Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Robson looses to fellow "teen queen" in perth.

Seventeen-year-old and French Open junior champion Kristina Mladenovic took down Sixteen-year-old and junior Wimbledon champion Laura Robson 6-4 3-6 6-0. It would be fair to say the only person more upset about about the loss than me was Robson her self, in the 0.000001 seconds she looked at Kristina in the hand shake, she had a sort of "you gapped toothed bitch" look on her face. Unfortunately I have no photo or video of it as yet, but will be on the hunt for one!

Robson played an excellent first two sets, sadly she had her rythm broken from winning the second set as Mladenovic took an extended break to change her dress. Kristina was also warned during the second set for time wasting, she blamed the humid conditions.

During the third and final set, Robson got a little angry, she started talking to her self, well yelling, she even managed a few sporadic frustration grunts! Personaly, I prefer the racquet smash, but that's just how Laura and I differ from each other!

How ever, with Italy today loosing too America, group B is still very open! Maybe Andy and Laura can win and we can avoid this happening again... Robson death started Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez! But who could blame little Robbie! Maria Jose stole her diamonds for gods sake!

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