Saturday, January 22, 2011

Czech mate for Stosur.

The world No.6 was out-foxed and out-played by young Czech and 25th seed Petra Kvitova 7-6(5) 6-3 in the third round tonight.

Her opponent’s talent was shown in the fact the 20-year-old hit 41 winners to Stosur’s 12.

The evening on Rod Laver Arena didn’t go well from the start with Stosur having to save four break points on her opening serve before holding.

But not converting two on Kvitova’s serve while leading 4-3 in the first set, hurt Stosur. A break there would have allowed her to serve for the set. Instead she became locked in a tiebreak and came out on the wrong side.

In the second set Stosur again had three break points on the Czech’s serve in the fifth game and failed to convert and then dropped her own serve in the sixth.

They are the chances she will rue when she sits down to dissect the match, that would have propelled Stosur into the fourth round at her home slam for the third time.

Instead it is Kvitova – who won the Brisbane International two weeks ago – who will meet Italian Flavia Pennetta on Monday for a sport in the quarter-finals.

So much was riding on Stosur’s shoulders for the clash tonight. She had been in devastating form in her first two rounds.

But her coach Dave Taylor had warned about the danger the left-handed European would pose since her serve and groundstrokes were the equal of the Australian’s power.

Poor execution by Stosur let Kvitova’s light shine a little brighter. The Australian scored no aces - the Czech five - Stosur won fewer points at the net and converted far less break points.

From the eight Australian women that entered the main draw of 128, none are now left.


Carlos said...

I have to give you credit and a high five Captain. You called this upset the moment the brackets came out! This is no shocker, on paper looks like an upset but really is not.

Are you collecting the scalps of your "evil ones" Captain? :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Thank you Carlos, a well deserved one as well! Ahahaha. I know, Kivtova was in much better form than Stosur leading in, so not a huge surprise! And now she played your Pennetta, who do you think will win that one?

Ahahah, oh I am trying!

Carlos said...

I'm late for this post but Pennetta lost in three sets. Kvitova took it to Pennetta, she had some wicked shots that threw off Pennetta and kept her guessing where the shots were going. In the third set I thought whomever had a break was going to win. Kvitova had the break and ultimately ended up winning.

I wasn't a big fan of Pennetta but I began to notice her tennis play got better so I started to keep an eye on her. She defeated one of your "good guys" Peer in three sets. I thought Pennetta was going to have an easier time. FYI I wouldn't go out with a woman who has a "tramp stamp".

Couple of notes, not that I mind but for her sake Kvitova should get a better sports bra. I was watching this game online and it killed me once again. Second set, set point, the darn thing freezes I missed the point. I can't make this thing up! If I had a nickel for every time...

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I know! I thought Kvitova would have won, she is one fire!

I have never really had a chance to decide if I like Pennetta or not! Ahaha I haven't actually seen much of her! I didn't hold much hope for Peer, but she's still a "good guy" haha :P Well I don't think most people would!

OMG! I said exactly the same thing in her Stosur match! In fact, I don't even know if she is waring one or not! But see great minds think alike! And again your online stream freezes! Its like an ongoing saga! Is there no TV station in the states that shows the Grand Slam?

Carlos said...

Is being televised by two networks ESPN and Tennis Channel, I get ESPN. The problem with the networks here they get stuck showing U.S. players or men matches even if they winning big or losing big they will not cut to another game. If I'm interested in a particular match I have to resort to my second option online streaming. The coverage (this year) for ESPN starts 8 PM which is about 4 hours after the first matches begin. I guess patience is the key. However every bad situation seems comical.

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