Monday, February 28, 2011

Serena gets cast off, aim to be back before French Open.

Serena Williams is looking forward to getting back to her dominating best.

The tennis champ says she’s gotten the cast off her foot after eight months and will start training right away.

Williams had surgery after cutting her foot on broken glass following her win at Wimbledon last July.

“I finally had the cast taken off a few days ago,” she told the New York Post newspaper. “I have been wearing it for so many months, so I am so happy.

“My foot feels good and I’m starting to train right away, and I intend to be back for the French Open [in May]. And I have so missed wearing heels, I can’t wait to get them back on!

“I just try to stay positive.”


Carlos said...

And tomorrow there will be a post on which Oscar party she attended.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Is that supposed to mean something?

Carlos said...

Sorry, I apologize for my previous comment.

Talk to you in April.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos, its fine, I just wanted to know if you thought my blog was turning too "Serena" I may have miss-interpreted your comment!

But April? Ahahah Whats going on?

Carlos said...

My sister bug me to check your blog. Now I feel compel to answer your questions.

I know I was being a jackass that is why I apologized. I do think you are writing too much about Serena. As of March 1 here in the States, March 2nd Aussie Land, you have 15 articles in your first page, 8 of those articles either are about, have a photo, or mention "Serena", that is more than half! I personally feel is too "Serena"; but it is your blog, your barbecue, your brain child, as an advise do what your heart and your mind desires. When you start pleasing people you may end up losing your essence.

I mentioned on a previous post - I hope you read it :) - that my five senses were going to be submerge in "March Madness". At these point I'm only following college basketball. I'll spare you the details but the whole thing last till the first Monday of April. My sister tells me to also follow tennis. It can be done but my eyes will end up like hard boil eggs, cooked. :P After the conference championships there is the national tournament which is not played every day, but a lot of games to see. That is the reason why I said, 'Till April', not because I was mad at you or anything. The question is should I do what my sister says watch both tennis and the Madness? What do you think Captain?

Now I have to check back for your comments. :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos, I am very sorry for going on a Serena crazed spree! This is exactly how I didn't want my blog to end up! I mean yes, I am a big Serena fan, but I didn't want my favoritism to transpire in my writing! After looking back at my 15 posts, there is defiantly to much "Serena" and ofcourse, I will change this from now on!

And I also strongly encourage you to watch tennis and the madness, its only once a year :P And yes I had read your previous comments!

I hope you can continue to watch tennis and you march madness!

Aslo, I hope you can appreciate my humor :P But as you asked, she attended an Elton John charity Oscar party :P

Carlos said...

It would have been fruitful if I have given you constructive criticism instead of a smart ass remark.

Sometimes we do things unconsciously and I think this was the case, no need to apologize Captain.

Some bloggers would have been mad at me others would have brushed off my comments. You, on the other hand are willing to change which says a lot about you and your character! You have a great future as a journalist!

At times I write testaments in the comments, I'm hoping to put you to sleep ZZZZZZZZ. :P

You and my sister have convince me to watch both The Madness and tennis. Welcome blood shut eyes.

Is your sense of humor Captain that I love the most, it rocks! :) I think you also get my sense of humor haha. :P

Serena has attended Elton John's Vanity Fair charity party for the last few years.

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