Monday, February 21, 2011

The Future?

Want to know who will take over the Willamses? Who will be the next American star?

Well this young girl has it all!

Its a good read, a little late, ahah, but important still!


Carlos said...

Captain you are the Queen Bee of the tennis blogs, it doesn't matter if you post a story late or not as you as post it the world is all right. :)

As the saying goes if you are a prospect you are a suspect.

Couple of months ago you posted a story of another African-American teen, who was being touted as the next big thing. In your comment, you mentioned Captain that clearly this girl wasn't, and you also pointed out that the girl looked older than what she said. Advantage, Captain. I'm cautious when someone begins to taut a young player as the next big thing. Once upon a time it was said the same thing about Ashley Harkleroad, boy did that turn out to be true *my sarcasm included*.

I'm surprise Captain you keep posting stories while on vacation. I was picturing you outside making snow men or Emilys aka snow angels. :P

caps321 said...

Just walked inside and see Aggie getting irate out there on the court with the ump. Wow, she looks especially good while getting angry!

Btw, I think she needs to stick with her curly hair. I'm not liking her straightening action.

Wow, I think her eyes are watering! She must really have got ripped off with that call.

Was anyone watching? Do tell the circumstances.

Carlos said...

Caps321 who is televising Doha in the U.S?

I gather you are fan of Aggie.

caps321 said...

I was watching a streaming site.

Yes, I have lots of favorites and of course those I don't care for.

Carlos said...

I'm curious which stream site you were viewing. The U.S. government has shut down ten on line stream websites. They are cracking them down due to complains from corporations about copyrights violations.

Same here but I try to keep my comments neutral as possible.

caps321 said...

DHS Admits They Accidentally Took 84,000 Sites Offline

Soon after the sites are taken offline (assuming it wasn't an error on the US governments part) they spring back up with a different domain name.

I tried to order WTA only on tennistv and was told I'd need the whole package with men as well. I can't afford to pay for crap I don't watch.

That said, the channels that stream overseas tournaments aren't available in the states anyway. Plus, I even watch the commercials!

Carlos said...

Thank you once again for the info Caps321.

Makes me wonder who and how is DHS run?

I skip commercials even the ones for the Super Bowl.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos, the stories over the past week were pre-planned! and scheduled to post when I was away! So I have had a full week off but have now returned!

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