Thursday, January 6, 2011

Maria Sharapova crashes in Auckland. My reasons why Maria will never have Slam glory again AND My tips to lift the four crowns in 2011.

No, its not magic, just skill. I have crammed three posts into one, defying the law of physics!

Firstly Divapova (Masha) has bowed out of Auckland in straight sets to Hungarian veteran Greta Arn. Sharapova was a clear favorite for the title when she announced her participation in the event. Clearly Greta Arn didn't know that! In the first set, Sharapova was ace-less and managed three double fault, and didnt even see a break point on the Arn serve. Not to mention the fact she was able to only win one, yes ONE!, point on her second serve. The second set was slightly better for Sharapova in the serving department, she fired down an ace! Arn won an impressive 72% of points on second serve, surprisingly higher than on her first serve! Sharapova managed 24% of points on second serve, A Serena Williams effort compared to the first set. Masha manged to break twice, Arn broke thrice and thus took down the top seed 6-2 7-5. Oh yeah, also, Wickmayer looks poised to defend her title successfully.

And now Ladies and Gentlemen my second "mini blog" in the post. Simply Maria Sharapova can never win a Grand Slam title AGAIN! I know, it may not be news to some, but I felt like writing why I thought this. There are two major facts that implicate the statement, 1. Will she ever be able to recover 100% from injury? 2. Will she ever have a good run at a slam with out "breaking down" or running into a top seed in the 4th round? Now for some fun facts! Sharapova has not made into the Semi's of a slam since 2008, only making a Quarter Final once! (2009 RG). In 2010 her Year End Ranking has declined from 14 to 18, and she even fell out of the top 20 in late 2010! Six or Divapova's eleven loses in 2010 were "upsets" to lower ranked players, such us Kimiko Date Krumm in the first round of Tokyo. Divapova has not taken down one of the "Big Four" (Serena, Kim, Venus and Justine) Since the Australian Open in 2008 (d. Henin 6-0 6-4) Maria no longer has the weapons in her game to challenge at slams. And as Carlos has said previously, She runs good for a while, the breaks down! Like an old car! Also, haunted by the shoulder injury, Sharapova will never be able to have a big enough impact at a slam, because of her seeding! And her ranking won't be able to rise much because she wont be able to make a huge impact to get points. Ranked when she currently (hovering around 14-24) Maria will be meeting the top seeds in the 3rd, 4th rounds and quarter finals. Maria's mental strength has also been battered and bruised by the crushing loses. Maria no longer has the physical or mental strength to win slams, you can expect to see her in a few QF's or 4th round matches, but don't put money on her lifting a trophy.

Now finally, my tips for the first slams, And I will probably go into each choice as the Slam approaches, but this will be brief.

Australian Open
Winner - Kim Clijsters
Dark Horse(s) - Vera Zvonareva, Justine Henin, Li Na
Capable - Venus Williams
Ones to watch out for - Shahar Pe'er, Agi Radwanska
Likely to make a good run - Andrea Petkovic, Jarmila Groth, Stosur

Roland Garros
Winner - Jelena Jankovic
Dark Horse(s) - Ana Ivanovic, Svetlana, anyone who grew up on the red dirt
Capable - Justine Henin, Serena Williams (if shes back), Vera Zvonareva, Franny and Sam
Ones to watch out for - Kanepi, Clijsters, again anyone who grew up on the red dirt
Likely to make a good run - Dulgheru

Winner - Serena Williams
Dark Horse(s) - Vera, Li Na
Capable - Venus, Kim, Justine
Ones to watch out for - Jarmila Groth, The 2010 surprise semis (Kanepi & Kvitova), Azarenka
Likely to make a good run - Masha, Petko, Safarova, Agi Radwanska

US Open
Winner - Serena Williams
Dark Horse(s) - Yanina Wickmayer, Shahar Pe'er, Flavia
Capable - Justine, Kim, Vera, Azarenka
Ones to watch out for - Svetlana, Zheng Jie, JJ
Likely to make a good run - Makiri, Sponge Bart, and for the fun of it, Kimiko

What are your thoughts on these three topics?


MiSSierpien said...

I think Radwanska doesnt play AO ...she is injured

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Thankyou for notifying me, I wasn't aware she would miss AO Thankyou!

Carlos said...

I had Divapova losing in the QF.

Since last year I noticed Divapova's shoulder gets tired during tournaments. She starts great but as the tournament progresses her serve goes which I think is due to her shoulder getting tired. She has not been the same after the shoulder surgery that is for sure. At the USO 10 against The Big Stuff Bunny I could easily predict when Divapova's serve was going to land on the net, shoulder fatigue and facing tougher opponents are not a good combination. You may add this year the distraction of planning her wedding.

I disagree with you Captain the slam in the land of Aus has been the Kryptonite to Kim and Venus. I don't see them winning.

Coming from injury I don't see Henin pulling it off either.

My dark horse it always seems to be Azarenka even though I don't like her.

I never been sold on Peer.

Capable of winning The big Stuff Bunny.

Making a big run: Wicki, wicki, wicki shut up :P
Petko, LI Na.

Winner: This will definitely will comeback to haunt to bite my derriere Kuznetsova. Why she is under the radar no pressure and she has the experience. She can sneak up and win the whole thing IF she doesn't choke.

Carlos said...

Thank you MiSSierpien for reminding me that Agi is injured.

I noticed the new design on your blog Captain, also new name.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

How could I forget the Tennis/Basketball wedding on the century! :P

I know that, the Australian it like "Kryptonite" to Kim and Venus, but there is no reason why they can't make it a fairy-tale! They should be able too, they're quality players.

Ill save Henin for the French!

Azarenka is a very dangerous player she probably should be a dark horse in every slam, but I forgot about her until I was writing about the US Open!

Pe'er is capeable of making a good run, and taking out a few names!

So Wicki will make a run? Hahaha. And yes Li and Petko, dangerous, and Li has big points to defend.

Kuznetsova, is very capable of winning the whole thing, with no pressure, but very big IF she doesn't choke!

Ahh yes, I've been playing around with the new header for a while now, but I think I like this one! What do you think Carlos?

Carlos said...

I like it! These were photos from a photo shoot last year. I really like the one with Kim it shows her athleticism and not to forget Serena's amazing power.

I'm sold on Wicki, wicki, wick, shut up. :P Reference to this old school rap song (from 0:59 to 1:05 and 5:55 to 5:59).

When someone mentions Pe'er what comes to my mind is the Fed Cup in Israel, when Divapova got into Pe'er face. :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Yeah, the photo shoot was last year! These are my favourite two images, form the shoot so decided to use them. I think the capture the power, athleticism and beauty in the sport!

Ahaha, I like the song, should be Yanina's "theme song"

I think I remember that, where Divapova won 6-0 6-1?

Carlos said...

Indeed it does Captain.

Haha it should be her theme song, good one Captain.

It was a pounding but couldn't find the actual result, but I think you are right.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

I just checked it out, the score was 6-1 6-1. Atleast I was close! Ahaha

Anonymous said...

Scratch Shahar Pe'er off your list because she just doesn't have IT and never will.

Plus, I hear Clijsters is going to win everything this year!

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Shahar will never have what it takes to win a GS but she is capable of making it to the QF's maybe SF's.

Yeah, I heard that too, but I really don't think she will!

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