Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One bad week wont derail Jelena Dokic in road back to top.

One bad week is not going to matter, Australian Jelena Dokic said despite taking an early bow out of the Dubai Duty Free Women's Open on Tuesday.

"I think I've won around eight matches already this year on Tour, so I think I've had a good start. I'm just going to go on to next week and hopefully play better next week," she told media following her 6-2, 6-2 loss to Italian Flavia Pennetta on centre court on Tuesday afternoon".

"I don't feel like I'm hitting the ball badly at all. It was just very different conditions to what I played in last week [at the GDF Suez Open in Paris], and I only just arrived here two days back. So it's a bit tough to go from indoor to outdoor so quickly," Dokic said. I tried to save my energy as much as I could because I got sick and just hit once, so it was tough. So I'm not going to be too disappointed with this loss. Obviously, I would have liked to play better, but I'm going to go on to next week," the 27 year old promised.

This was the second time that the Australian has played in Dubai, with her debut in 2004 when she lost also in the first round.


Carlos said...

I previously said that Dokic got smoked by Pennetta in Dubai and by The Kookie Monster in Paris. I don't like player excusing loses specially bad ones. She needs to amp her game in order to accomplish her goals. Sorry Captain I know she is your favorite fav. She can still cause damage but she needs to play smaller tournaments so she can pick up points, victories and confidence so she doesn't have to deal with the top contenders in early rounds. This two bad loses were back to back, clearly she doesn't pose a threat to the top 20 players as of yet. If she would have played in Memphis she could have been the one taking the trophy, points and the pay check.

Off topic: In Doha I have Schiavone over Peng in three tough sets.

Peer over Sponge Bart Square Pants.

Petrova over The Big Stuffed Bunny (the back to back rule :P).

Vera over Cibulkova.

Li Na, Dani H, and Pennetta winning.

Angry Bird lost in the first round how many ad signs did she kick? The over/under was two. :P

caps321 said...

I think Bartoli will spank Peer. Of course I'm hoping for the "bunny" to lose as well!

Btw, who is Angry Bird??

Carlos said...

Looks like I'm going to have a tough time with my predictions today haha.

I wad wrong Peng defeated Shiavone in straights. The Italian might be running out gas, she needs a break to recharge her batteries.

Caps321 Sponge Bart spanked Peer it was not even close, good call.

I'm calling Azarenka "Angry Bird" for her bad attitude. When she played the AO 11 doubles final along side The Princess, Azarenka got angry enough that she kicked an ad sign.

caps321 said...

IMO, Peer is just another big stuffed bunny. (Although the bunny is way better.) But, they both play tons of tournaments and that's the only reason they're ranked so high.

The Angry Bird is a strange character. She has loads of potential but seems to lose her way. Perhaps experience will help her win against the players she's suppose to beat.

Btw, did you see that Bartoli/Kleybanova match the other day? Bartoli completely demoralized her out there. For the record, I think Kleybanova is a good player and will only get better.

Square pants on the other hand needs to get a new coach that's not related to her! She's been around for what seems forever and can't seem to take that next step.

Carlos said...

Just finish watching The Big Stuffed Bunny's match, Petrova gave it away. Perova is having a bad year so far but she is also a WTA Tour head case. I have to say The Big Stuffed Bunny had flashes of offense in this match.

I find Peer to be inconsistent and yes you are right The Big Stuffed Bunny is a lot better than her.

I agree with your assessment of Angry Bird. I think is her temper that gets the best of her. Once she gets angry her game goes down the tubes. She needs to find a way to keep her cool to do better. I like her game but I don't like the girl.

Sorry, I didn't see the the match. I do also agree with you Kleybanova is a good player. Right now I would categorize her as a dangerous player; she needs experience so she can avoid second set results like the one in this match.

Sponge Bart looks to be on a roll now. She will face Peng in the next round. I'm interested to see how Peng will do.

You are correct once again, Sponge Bart like The Big Stuffed Bunny need to find coaches outside of their family tree. Their parents could stay on their daughter's team to supervise how their offspring are doing but keep away from coaching.

Pennetta just won her match in three sets, up next for her some Bunny who claims to be number one.

caps321 said...

When the Bunny used to hit the ball hard it would sail on her. I think that's the reason she's been so anti-offense. That said, I guess she's finally learned how to keep it in the court somewhat. (Seems to me her serve has improved too.)

Guess I need to look at the draw. I usually only print out the majors.

Carlos said...

The Big Bunny improved her serve but is not a weapon. Her serve still needs more pop.

What I do is look at the draws and order of play to see if they are potential good matches and who plays who.

caps321 said...

Agreed. When Bunny plays some of the better players, she'll need to step it up. Question is: Will she be able to play with more aggressiveness when facing stiffer competition? My guess is no. She'll revert to being defense only and get blown off the court.

Carlos said...

I'm guessing the same thing. I also noticed the lack of plan B from The Bunny, once her game plan fails you will see her with the "deer caught in the headlight" look, from there is over.

Couldn't catch The Big Bunny's match, but the score indicates she destroyed Pennetta 6-2, 6-0. Pennetta must have been tired from yesterday's three set battle.

caps321 said...

They had a 13 minute game in the first set while tied 2-2. Then it seems bunny took over and Pennetta gave up.

Perhaps her long match was a factor. I didn't watch it yesterday and wasn't aware it was long.

Carlos said...

I read Pennetta won the first two games then The Big Bunny went on a 12-0 run. Ouch!

The semis will be The Big Stuffed Bunny vs. Sponge Bart Square Pants.

Both haven't lost a set, both are on a roll. Only Kleybanova challenged Sponge Bart for one set. I'm expecting a good three setter battle between this two.

That would be the battle of the long nicknames.

caps321 said...


My money is on Square Pants!

Carlos said...

I have picked against The Big Stuffed Bunny and she has proven me wrong every time. This time I'm picking her so she would lose against Sponge Bart.

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