Monday, April 25, 2011

Goerges victorious in Home Open!

Rank outsider Julia Goerges of Germany stunned world number one Caroline Wozniacki 7-6, 6-3 overnight to win her first title of the year in front of an ecstatic home crowd.

Goerges outplayed her opponent, winner of three titles already this year, on the fast indoor clay court, giving the Dane no chance of a title she has yet to win.

After converting her second match point, Goerges sank to her feet and then lay flat on the red clay as the crowd cheered for the first German winner of the country's biggest women's tennis event since Anke Huber in 1994.

"I don't quite know how I did it," she beamed in a courtside interview.

"Against Caroline it feels like you always have a mountain to climb and I did it."

Goerges, who briefly had trouble starting the car she was given, had lost both previous encounters with the Dane.

On Sunday, however, Goerges pinned Wozniacki back from the start, playing the Dane's backhand constantly and forcing her into making errors.

The big-serving 22-year-old, ranked 32nd in the world, did not allow her 20-year-old opponent any chance to break and Wozniacki also struggled with Goerges's kicking serve.

With no break on either side the two went into a first-set tie-break and the German opened up a 5-2 lead when Wozniacki put a crosscourt forehand into the net.

She grabbed the first set on her second opportunity when Wozniacki sent another forehand long.

In the second set, the confident Goerges upped the pressure and broke Wozniacki to open up a 3-0 gap.

Wozniacki, who has yet to win a grand slam, finally got her first break points at 3-1 but Goerges's forehand and a volley gave the German a 4-1 lead.

Goerges missed one match point at 5-2 but had two more in the next game, clinching the second title of her career with a powerful serve that the Dane failed to return.

"Julia played very well, very aggressive and the balls were going in," said Wozniacki.

"I tried everything today but it did not work. I'll have to go back on the practice court and make things better."

"Hopefully we will have many more matches in the future."


Anonymous said...

Seems my post in the other thread vanished; lets try again.

Wozniacki considering Navratilova as consultant

This has to be my favorite line, "It is obviously not cheap—the price to hire her may well reach about $300,000 and we’ll have to pay out of out own pockets."

Funny how this new information comes out after Bunny loses.

Anonymous said...

Seems my post in the other thread vanished; lets try again.

Wozniacki considering Navratilova as consultant

This has to be my favorite line, "It is obviously not cheap—the price to hire her may well reach about $300,000 and we’ll have to pay out of out own pockets."

Funny how this new information comes out after Bunny loses.

Anonymous said...

The above can be found on My post kept vanishing, I guess because of the tinyurl?

Carlos said...

Nicely done by Gorgeous Julia.

Caps321 thank you for the info; hiring Navratilova is not a good idea IMO, it will be like when Novak hired Todd Martin as a head coach, won't work. I been saying this for a while the Big Bunny needs a new head coach, someone who's personality is like hers. Even though she earns a truck load of money I find $300,000 too steep for just being a consultant when the average salary of a coach is between $50,000-$100,000. Even if she pays double it would still be cheaper than hiring Navratilova, and why is Navratilova charging too much? Also that quote makes the Bunny look like a cheapskate.

Off topic my tennis "Court", The Princess: Kirilenko, Duchess: Aggie.

Anonymous said...

One would think for $300K Nav would be there full time. However, couldn't the Bunny cover that cost with one of her many endorsement deals? Last time I checked, she's made over 9 million dollars not counting endorsements!

IMO, Bunny needs to work on her serving and attack/offensive game. Sure, the human backboard aspect has brought her to #1, but the writing is on the wall. I expect many more 'upsets' in the future as she's going to stay #1 for some time to come.

I have nothing against Nav but I'm unsure how much benefit could be garnered by bringing her on. Bunny is still the one that's gonna have to put in the work and be open to changing aspects of her game.

Plus, what happens when someone new comes in and does a 180 concerning things her dad has told her? Replace 'em?

Carlos said...

Caps321 I think it comes to over-charging and being a cheapskate.

Agreed, she needs her offensive game to get going. I tend to think when players try a new game plan, in the beginning it doesn't work until the player gets used it. This may mean loses, perhaps early loses which translates into losing points and ranking, something The Bunny's camp won't accept. Is no secret the whole purpose for The Bunny to play every tournament as possible was to reach the top spot and to maintain it by racking up points. I'm sure sponsorship aka money was the reason for it; is no longer about improving The Bunny's game but to maintain her in the penthouse. This makes her susceptible to upsets while making tons dough but in the end it cheapens the game. Is she really willing to change? Criticism of her style of play are nothing new and she didn't do anything about it. Should I take The Bunny seriously now? Changing her style of play going from defensive to an offensive style means to do the opposite of what her father has taught her. I said it before hire a coach that can teach her an offensive game plan and her father should stay as an advisor/supervise his daughter.

