Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A look at Tennis fashions and Serena Williams

 Serena and Venus Williams have always been known to bedazzle opponents with skill and power, but also fashion. Today we take a look back and some of the worse fashion choices by Serena, the younger Williams.                                                                                                                                                            

Number 1 - Orange micro mini mini shorts. Not the best decision for a tennis outfit. No matter how good your booty is, this is always a no! Serena, next time you think of something like this I recommend you first get a little more material!

 Green dress, yellow knee high tube socks? American! No its not Bethanie Matek Sands playing Fed Cup for Australia, its Serena playing in Rome 2003. Serena green and yellow are fine together but not when mixed with orange!
 For Serena's benefit I will not even comment.

                                                                                      For a while there Serena had a big thing for boots, but she was never allowed to play in them! Oh what a shame.
 Oh yeah, thats the outfit she wore with this, does anything need to be said?

Yes, that mesh thing that goes around her neck, is the thing that keeps her skirt up. Obviously draw strings aren't everyones cup of tea.
 Now a days Serena is relevantly tame when it comes to fashion stakes, just the occasional personalized earring.
 Well yeah there are fashionable jackets for Wimbledon too!

 Some people thought The US Open had fallen on Halloween in 2004, and Serena decided to dress up. But unfortunately it was not the case, and that this was intact Serena's outfit.

Sorry for the Wax Museum, but the original is always the best!
 Just incase we forgot who she was, Serena decided to remind us with her US Open jacket. She will need this one when she eventually comes back from injury...Wait Serena who?
 Boots also come in Pink.
 Miami beach 2010. Serena tends to add the "Wow Factor" to her off court outfits now, and this is defiantly no exception.
 Always wowing with the hair.
 The Catsuit...that led to to this retrospection.
 No, I was defiantly looking at the Gatorade bottle. Serena spices up her 2009 Wimbledon press conference, not only with this top but comments on Dinara Safina's world number one ranking, and how hard she had worked for it...winning Rome and Madrid.
The infamous beads.


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