Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tweet up WTA Tour Insights!

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Lucinda will still be blogging, just twitting more often!

@WTATennisTwits yeah, her decison, not mine! Hahaha

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Carlos said...

Now I don't feel like it. :P

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Really Carlos? Hahaha!

Oh well, its still good for the blog ;)

Carlos said...

Indeed Captain, it willbe good for your blog.

Vera Z. Lost the first set 1-6. Losing in the second set 2-3.

caps321 said...

Vinci beat Kleybanova 6-2 6-2..

Looks like the Goerges match should be on around 10am Eastern. Guess I was off by an hour in the other thread.

caps321 said...

Caught the last 3 points in the Radwanska match today. Groth just blew her off the court and attacked her 'serve' big time.

Safina/Goerges match:

The stadium was basically empty, I guess because Nadal was playing on another court at the same time. Even with my new favorite Julia 'in the house' its been a very boring match so far.

Both were playing like crap in the first set. Julia wins 6-4.

Carlos said...

BTW Captain, Jarmilla is the one with "found fight" as you put it, by using the anger of her divorce as positive to win matches. Vera like I said before is just spinning her wheels.

Goerges just won the first set 6-4. Caps321 must have a smile in his face.

Doubles action The Princess/Angry Bird vs Pennetta/Dulko in the rematch. The Princess team lost the first 4-6 and now up 4-2 in the second.

caps321 said...

Safina wins the second set 6-4 and its tied up 2-2 now in the third.

I have it all figured out! Julia's head must feel like a bowling ball out there, she is blowing her nose and looks like she has a head cold.

caps321 said...

Julia wins the third set 6-4. Hopefully she'll be feeling better for the Bunny match!

Carlos said...

I've been waiting for Julia/Bunny match for what seems a week now. I'll give the edge to The Big Bunny, A)Rematch record for The Big Bunny favors her, B)Even if Gorgeous Julia recovers from her flu she would still be weak C)IMO this match took a lot from Julia, three sets, two hour plus of on court time, won't help her cause. Having said all that I'll be rooting for Julia and hope she bust the stuffing out of the Bunny.

The Princess/Angry Bird got their revenge over Pennetta/Dulko.

caps321 said...

Julia's twitter says she's playing at 11:45am.. So, I guess that'd be 5:45 Eastern.

Carlos said...

It means that I'm screwed.

Carlos said...

Now I'm in the mood to follow WTATourTwits :P
But what the hell is Kutcher, Lohan, Seacrest, and the rest celebs have to do with tennis?

caps321 said...

Julia has been in all the points but making errors. She was down 3-0 in the first but has now evened it up at 3-3.

Bunny is in for a match

caps321 said...

Julia wins the first set 6-4!

caps321 said...

Julia down 5-0 in the second set. Calls for the trainer, has blisters.

caps321 said...

Goerges wins 6-4, 1-6, 6-3!!

Haha, watching Bunny walk off court looks like she's going to cry! BoooooooHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

caps321 said...

Didn't watch the match but Mattek-Sands just took out Schiavone 7-6, 6-3.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos...ask Lucinda! Shes the one running the twits and tweets!

So glad to see Goolia win! Again. And A-Pav and BMatek and Vika and Li if Jarka had won it could be my favourite tennis day EVER!

I didn't like this Madrid tourny untill now!

Carlos said...

And schism continues...

Caps321 Ha! I been having a horrible week but the news that The Big Bunny got stuffing knocked out of her can be the beginning of good news that can turn my fortunes. :D

How many times did the Big Bunny threw her racket?

caps321 said...

Carlos, I didn't see Bunny throw her racket at all! I think she knows Julia has her number. As I said a while back, the 'book' is out on Bunny and even more now than before.

Julia was serving for the first set at 5-4, got down 0-40, and then won the last 5 points in a row.. finishing with an ace for the 6-4 win!

caps321 said...

Julia wins it 6-4, 6-2!

Carlos said...

Azarenka won in three sets, I believe this is the first time this year she loses a set on clay.

Captain: Clefairy explained why she did take over the WTATourInsights Twitter account. Like I said before memory only gets better and better with age. :P I advised Clefairy that you ladies should hire a professional hacker: A 14 year old with too much time on his/her hands. :P

Caps: My sister -who doesn't follow or likes any sports- was telling me she saw an interview of Navratilova. In the interview Navratilova said that players should always keep working on their game because the opposition "can figure your game out". Basically she was saying that the players needed to tweak their game to keep up otherwise it can be the player's down fall. I'm thinking The Bunny is at that stage and if Gorgeous Julia figured out how to the Bunny the rest of the players on the tour will copy Julia's game plan. It will translate into the Big Bunny's demise. Is that an evil laugh that I hear from you Caps321? :P

caps321 said...

Oh yeah! hahahahaha

If Goerges can get past Angry Bird.. I don't see any reason why she doesn't take this title home!

Funny you mention Navratilova.. Seems to me Bunny's 'camp' was scoffing at paying her $300K as a part time consultant, no? Wonder if they're changing their tune about right now?

Can't wait for this semifinal tomorrow? Will have to watch for the start time. It'll be very interesting to see if Bird loses her cool and if Julia can keep playing her game.

On a related note: Cibulkova - Kvitova coming up shortly which should be good.

Carlos said...

The tune is "One More Try" by Stevie B.

Bird/Gorgeous J. can be the match of the tournament.

I saw a little of the match Safina/Gorgeous J. and I noticed Safina with a gut, this coming from a guy who is out shape.

Bethanie even though she lost she gave a fit to Li Na who is quietly making a big run.

caps321 said...

Cibulkova just won the first set 6-3!

Carlos said...

Doubles Action The princess/Angry Bird took down King/Shvedova, they also took down The Dutchess/Dani H. in the first round; and the number one seed team. These are pretty good tough teams, not only they deserve to win this tournament but with this run they are making a statement.

caps321 said...

I hope the Angry Bird is nice & tired from her doubles action! But, it'll be great if they win so Princess gets to bring home the bacon.

Julia vs Bird tomorrow at 5:45am Eastern.

Kvitova beats Cibulkova 3-6, 6-3, 7-5. Plus Kvitova is now in the top 10 since she won. (I suppose the announcers mean #10.. That's quite a jump though, from 18 to 10.)

Cibulkova put up a good fight and had 'treatment' on her stomach. Not sure if that was affecting her serve or not (she fell apart at 5-5 in the third set) but played a good match.

Kvitova on the other hand wasn't very good at all! Perhaps the pending jump in the ranking had something to do with it.

Emily or as Carlos likes to call me "Captain" said...

Carlos and Caps321, on the topic of rankings, American Tennis is about to hit a new, never before seen low, after Madrid, not one American, man or woman will be in the top 10. Looks like BMatek will need some more good runs like this to hold some credability for USTA.

Also, I think I am starting to like Madrid now!

I think both SF's will go all the way to 3 sets with Vika and Kvitova to battle out for the title IMO.

Goolia can take down a pusher like the Bunny, but will struggle against a big name ball basher like the Angry Bird.

And Li hasn't been consistent enough to beat Kvitova.

caps321 said...

Emily, the USTA should be embarrassed.

The only American player I currently try and watch is Christina McHale. IMO, Mattek-Sands will never make the top 10.

Hopefully your prediction is wrong and I don't wake up in the early morning dew to watch Julia lose, eh?

The good news is, Julia will be in the top 20 come Monday win or lose!

Carlos said...

Captain thank you for the depressing news, now I'm sad. :P U.S. tennis right now is like Napoleon at Waterloo.

I like Li Na and Azarenka.

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