Anonymous said...

After reading your post, Carlos -- I think the Bunny needs to be able to switch from defense to offense when needed. IMO, the reason she isn't more offense minded is because she sprays the ball and makes unforced errors.. therefore is reluctant to go for winners.

Rankings -- 4/25/11

Aggie 14 to 12
Petko 19 to 15
Goerges 32 to 27
Halep 65 to 52
Safina 74 to 65
Brianti 94 to 67
Barrois 79 to 71
Flipkens 104 to 86

Aggie can taste the top 10! Serena 3035, Peer 3030, Aggie 3000.

What's going on with Square Pants? She lost 6-4, 6-1 to Rybarikova.

Finally, why is Elena Vesnina wearing that same light blue outfit again? Certainly she must have something else in her closet! (Not sure how sponsorships go but seems like Aggie wore different clothes every match while Bunny is still sportin' one of the worst looking outfits besides Square Pants pink 'thing' years ago.)

Carlos said...

Right again Caps321. In the mean time we will be stuck seeing The Bunny returning the ball exactly where her opponent is.

Biggest jump Brianti, have you noticed the older these Italian players get the better they play.

Dinara keeps moving up.

Aggie 3000 any relation to Andre 3000. :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

On a side not, Jarka is back as a Gajdosova, no longer Groth. My long to suspicion of a "green card marriage" to Samuel Groth is confirmed! She wanted Aussie citizenship, couldn't get it so she married an Aussie!

Also in the CampAus, Dellaqua is back again, again and she won a match. She will play Jarka Gajdasova formally Groth in the 2nd round (probably)

And on the note of sponsorship, Vesina - Sponsord by Lacoste not big enough to reel out new clothes all the time! She wares the same as Stosur, but Stosur looks terrible in her "potato sack"

Caro - the face of Stella, I like it, just doesn't suit her body type, Stella probably doesnt know, Kiri looks good in anythin, Caro, not so much.

Bartoli and Aggie - not sponsord, so where what ever when ever.

On to rankings, tennis gods must love USA to keep Serena in the top 10!

No comment on Bunny's coaching deelings!

Anonymous said...

Emily, thanks for the details on the sponsor action. Seems to me like they could at least give Vesnina different colors to wear of the same style.

Saw this posted on

Andrea Petkovic will begin working with Steffi Graf's former coach Heinz Gunthardt on Monday, AFP reports. Gunthardt worked with Ana Ivanovic for part of last year, but he didn’t want to travel full-time and she wanted a coach who could go almost everywhere. Gunthardt won't work with No. 19 Petkovic any more than part-time, and Serbia's Petar Popovic will remain her full-time coach. "The point is that I will incorporate my ideas and experiences and give an input," Gunthardt said. "I will not be working with Andrea every day."—Matthew Cronin

Sorta excited to watch Ula Radwanska tomorrow morning. I've been curious about Aggie's sister since I became a fan of hers but don't recall seeing any matches yet.

Carlos said...

In Barcelona Star Candle Head won her first round match.

The Big Bunny has a square-esque body, sort of like Sponge Bart haha. :P McCurse better figure that out.

Captain your comment on Sponge Bart and The Duchess lack of sponsors, you sounded like Shakira. :P

Heinz to Petkovic

Petkovic: Did you see my dance?
Heinz: No.
Heinz: Do you know how many titles did Graff win?
Petkovic: 107
Heinz: Do you know how many grand slams she won?
Petkovic: 22
Heinz: Do you know how many times Graff acted like an Ivanovic, ehem, I mean like an imbecile on court?
Petkovic: I believe none.
Heinz: OK since you know, the first lesson is: True champions don't act like imbeciles and you don't ever do that ridiculous dance again!

Anonymous said...

Petko says, "Are you in some sorta time warp, Heinz? I already retired that dance!"

Wow, Ula sure is skinny.

Sloane Stephens #170 beats Oudin #88 - 6-2, 6-1.

Carlos said...

Heinz: Just remember young lady how long I lasted with the last imbecile.

Lucic won her first round match in Barcelona, its been ages since I heard her name in the victory column. Good to hear from her again.

Anonymous said...

I only watched a little bit of Ula's match. Seems to me she has trouble holding serve and closing things out.

Its tied at one set a piece, 5-7, 7-6.

Wonder how much farther down the rankings Oudin will sink before she tells her coach to hit the bricks?

Anonymous said...

Ula has soft hands at the net and a little dropper of her own!

Radwaska defeats the defending champ Sevastova - 5-7, 7-6, 6-1.

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