Monday, April 4, 2011

Honerable ATP Mention - Novak Djokovic.

I know, I know, this is WTA Tour Insights and I know Novak is a man. But seriously, he deserves a mention, in fact he deserves the No. 1 rank he is now 24-0 for the year (winning Australian Open, Dubai, Indian Wells and now Miami) He has been flawless. Not only is he on a 24 match winning streak for the year, he is on a 26 match winning streak from last years Davis Cup matches.

Who knows, maybe Rafa will show he is the best when his feet hit the clay, but at the moment it looks pretty hard to bet against Novak, even if he was playing on ice, I would have to tipp him. I would even have money on him taking a bagel, he has had the most out of any player for the year (7).

Sony Ericsson Open website article;

Players on the ATP World Tour will have to wait until the clay court season to have another opportunity to end Novak Djokovic’s undefeated reign in 2011.

In one of the most electrifying men’s singles finals in Sony Ericsson Open history, the Serbian defeated World No. 1 Rafael Nadal for the second consecutive ATP World Tour Masters 1000 event after winning at Indian Wells two weeks ago, upending the Spaniard 4-6, 6-3, 7-6(4) to win his second Sony Ericsson Open Sunday afternoon.

In front of a record final's crowd of 14,625 fans, Djokovic improved to 24-0 on the season, and increases his overall winning streak to 26 wins in a row, dating back to last December’s Davis Cup Final. His title today gives the two-time Australian Open champion his seventh ATP World Tour Masters 1000 title, five of which have come on outdoor hard courts, and 22nd title overall.

Djokovic has turned up the heat on Nadal in the battle for the World No. 1 Ranking. Nadal has more than 7,000 points to defend between now and Wimbledon.

Djokovic becomes the first player since Roger Federer in 2006 to win both Indian Wells and Miami in the same year, a feat that’s now been achieved eight times on the men’s side. This match-up paralleled 1995 in many ways; it was the first time in 16 years that Indian Wells and Miami featured the same two finalists, as well as the top two ranked players (Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras). It was also the first time since the Agassi-Sampras clash in 1995 that the men’s final at Crandon Park was decided by a final set tie-break.

This year's Sony Ericsson Open attracted 316,267 fans, setting a new tournament record.

Sorry guys, but I couldn't help my self! I needed to put this Rafa pic in! I am sure you understand. But look on the birght side, I haven't bombarded you with his Armani photo's...yet.

Time for some happy final snaps!


Carlos said...

Hey is your Nadal. :P

Yeah, it is an incredible run. Right now he is the best player on the ATP, think about he has won every major tourney this year. The last two tourneys being part of The Seven Rings Of Hell defeating the number one player in the world. Unlike the women's number one Novak defeated a legitimate number one. And yes I don't like him hthat much.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I like Novak too.
That's why!


Its an amazing effort! He is in sensatinol form! He took down Roger in AO Dubai and IW, fairly convincingly aswell!

caps321 said...

Please tell Joker to put his shirt back on.. That link hurt my eyes!

This was the first men's match I've watched in years.

I attended the US Open 2001 final between Sampras & Hewitt.

Carlos said...

Oh my eyes! :P

Thank you Captain for blinding me for a moment. :P

*Mentally picturing* ...

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I don't know what you to are talking about! It is a great photo, I definatly like it :P Ahahaha

Caps321, I asume it was a great match (this one) I was almost going to get up and watch it, but my alarm didn't go off, so instead I just slept! Ahahaha

caps321 said...

Emily, the third set was the best part.

Carlos said...

Captain from where I'm standing is awful, very awful. You have to tell me what you see in this shirt-less (almost had type-o xD ) guy, haha.

Meanwhile to cleanse my mind I had to mentally picture other people. :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Caps321, the third set would have been amazing, foxsports 3 over here has a repeat on thursday, so I am definatly going to watch it!

Carlos, he is very attractive. He has a graey body. Not quite as much as Rafa, but I am happy to look at that photo!

caps321 said...

Not good news in my book:

Shoulder and wrist forcing Kim Clijsters to a 4 week rest

Kim Clijsters has to pull out of the Fed Cup semifinals on April 16 and 17 in Charleroi and the tournament in Madrid. Examination of the painful right shoulder and wrist, which were already bothering her in America, pointed out that both joints are clearly overstrained.

Carlos said...

Captain so you like guys that are tall, dark, muscular, and rich. :) If this were a poker match I would easily fold. :P

As always thank you for the info Caps321.

The Princess plays today on the green clay.

Anyone dislikes the green clay?

Alexandra Stevenson defeated Coco in the qualifying finals. In three sets. Yesterday she lost in the first round to bethanie in straights.

caps321 said...

Princess wins 6-4, 6-0!!

caps321 said...

Also saw Dokic lost 7-5, 2-6, 6-4 to someone named Tatishvili.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Caps321, thanks for the Kim update! Not sure how she will go at RG now :\

Carlos, yes tall dark and handsome, I'm there, then again wouldn't post women! And I find green clay...intresting.

Don'tknow what happend to Jelen D. But atleast she will be playing RG! But the Princess played well!

Carlos said...

Kuzzie had a tough three setter victory in the first round at Marbella.

Some players have difficulty adjusting to clay coming from the hard court season. Those who have a tough time struggle in their first clay tournament at times in the first two tourneys. I say some players because their are the so call "clay court specialist.

Captain you have the same taste in men as my sister.

Caps321 just to let you know at this point in time I don't follow any tennis players on twitter or anybody, nor anything related to tennis. Thanks for the updates BTW.

caps321 said...

Any thoughts on McHale spanking Kleybanova?

Does Kleybanova not play good on clay?

caps321 said...

Yikes, Tatishvili also beat Princess in 3 sets.

I've never heard of her before she won against Dokic. Here is her wta page:

Carlos said...

Caps321 I'm going to stick with my original comment it takes time for some players to adjust to clay. Perhaps this is the case with Kleybanova.

Thanks for the link, what stood out that Tatishvili weighs 99 pounds, finally someone that weighs less than me. :P

I never heard of her either, looks like she is an up and coming player or another clay court specialist.

caps321 said...

Anyone watching Tatishvili vs Wickmayer on

Tied up 3-3 in the first set.

caps321 said...

Wicki won 6-4, 7-5 but didn't have a very easy match.

Also Goerges beat Peer 6-2, 6-3. IMO, Peer should be ranked somewhere around 20-30.

Carlos said...

Caps321 WickiWickiWicki had a tough three setter in the previous round that is why i thought Tatishvili had a chance to win, then again Tastishvili had a tough battle against The Princess.

I agree with Peer comment.

caps321 said...

Vesnina wallops Stosur 6-4, 6-1.

McHale whops Hantuchova 7-6, 6-1.

Carlos said...

I haven't seen this McHale girl play, but she has my attention. Maybe I can catch her tomorrow. I can sing the song, "Oh Dani girl how you suck". :P

So Stosur lost, somewhere out there in Aussie Land the Captain is laughing like an evil villain in those old Kung Fu movies. :P

caps321 said...

By the way Bunny was playing yesterday.. If Wiki doesn't beat her today I will lose all respect for her.

Strycova could have beat Bunny if she didn't 'net' so many first serve returns trying to be aggressive.

I'm going with:

Wiki over Bunny
Mirza over Peng
McHale over Jankovic
Vesnina over Goerges

caps321 said...

moving to newer thread

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