Friday, May 27, 2011

Clijsters shocked in Roland Garros 2ns round.

There were plenty of excuses available for Kim Clijsters after a stunning collapse in the second round of the French Open against a woman ranked 114th.

In assessing her 3-6, 7-5, 6-1 loss to Arantxa Rus of the Netherlands yesterday, the second-seeded Clijsters could have pointed to her heavily taped right ankle, which she hurt while dancing barefoot at her cousin’s wedding last month.

In recounting how she managed to waste two match points and drop 11 of the last 12 games after leading, 5-2, in the second set, the Belgian could have mentioned that she last entered the French Open in 2006, and had played a total of five clay-court matches anywhere since.

And in explaining her 65 unforced errors — 43 more than her opponent — and 10 double faults, Clijsters could have reminded everyone that she hadn’t competed at all since late March because of that bum ankle and previous injuries to her right shoulder and wrist.

Instead, the winner of the last two Grand Slam titles, and four overall, pointed a finger squarely at herself.

“I started doubting a little bit,’’ said Clijsters, the French Open runner-up in 2001 and 2003. “When you start doubting yourself on any surface — but for me, definitely on clay — it’s the wrong attitude to have.’’

The 27-year-old Clijsters also gave credit to the 20-year-old Rus, who entered the day with a 3-4 career record in major tournaments.

After delivering one of the most surprising tennis results in recent years, Rus acknowledged she was nervous at the outset, perhaps because Clijsters is one of her favorite players.

“She obviously started building up more confidence, started playing a lot better, and was really kind of putting me on my back foot all the time,’’ Clijsters said. “I couldn’t really play my aggressive tennis anymore in that third set.’’

A similar scenario played out later in that stadium, except it was the heavy favorite, three-time major champion Maria Sharapova, who appeared to be down and out against 17-year-old wild-card entry Caroline Garcia, before reeling off the final 11 games to win, 3-6, 6-4, 6-0.

Sharapova said she had trouble dealing with wind that gusted at upward of 20 miles per hour, making the balls move unexpectedly at times and occasionally kicking up clouds of loose clay into players’ eyes.


Anonymous said...

Sam Choker just lost to Dulko and Schiavone beat Peng when she retired.

Coming up soon is Julia Goerges!

Anonymous said...

Julia wins the first set 6-3, loses the second 6-2.

During the second set apparently Julia got something in her eye. She called for the trainer but it was a very short trip. Wonder why they didn't give her an eye flush??

Whatever the case, the score is 1-1 in the third and I guess Julia can see again!

Anonymous said...

Julia lost the third set 6-4.


Not sure if Dani read the 'book' on Bunny but she won the first set 6-1 and is ahead 2-0 in the second.

Anonymous said...

Dani WINS 6-1, 6-3!

Now for the theories -- The announcer alluded to how Georges beat Bunny and inferred Dani was using the same strategy.

So, are we witnessing the downfall from the #1 spot for Bunny? I guess the question is, who'll beat her next?

Or is this simply due to the fact her daddy stormed off court the other day? IMO, cutting bait and get a new coach could help her regroup and prop her 'tired' game up. However, I predict the Bunny will stick with her daddy since he brought her to the dance.

That said, only saw the last part of the second set.

Carlos said...

Caps321 agreed on all points. I've been saying for a while the Bunny needs a new coach; her game has been figured out, she uses unsportsmanlike conduct when she begins to lose, and her downfall began with the loss to Gorgeous J.

The story of this match was how Dani didn't choke.

Get used to seeing more of the Bunny, she burned herself out by playing too many tournaments this clay court season. She should have taken last week off, she even had a three setter against Peng in last week's final. Notice how the finalist of the last tournament crashed and burn in the third round at RG. Every player should be taking notes: never play a tournament the week before a slam. Back to the Bunny, instead of changing her game strategy, coach, or schedule, she will continue to with same the more she loses the more tournaments she will play. Her down fall is way over due for this faux number one player in the world.

Like you Caps I picked the match when Dani was up 4-2. and I only saw pieces of the match from there. For a moment I thought Dani would choke when the announcer said the Bunny won three straight games. Not surprised by her loss The Bunny didn't look sharp in the last round. To answer your question anyone with some talent can knock the stuffing out the Big Bunny.

Carlos said...

BTW in the next round The Chokers Bowl Kuznetsova vs. Dani.

I've asked this question to the lovely Clefairy, how many coaches does a choking tennis player need? I don't know we have to ask Kuznetsova.

Caps321 you have given good, memorable, and funny nicknames to players: Ostrich and Sam Choker. :P

Up next in doubles: The Americans vs. The Germans.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what's going on between Bunny and her daddy! What was the story as to why he stormed off the court? Was it due to Bunny making a big scene about the line call or just because she didn't execute the game plan he laid out?

Vesnina wins her doubles and mixed doubles matches. And Petko/Goerges won their match in a third set tie breaker.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like ESPN3 doesn't show any French Open on the weekends! What a crock.

Ostrich just won easily against King and I'm currently watching Kanepi vs. Makarova.

Also coming up today:

Maria Sharapova(RUS)[7] vs. Yung-Jan Chan(TPE)

Yanina Wickmayer(BEL)[21] vs. Agnieszka Radwanska(POL)[12]

Andrea Petkovic(GER)[15] vs. Jarmila Gajdosova(AUS)[24]

Maria Kirilenko(RUS)[25] vs. Arantxa Rus(NED)

Carlos said...

Every thing going according to plan, the only game worth paying attention is WickiWickiWicki vs The Duchess. Unless Divapova doesn't show up.

Anonymous said...

Aggie brought her full bag of tricks against Wiki and won 6-4, 6-4.

The only previous meeting Wiki won (Fed Cup) 1-6 7-6(6) 7-5.

Anonymous said...

Last couple matches Princess has looked like she has a real purpose out there. She wins 6-1, 6-1.

Carlos said...

We have:
The Princess vs. The Imbecile's Apprentice.

Divapova vs. The Duchess

I'll take The Princess, I will NOT root for the other one.

The Duchess has a chance to derail Divapova with her bag of trickery. However weather conditions are right for Divapova to pound Aggie into submission; but is clay and the Diva is playing against someone whose game is natural on clay. Bottom line I'm taking The Duchess.

BTW RG presents: The Cow On Ice Capades.

Carlos said...

Today's matches I have:

Pavs over Vera Z.
Sponge Bart Square Pants over Dulko
JJ over Francesca

I'm staying out of the choker bowl.

The Duchess defeated the last Belgian so I will repeat myself, 'Belgian resurge my un-tanned butt'.

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