the royal wedding crap? :P

Lucinda Perry said...

Don't worry Carlos I am still here! Em is attenidng a 'Royal Wedding Party' however she is upset she didn't rate an invite! Hahaha.

I think it would be good for me to manage the twitter account, as it has basicallt been un-active since forever! Infact Em probably forgot about it! ;) Ill talk to her about it.

I can understand Sania has so many followers, she is very popular in India! I think its a good number for tennis players; KimKong only has 92,000 Caro 111,000 Venus 722,000 Novak 67,000 aRod 533,000 and ofcourse Serena has over 2 million, so she is doing pretty well!

Anonymous said...

Quali action

Mirza wins against Panova 1-6, 6-2, 6-1.

Cornet loses to Costas-Moreira 7-5, 0-6, 7-6

Anonymous said...

The draw has been released for Madrid:

Will have to print this out and study it!

Carlos said...

Thanks Caps321 I see a lot of matches that have caught my eye in the first round and potential second round matches.

First time this in this clay season we see Pennetta, Peng, Divapova, Bojana, and sadly The Fist Pumping Imbecile.

Maybe Petkovic can get on my good side.

You are right Caps321 I'll study this draw, it has lots of potential.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if Mirza will make it though the qualis, but if she does I think there could be an upset.

I will go ahead and predict the outcome of the following matches:

Bunny vs. Goerges - 3rd round - (Goerges)
Petko vs. Angry Bird - 3rd round - (Petko)
Kleybanova vs. Peer - 2nd round - (Kleybanova)
Cibulkova vs. Kuzzie - 1st round - (Cibulkova)
Vesnina vs. Zvonareva - 2nd round - (Vesnina)
Kvitova vs. Vesnina - 3rd round - (Kvitova)

Do you think Groth/Gajdosova will be Kirilenko in the first round and Aggie in the second? I don't think I've seen her play before.

Anonymous said...

be = beat

Lucinda Perry said...

I don't like this draw :\ Vika, Aggie, Kiri and Jarka in the same quarter!

Li will probably lose to MJMS in round 1.
Shara v Wicky 2nd round - Wicky

Caps321, Very intresting match up predictions for later rounds!

I think I am brave enough to predict who I think will play each outher in the QF! Ahahaha;

From the first Quarter - George v Pavlychenkova
2nd quarter - Vika v Aggie
And the thrid quarter - This is a really tough one but, Benesova v The Imbecile
And fianlly the 4th quarter - Vera v Domi

Anonymous said...

Looks like Mirza made it through qualis. Not sure where she is getting slotted in though.

Can Imbecile even get past Mattek-Sands, let alone Petrova or Schiavone?

And if my some miracle this happens, no way she beats Kleybanova in the quarters.

Carlos said...

I don't think The Imbecile will get past Petrova. If she still without a coach? If she is not with a coach then who will come to help her out, The Addidas guy? or her mommy with a box of tissues so can wipe her tears away?

First round:
Peng over Schivone
Kleybanova over Peer
The Princess over Jarmilla
Qualifier over Rezai
Kuznetsova over Cibulkova

Second round:
WickiWickiWicki over Divapova
Pennetta over Petkovic

The Dutchess over The Princess (The Dutchess being your Aggie Caps321. Can you say royalty in the house?).

Bojana over The Big Stuffed Bunny
Safina over Gorgeous Julia

Hoping for:
Kimiko over Dani H
Dulgheru over Kvitova

Anonymous said...

Carlos, I don't like it when my women have to play each other so early in the tournament!

Aggie beat Sdvedova 2-6, 6-1, 6-3. Was a little worried while watching the scoreboard since Aggie lost to her 7-5, 6-3 at the French Open 2010.

Anonymous said...

Princess was up 4-2 & 5-4 and still ended up losing the first set 7-5 to Gajdosova.

Think I've seen this show before..

Anonymous said...

Princess won the second set 6-3 (after a rain delay) but already squandered a 2-0 lead in the third. She's now down 3-2.

