Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stats Corner: A long time between drinks.

Kim Clijsters' quarterfinal victory on Friday at the Open GDF SUEZ ensured that she will be No.1 in the world on the new rankings for the first time since March 2006, the icing on the cake of her spectacular comeback that began with her being unranked in August 2009.

Clijsters' 256 weeks between reigns at No.1 will be the second-longest stretch in WTA or ATP history, as she will surpass Andre Agassi's 177 weeks but will still trail Serena Williams' 265 weeks. So, who are the other WTA players who have had especially long stretches between time spent atop the rankings?

Player Time In Between Stints At No.1

Serena Williams 265 weeks: August 11,2003-September 7, 2008
Kim Clijsters 256 weeks: March 20, 2006-February 13, 2011
Chris Evert 156 weeks: June 14, 1982-June 9, 1985
Lindsay Davenport 144 weeks: January 14,2002-October 17, 2004
Kim Clijsters 116 weeks: November 10, 2003-January 29, 2006
Monica Seles 114 weeks: June 7, 1993-August 14, 1995
Justine Henin 113 weeks: September 13, 2004-November 12, 2006
Martina Navratilova 95 weeks: July 7, 1980-May 2, 1982
Steffi Graf 91 weeks: September 9, 1991-June 6, 1993
Amélie Mauresmo 74 weeks: October 18, 2004-March 19, 2006


Blair said...

So...Serena's even better than Kim at being number 1 player, but not number 1 rank :P If that makes sense...

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Yes, it makes sense! Ahaha, and I agree.

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