Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please take the time, to take this survey!

Hey Guys,

This is a survey I have constructed for my studies! Please take the time to fill it out, it will only take a few minutes...and if you don't I'll make it a pop-up window, so you can't avoid it!

Its just genral about tennis and such!

Please take it, I need all the results I can get.


PS. It won't be marked or go toward your grade :P So you won't have to use the above pie chart!


Carlos said...

Do I have to?
That's no fun!
Can I skip it pleeeaaaaaase?
But I don't wanna!
I wanna go outside and play instead!
You are mean.
*sitting myself on the floor and pouting*

Guess Who? said...

What the hell is "Genral"? haha :P

Next time that you want to monkey survey or survey a monkey, go to the zoo! :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos, yes, you do...or else...ill make it a pop up window! *Evil Laugh* now stand up and take the survey! :P

Guess Who? is it Carlos...trying to trick me? Or Lucinda? It sounds like its one of you too! Am I right? Hahaha

Carlos said...

*Still sitting in the floor*
Captain I see a pop up and I'm calling a mutiny. ROFL hysterically holding my fat gut. :P

That is not an accurate pin pointing Captain, so who? The beautiful Lucinda or me. Haha

Guess Who? said...

You will never know and I will never tell. Ha!

Carlos said...

Is this thing still working?

A couple of comments were lost too.

*Still sitting on floor* Any more threats of pop ups Captain and I promise more Blogger shut down. :P ROFL

You didn't pin point exactly who it was Captain, Clefairy, myself, or perhaps someone else. Hahaha

PS: Ladies how was your Friday The 13th?

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos, It wasn't Clefairy was you or someone else let me ask my magic 8 ball...All signs point towards Carlos :P

I will restrain from using popups for now...

My Friday the 13th followed my strong tradition of watching horror movies all night with some friends...and that special someone! Hahahaha. Clefairy was there so I assume hers was the same! How was yours?

Carlos said...

Damn magic 8 ball. :P

Good for the no pop up decision.

My Friday The 13 was uneventful, couldn't do a conjuring as that is my tradition. :)

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