Kim Clijsters has begun endurance work and appears to be on track to play Roland Garros, just a month after she tore ligaments in her ankle while dancing at her nephew's wedding, the Belgian press reports. After winning her fourth Grand Slam at the Australian Open, Clijsters made it her goal to try and win the two major titles that have eluded her, Roland Garros and Wimbledon. "It's about effort, but Kim is where I had expected", her physical trainer Sam Verslegers said. "This week was mainly endurance training and the ankle has responded well. Next week we'll begin movements that you need for tennis and if everything goes well by the end of the week she can start tennis training."

Roland Garros begins on May 22. - Matthew Cronin

Anonymous said...

Princess had match point up 6-5 and failed to close it out. Now onto the tie break -- Gajdosova wins 7-5, 3-6, 7-6.

Carlos said...

That is the thing with The Princess, she is a choker.

The question becomes will Jarmilla be the royal executor?

This tournament jumped on me it started quickly.

Anonymous said...

I thought she was a choker but might wanna call her a very good looking 'extreme' choker! I used to just look at the final scores and not watch the match play out on the scoreboard. And of course Princess usually doesn't get top billing so most of her matches aren't televised. (Usually on a court w/o television or already been eliminated.)

I mean, she's making a great living but has so much more potential.

I've probably seen less than 10 of her matches.

Carlos said...

You are right, The Princess is very good looking and an execellent choker. To me "having potential" means being suspect it doesn't always translate to success.

Props to the beautiful Ms. Clefairy, she predicted Cibulkova over Kuzzie. I gave Kuzzie another chance here in Barcelona aftet her idiotic comments about I.W. and Miami; and her display today losing without a fight has manage her to be in my bad side. I guess her dis-interest is continuing, 'Hey legendary choker just retire already and spare me of another of your pathetic tennis play'.

Speaking of chokers this are my top two of all time
1)Dani H.

Carlos said...

I meant to say Madrid instead of Barcelona.

Carlos said...

I find this interesting, tomorrow in doubles action:
ThePrincess/Angry Bird vs. Dani H./The Duchess

Anonymous said...

I have never liked Kuzzie.. She already has tons of money and think she could care less about tennis anymore. Like you, Carlos, I wish she would just pack all her stuff and go home. I'd much rather see someone try and fail than to fail without trying.

Dani H. had anorexia and was 'rail thin' for the longest time. IMO, she wasted her best years by not being in shape. Plus of course she still chokes now that her 'problems' have been taken care of.

By 'potential' concerning Princess - I meant she could be a lot more consistent and go higher up the ladder and win some bigger matches against stiff competition. But, by no means do I think she'll ever win a grand slam in singles. Not sure about her coaching situation but I feel she needs to work on her game plan and of course keeping her nerves calm.

Carlos said...

When Dani H. turned 21 I thought the best career move for her was to quit tennis and turned to modeling. She had body, the looks, and probably connections. For some reason I believed Dani when she said her parents divorce affected her maybe I was naive.

Good points on The Princess Caps321

I became tired from hearing "this athlete has potential" and never panned out. Even using your defenition of being consistent and being the type of player which no one wants to face, being tough to beat and not being a super star (those are my favorites), the majority of these athletes with "potential" are bust.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say anorexia is a disease and its not as if Dani wanted to be that way. But, it still took the best years of her career.

Also, I think Princess needs to develop a 'B' game for when her 'A' isn't up to par. Guess it all comes down to nerves. Because she definitely knows how to construct a point and play tennis. Just seems to come up short and get beat by players that should be getting worked over.

Btw, looks like the Madrid open is already cranked up today at 7:23am Eastern!

A Parra Santonja defeats Pennetta 6-3, 7-5.
Dani defeats Date-Krumm 6-3, 6-3
Schiavone defeats Peng 7-5, 7-6.
Divapova defeats A Rus 2-6, 6-3, 6-2

In other action Goerges is up in the first set vs. Kanepi 4-3.

Bunny vs. Morita is about to start.

Anonymous said...

moving the last post to the new thread

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