Sunday, April 10, 2011

WTA Tour Insights' family grows.

I am on the left, Lucinda is on the right.
Dear loyal readers,

Our family has grown!

I have asked my good friend Lucinda Perry to assist me in my blogging! And she very kindly agreed to do so. Lucinda will be posting when I am away, but will also be posting sometimes during the season, and will be an expert Grand Slam analysist, which basically means she will be doing all the predictions! Ahaha, but she will also be a great assest to the blog with her extensive tennis knowledge.

Be careful and make sure to check who pasted the article, it will say at the bottom.

Make her feel welcome, she doesn't bite!


caps321 said...

Lucinda, do you live in Australia too? Welcome.

The Bunny's downfall will commence in exactly 2 hours and 44 minutes!

caps321 said...

Yikes, looking like Kimmie injured her ankle rather badly while dancing.
No. 2 Kim Clijsters badly injured her ankle while dancing at her cousin Tim’s wedding and is questionable for Roland Garros, her official web site reports.

"She won't be able to compete for four to six weeks," the site reported. "Her participation in the French Open is no longer certain. She injured her ankle severely. The consequences are rather dire. After a visit to the doctor [and an MRI] the diagnosis is a severe strain of both the medial and lateral ligaments of the right ankle and torn ligaments, a torn capsule of the ankle joint, a hematoma and torn tendon sheath.

 Kim's ankle is now completely immobilized and she can not use her foot for a few days. Kim faces a recovery of at least four to six weeks. Since the French Open starts in literally six weeks, Kim's presence in Paris is very uncertain."

Before her ankle injury, the four times Grand Slam champion has pulled out of Fed Cup to recover from recovery of a shoulder and wrist injuries. - Matthew Cronin

Lucinda Perry said...

Yes caps321, I also live in Australia! I attended the same school as Emily :)

Wow, that's a worry for Kimmie! I really hope she does recover in time for Roland Garros! Tennis needs one of its superstars healthy!

Carlos said...

Thanks for the info once again Caps321. Was the Kookie Monster break dancing? Hell, I still have injuries from those days.

I'm still trying to figure out how The Big Stuffed Bunny won this tourney. The Crazy Czech and WickiWickiWicki had her on the ropes and she ended up winning. Every time she steps into a tennis match she seems to be worst player on court yet she finds a way to win. Now The Big Bunny has a record of 3-1 in finals (this year). Her worst showing was at Medibank International when she lost in the second round to Cibulkova in straight sets. Even in Miami she made it to the second week losing in the round of 16 in three sets to the Dancing Queen Petkovic.

Marija said...

Welcome, Lucinda. I'm looking forward to your analyses. :)

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