Saturday, February 19, 2011

WTA Tour Insights taking one week vacation!

Dear Readers, I am about to embark on a ski trip. The trip had been planned for months, I unfortunately forgot to check the WTA Tour Schedule, so unfortunately I will be missing the Dubai finals, and most of the tournament in Doha.

The holiday will only be one week, so check back on friday the 25th of February to catch up again on the latest tennis news. In the meantime feel free to discuss the latest tennis results on other posts between your selves.

Luckily, I was organized enough to plan posts to put in while I am away! So there will still be some discussion to be had on other relevant tennis topics! Such as upcoming stars, fashions and other posts to attempt to entertain you!

To catch up on the latest tennis news while I am away you can check out Women's Tennis Blog or Forty Deuce or any other tennis blog you know of!


Carlos said...

Have fun Captain. Please keep the fun at PG level I wouldn't want to see you in "Snow Bunnies Gone Wild". :P

If you see The Abominable Snowman please tell him to pay me the $50 that he owes me. :P

The thing about predictions is that you can make other ones haha. This time I have The Big Stuffed Bunny over JJ. Too many three setters for JJ. Kutzzie over Pennetta, but I wouldn't mind if Pennetta wins. ;)

FYI I never been in a snow storm or shoveled a car out the snow; and I thank God every day for that.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I will have fun! Ahahaha, getting on "Snow Bunnies Gone Wild" could launch a TV career for me! :P

Ill let him know! Ahaha. Ill say I can get your crazy citizens on to him before they take on Stacey Alistair!

Well I will take JJ over the Bunny and Kuzzie over Pennetta, with Kuzzie to take out the whole thing!

Would it snow badly in LA? I have only been to the snow three times, this will be the fourth!

Carlos said...

It can launch your own T.V. reality show. Bye bye Kardashians. :P

My crazy citizens will just want to take puctures with him. I say we take on Stacey first! Haha.

I agree with you Captain, Kuzzie takes the trophy.

When it rains in L.A. the mountains get snow showers. This weekend it has been raining so is a perfect time to head into the mountains to ski, snow board, or have a snow fight. Driving conditions are horrible though. It has never snowed in L.A. but every winter is getting colder and colder. I wouldn't be surprised if one day it snow in L.A. :/ I don't fair well in cold weather Captain :( so I avoid being in extreme cold conditions.

Carlos said...

BTW great photo! I'm thinking you are tallest one, first one, from right to left. ;)

Anonymous said...

Have fun, Emily.

And lets hope Kuzzie starts an on court spanking of the big stuffed bunny in about 30 minutes!

Carlos said...

What happened!?!? The Big Stuffed Bunny just destroyed Kuzzie in the first set.

Anonymous said...

Guess that was wishful thinking. Kuzzie lost the first set 6-1 and the second its already 1-0 with bunny on serve.

Anonymous said...

I guess it comes as no surprise Kuzzie folded up like a cheap tent. She can go from playing great to crap in the span of two points!

That said, I like how the bunny added some aggressiveness to her game. She was hitting winners and coming to the net.

Carlos said...

Last year at the USO when the The Big Stuffed Bunny played against Divapova I noticed she had developed weapons and learned how to construct points. No longer was The Big Bunny a defensive player, she needed to refine her acquired weaponry. This year in the first tournament that she played and the AO she regressed to being the counter puncher. I was left scratching my head and asking what happened to her game. I'm glad to hear she is back on the right path. However, she keeps winning tournaments were on court coaching is allow. I want to see her winning an important tournament where the on-court help from daddy is banned.

Marija said...

Hey, thanks for referring your readers to my blog while you're away! :) Enjoy the mountains. :) I am waiting for the warmer days...

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Caps321, thankyou!

Carlos, Im glad you liked the photo! But its just from google! Ahaha :)

Marija, thats absolutely okay, least I could do after you did promote my blog for me when I was first starting off! I enjoyed the mountains very much! :) Hope you get warmer weather soon!

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